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Apr 29, 2012

Visiblity Questions and Winner Announced!

When thinking about what to style for Visible Monday, sometimes the question becomes…exactly how visible do I want to be?
I really like this outfit a lot.  I feel like a woman (to coin a cliché) and I feel beautiful in it.  But you might be surprised to also know that I probably would not wear it out anywhere…without a small adjustment.
Dress:  Lane Bryant
Top:  Chico's
I have never felt comfortable in low-cut attire…in fact, I really watch how much the “girls” show.   My low comfort level may come from where I was raised…Southern, conservative, Texas towns.   But, it also comes from the desire to control what I communicate with my clothing.   Though a major city, San Antonio is also a small community.  I rarely go out without running into someone I know.  As a high school teacher, like it or not, I am a role model to my students.
Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry
I also think my lack of comfort comes from the size of these “girls.”  Believe me, I am not bragging…I often wish they were smaller!  As I age, I have become a bit more courageous with what I wear out.  But, for now, this look is strictly for VISIBLE MONDAY (and Mr. B)!   We each have to find our own comfort levels and decide what our communications will be….mine is not necessarily what yours is…I recognize that…and even applaud the courageous!

CL by Laundry Sandals: Ross
Now, for the big announcement!!  The winner of the gorgeous Soft Surroundings blouse is the stunning Cindy Swanson of Notes in the Key of Life!!  Congratulations Cindy…you should hear from Soft Surroundings soon!!
Happy Monday everyone… hope you will return tomorrow for Jill and Adrienne's scarf collaboration…I am still baffled that they want me to select ONE favorite scarf…how is that possible??

Now, head over to Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle to see the great looks!!  And have a fabulous week!!


  1. A lovely post Pam. I appreciate your question on 'how much visibility'...some days I am just as happy to blend in!

  2. I am with you on finding the right balance when it comes to low cut and the girls. You look lovely and the cardigan with the see trough sleeves give you coverup and still looks stunning. My favorite is the first photo because it looks like you are one with nature in the way your body is leaning like the tree.

  3. You look gorgeous in black, Pam, and I do understand about how "visible" we want to be. Small towns also make a difference! I think your own guidelines are completely reliable, as you always look fabulous as well as appropriate : >

  4. Congratulations to Cindy! I was surprised to see you in all black after a week of so much color! I know what you mean about the girls. I wore a top to class last Wednesday that I belatedly realized gaped a bit more than I liked. It meant moving very carefully for hours!

  5. I'm soooo excited...thanks so much!

    And yes, I totally agree about cleavage. I'm pretty careful in that area as well, for the same reasons you cited. I may be a prude, but I believe there is far too much cleavage being shown these days inappropriately.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  6. I'm very conservative with showing the upper part of my body.But I think it's the lenght and the color of this outfit that makes it visible.

  7. You look beautiful in this outfit, I like how the top falls and drapes around you, very feminine and dressy look. I know what you mean about the (*)(*) showing too much. I don;t even try to wear anything revealing cuz I feel it's just not me. And I don't like the attention to the "girls". But you definitely look natural and gorgeous! Congrats to Cindy too!


  8. CONGRATS TO CINDY!!!!! She is a sweetheart. AND YOU LOOK STUNNING PAM! I love black and wear it OFTEN. My comfort level is to keep things covered from neck to knee; I work with children so low cut shirts or sheer clothing is not a good idea! I have gotten so used to that that now I don't wear many things that are revealing...but really, I never have! In the summer however, I don't mind exposing my best part: my arms. I work out so I have a decent cut to my biceps and deltoids!


  9. You look beautiful in that dress. I agree, I have never been very comfortable with letting it all hang out! xo

  10. Love that outfit and your accessories is just right. You look gorgeous as always!

    Kim, USA

  11. You look wonderful in that black dress. The first photo is so brilliant.

  12. I love the dress...feminine and flowy. I agree with you about showing off the girls. I am very careful about NOT doing that either. I never want any cleavage showing but I wear mostly scoop neck or v-neck tops because those are more flattering for my figure...and it can be done without showing the world what lurks beneath.

    I couldn't pick a scarf either so I told Adrienne just to find one in a previous post and use it...I trust her judgment. : )

  13. I'm with you Pam on the "girls" and showing too much!! I'm pretty self-conscience about them.
    i've found wearing a camilsole under "too low" stuff makes me fell more secure--maybe a black camilsole would work for you? The dress amd cardigan and gorgeous on you!

  14. Very thought provoking. I often think of being visible as standing out in some way, but I should rethink it. Really, I just want to look my best, and dressing in brilliant colors or wild pattern is not *always* the best way for me. Although sometimes it's irresistible!
    I don't have much boobage to worry about, but I know what you mean about having a certain comfort level in what your style exposes about you - whether it's body parts or personality. You don't have to be "conservative" to consider how your appearance reflects on you (or how it makes you feel). We each have certain comfort levels, and we look our best when we're comfortable in our look.

  15. i am loving this flowy dress on you Pam
    just beautiful

  16. You look lovely no matter what! :)

  17. Pam, you are stunning in this beautiful black dress and I loved you commentary on the 'girls.' So much fun!

  18. Sexy and gorgeous Pam!
    You really look fabulous!!

  19. Great post, Pam. I don't really have "girls" but I understand how exposure must a big consideration in daily styling decisions. You look fantastic in black as it really draws attention to the light of your smile!! Gorgeous.

  20. It's all about what you're comfortable in right? For the record, I think you look amazing!


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