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Apr 24, 2012

Neutrals and Chocolate

It’s time to take a small rest from the extreme colors of Fiesta and put my life in neutral…literally!  I really prefer today's neutral based style (pictured below), but, I will admit, bright color dabbling has been fun!

While thinking of neutrals, I could not resist an invite to a CHOCOLATE RECEPTION at the The International Culinary School on Interstate 10 in San Antonio.  They wanted to boast about the talents of their chocolate class and being a teacher, I wanted to give encouragement…right?  The chocolates were just too fabulous and very unique with buttery, smooth fillings and exotic flavors.

We were able to tour the kitchen and visit an Asian cooking class.  At the end of each class, they put all of the food on one table for the students to sample and discuss.  It looked like so much fun…but I am in enough trouble with my weight without joining a class like this.
Bon Appetite!
Cardigan and Blouse: Lane Bryant
Ellen Tracy Short Pants: Stein Mart
Ballet Flats: Target
Simply Vera Necklace: Kohls
Apt. 9 Bracelet: Kohls

Happy Tuesday All!


  1. Oh, this is my type of reception. I would definitely get in trouble. xo

  2. My husband is the chocolate love, so I am ok, lol.
    Loving your chunky necklace, so much, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. I really like you neutrals look today, Pam - it's so nicely balanced with the black ballet flats "grounding" you. The table of chocolates looks tooooo good : >

  4. Looking very classy. I love Simply Vera brand at Kohl's. And their Sarah Buchman sunglasses are my favorite.

  5. You know I love me a neutral palette and I love me some chocolates! What a great post. I have a Lindt truffle at night when I'm reading. It's a great way to finish the day. I need to get invited to a chocolate show. I love all three kinds of chocolate but my favorite is definitely dark.

    So Adrienne and I are doing our favorite silk scarf post next week, on the 1st. Will you join us, dear Pam? You can send a picture to Adrienne or me. I would be curious to see what scarf you love above all others, especially if there's a story attached! XO, Jill

  6. OMG, you had to do this, didn't you? All that chocolate -- I'm feeling dizzy!

    I do like your neutral look. Simply classic and comfortable looking -- with the bracelet adding a nice dash of "pop!" Nice.

  7. you look so chic in your neutrals!!
    YUM YUM to the chocolate and I'm not a chocoholic!

  8. Great outfit and accessories! I also love chocolate!

  9. The title of this post got me! I love neutrals and chocolate! haha The chocolates are gorgeous! One of the things I miss most about the community college I went to was the bakery of the cooking school! Sometimes they had chocolates and they almost always had amazing pastries; pithiviers filled with lamb or rabbit, or chaussons with apples, custurd, etc. Yum!

    The outfit is so well put together. I especially love the cardigan.

  10. Yummmmmm! Both the chocolates and your elegantly understated neutral ensemble. And your statement jewelry.

  11. You always accessorize so beautifully - and get invited to the best events! :D

  12. All I saw was the chocolate!!!!! YUM!

  13. i am crushing on that necklace

  14. Your pictures of this chocolates class are so wonderful...as everyone is so absorbed in their work. The chocolates look scrumptious and in spite of your concerns about your weight, you look slim to my eye.

  15. This reminds me of my 2-year stint working in a candy store. Fortunately I was 19 at the time, with a teenager's metabolosim. I actually made it more than a year without sampling anything since I knew if I tasted one thing it would be like opening the floodgates. Eventually I got curious about white chocolate, having never tasted it. Sure enough, after one piece, I started eating everything in sight. Sure enjoyed my job though!

  16. Ah, chocolate & neutrals....sounds heavenly. Love'm both so much!!
    You are looking so relaxed and just SO FINE!!


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