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Mar 23, 2012

Turning Blahs to Smiles!

Has anyone else had a difficult week?  I am exhausted emotionally just because the week was a roller coaster of ups and downs!  Well...this morning I choose to capture my thoughts with joy!

What brings me joy this beautiful spring Friday?

Weddings! Here are some fun shots from the recent wedding of one of my daughter's close friends

Good friends bring me joy!  Like lunching with Gigi
in Nordstrom's resturant. Gigi styles her new Macy's trench for you here!

Finally, I am super excited that Friday
evening I am going to review the summer collection
for W by Worth...also next week I will
bring you another wonderful
giveaway and it's a big one!

Have a great Friiday everyone!


  1. Gorgeous pics, Pam.
    Good luck with the review, and enjoy your weekend.

  2. One can't help but smile at those gorgeous wedding pictures. The colours, the styling and the sheer vibrancy all shout out FUN, LOVE & HAPPINESS! Absolutely lovely - have a great weekend. x

  3. Oh Pam, I am so with you, rough week because of the credit card being stolen and it's Friday and I STILL haven't heard whether or not my daughter has gotten into kindergarten. Then my landlord tells me, you think elementary and middle school admissions are hard, wait until high school! People leave New York City over high school! These are not the things that were anywhere on my mental landscape when I moved here at 27. Ugh. This is exactly why I try to enjoy the things NY has to offer because the price for living here is so very high, literally and figuratively. Thanks for the beautiful picture of the sky and I love that wedding cake, so gorgeous! Happy weekend to you! XO, Jill Oh, and Gigi look so chic in her trench, I love it!

  4. Gigi looks fantastic in her trench! I never tire of seeing your beautiful pictures of the sky and clouds. Just taking a few moments to appreciate nature always helps me relax a bit and appreciate life.

  5. What a great opportunity to do a review Pam.....good for you!!
    I love weddings....did you know I've been a wedding coordinator for the past 15 years? Very cool!

    Happy Friday friend!

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  6. I love the sky photo! Nature is just so awesome! The wedding photos look so happy and young, congrats to the new couple. Gigi is such a gorgeous model, she is lucky to have a good friend like you. I always enjoy your blog.

  7. Pam, I can hardly wait to see the Worth collection.
    The wedding photos are so cool. I like unique weddings.
    Gigi looks fab in her trench. She did a great job of styling it! How lucky you are to have a friend with similar interests.

  8. Goodness, yes, it was an unusually difficult week. Nothing terrible, just things breaking at inopportune times, services that cost 4 times more than expected, not getting as much done as I'd hoped, etc. Well we all have those little hiccups, and I'm fortunate to have such minor problems. Thank you for the lovely photos, they certainly brightened my day.

    Hope your difficulties dissolve soon! And have a wonderful weekend!

  9. sorry you had a difficult week, hope the weekend is better
    not blah here, just dead tired after only 3 1/2 hours sleep last night, but last night brought lots of smiles!

  10. Hope next week is better for you. Gigi looks super cool. Nice to have a good friend.

  11. Love the wedding photos!!! We are in serious wedding coutdown here (May 20th for our daughter)
    Can't wait to read your review!

  12. Neat post! I loved the wedding pictures, the fashion pictures and of course the shot of the sky. I hope you are able to enjoy a relaxing weekend!

  13. Pam--I hope next week goes better for you. I know at one point this past week I heard of a tornado in San Antonio and my thoughts went immediately to you. The dress on the far right is especially lovely.


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