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Apr 27, 2012

Fashion Fun with Fiesta Continues Plus the Royal Court!

“Fashion is all about happiness.  It’s fun. It’s important.  But it’s not medicine.”  - Donatella Versace

Fiesta is fashion fun…anything goes in San Antonio for two weeks.  Extreme color, bling, pattern mixing, hats, fascinators, medals, crowns, masks….it’s all about fun!
Dress: Ross
I enjoy having fun with it…in my own way.  While my version is a bit toned down, I am still smiling along the way!  Today, I give you a couple of my daily looks from this week and one from Gigi!  We still say Fiesta…but not shouting at the top of our lungs.

Scarf: Gift from Reva
Bracelet: Stein Mart
Thursday night was the Fiesta Band Festival and I was invited to attend for the first time!  Today, I am behind the scenes of one of the largest parades in the country, The Battle of Flowers Parade. Our whole city is out of school and off work for a parade!  Tonight I collapse for a while!!  Of course, the heat is close to 100 degrees this week…gotta love it!

Fiesta accessories include medals from the different events!
The more color you bring out...the better it is!
Talk about joyful fashions...here are a couple of pictures of the Fiesta Royal Court from the San Antonio Express News...each dress costs well over $30,000 to produce!

The whole two week celebration closes on Saturday night with the Fiesta Flambeau Parade….a gorgeous night parade of lights!  I hope to bring to you some fun pictures from the Battle of Flowers and the Band Festival! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!


  1. Love those red sandals and red scarf!

  2. You look great! And those medals on the scarf are so fab. Happy Fiesta!!

  3. Pam-the Fiesta gowns are AMAZING!! I can only imagine how much more stunning they are in real life!!
    Love Gigi's and your fiesta outfits!! I may need to take a trip to mMarshalss for those sandals--they are really cute!!

  4. Such gorgeous colour, Pam...and I love the Donatella quote ;-)
    Enjoy the weekend and the Fiesta parade!

  5. Those dresses are incredible, I've never seen anything like them!
    So fun that you two are putting a little fiesta in your style this week. Happy weekend!

  6. Whoa, the trains on the dresses are fabulous. I would love to know the story behind a single dress...and to learn more details about their making. I'd especially like to know what a train weighs.

    I think you're looking perfectly colorful for the festivities.

  7. Your Fiesta outfits are fun and the Fiesta Royal Court is incredible. I see what you mean about COLOR!

  8. LOVE that pop of colour in the pink pattern scarf (I have a similar one and it's just indispensable, especially when I need a boost). Your pretty toenails remind me that it's time to paint mine! :)


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