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Apr 4, 2012

Color Blocking ...Bring It On! (And The WInner Is,,,)

Color Blocking is one of those trends which makes me wish I had some spending money!  I have seen the cutest color blocking garments, shoes, bracelets, purses and scarves!  Some of the dresses and tunics are so much fun…colorful and graphic!
Floral Scarf: Marshalls
Green Blouse and Pants: Stein Mart
Pink Cardigan: Chico's Sales
Sandals: Ross
But, alas, I had to produce this look from my closet in order to participate in the challenge with Jill and Adrienne today…and all I bring to the table are literally big blocks of color! Now, I do like my look and my new pink cardigan, but for some really fun options (which you can actually order right here) look below:

Michael Stars Alba Color Blocked Maxi Dress

Last, and certainly not least, the big winner of the Market Place India $100 Gift Card is the fabulous Patti of NOT DEAD YET STYLE!  Do you hear the cheering and car horns!!  I can hardly wait to see what Patti purchases and how she styles it!!  Congrats to her and a big thank you to this honorable organization helping women in India!  If you still want to win a card, visit the same giveaway with Reva, Terri, or Anne!!
Happy Wednesday to everyone!!!

Gigi just had to show us her Leopard Blouse from
the Chico's Sales  She looks amazing!
Dresses from Shabby Apple


  1. Brilliant colour blocking indeed, pam. I am also joining Jill and Adrienne.

  2. Thanks so much Pam! I am delighted and grateful to be the winner of the gift card. I am tickled to be able to select an item from such a terrific store!

    You look fab in your colors today, and Gigi is glowing too in her animals : >

  3. Pam, you've done a nice job with the colors you have. That's what style is all about. And congratulations to Patti!!

  4. Congras to Patti!!
    I love how you color-blocked!! That pink looks awesome on you!

  5. Hey Pam, Glad you found the delights of color blocking. I wrote about it recently too, http://bit.ly/zBKQg4. For spring I've already purchased coral jeans and I'm thinking a yellow handbag. We'll see.... Enjoy.

  6. Hooray for Patti! And kudos to you for seizing the color-block challenge. I love that coral/pink color. (Not to mention the maxi dress and sandal).

  7. Yay for Patti!

    So glad you joined up with Jill and me again this month. I really love that coral/orange color on you...it's so cheery and bright. The olive green is a great color to pair it with.

    Thank you, Pam. xoxo A

  8. Congratulations to Patti! I hope we'll get to see what she selects. As for color-blocking out of your closet, I think you've put together a beautiful soft look. The colors are bold, but the cardigan and the scarf give a flowy quality to the look.

  9. Congrats to Patti! I can't wait to see what she picks and how she's going to style it!

  10. Thank you so much for joining us for colorblocking. You looked fabulous and we love that you join us every month for new style fun. Scarves next month, keep it in mind! And congratulations to Patti for winning the giveaway, I know she will pick something beautiful. XO, Jill

  11. Those two colors are so great together. You did this look really well. And you look so happy so you made me smile today. Thank you.


  12. Great post. I also read your blogging lessons. Thanks, new bloggers can always use information.

  13. Pam, the pink cardigan with your beautiful scarf from your closet look great. And congratulations to the 'major connector' Patti! I'll be watching for her ensemble.

  14. That cardigan looks like the red coral color I'm mad for this season. You styled it beautifully.

    Congrats, Patti!

  15. Oh, how exciting for Patti!
    Your version of color blocking rocks! The scarf is a perfect finishing touch to bring the outfit together...well done!
    Love Gigi's shirt!! She looks great!


  16. love color blocking, but for some reason it never looks as good when i do it as it does on others
    great job pam


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