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Mar 12, 2012

Texas Style Council Blogger’s Conference: Visibility: Off the Charts!

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE than with an introduction to the Texas Style Council’s Social Media Conference this past weekend! First let me say….PERSEVERANCE pays off!

On my way...in my Indes de la Fressange look!

Inspired Look from Ines

When we all rushed out of school on Friday (for Spring Break no less), we were greeted with the coldest, wettest weather of the year. It persisted for the next 72 hours through all of our activities. When I got up on Sunday, there was heavy rain, lightening, thunder….so discouraged, I went back to bed (this time change always wears me out!). But, thank goodness, Mr. B would have none of that and he said, get up…WE ARE GOING TO AUSTIN! By the time, we got ready, the clouds cleared and a beautiful day unfolded in South Texas.

This was a great location for this conference!

Campus of the University of Texas...for me, that's home!  Hook'em Horns!

This year’s conference location was perfect in the Blanton Museum of Art on the campus of my beloved alma mater, The University of Texas. You could even see the Texas Capitol right there! I was greeted first by one of my favorite bloggers, the lovely Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk.  I have learned so much from her!

 My outfit for the day was nothing on the level of some of the fashionistas present, but I was pleased for it spoke the messages I was hoping for. Again, I wanted a Ines de la Fressange inspired look….the khaki, white, and brown with a pop of leopard was the transition from winter to spring style which worked for me.
The lovely Indiana of Adored Austin greets the crowd
of fashionistas and businesses.  She did a fabulous
job pulling the weekend together and she is even a young mom!!
One other challenge I faced on Friday was the blackout of our Internet at home. It is still down….and I feel as though I am going through withdrawal. Of course, I also have two college students at home…no TV and no Internet….we are bonding in new ways!! So, on Spring Break, I will have to go back to school each day to post and go through emails until AT &T get us in their schedules! Plus go somewhere else for Face Book and Twitter…since they are blocked at school! MADDENING!  Until I get things up and running at home, I might not be quick to respond. But I promise to persevere!

Jacket: Chicos
Travelers Blouse: Chicos
Black Capris: Talbots
Here is what I have planned for you this week:

Tuesday – I am going to momentarily break from the Conference to bring you a fantastic giveaway and tell you who has written all of the FABULOUS quotes I shared last week.

Wednesday – Information from the speeches and panels I think may be beneficial to you!!

Thursday – FUN! The shoes of the blogger’s conference….you just have to see the shoes!!

Friday – Final roundups…pictures of some of our favorite bloggers and Austin as we say goodbye to another great job done by the Texas Style Council.

Original Design Necklace by SA Jewelry Designer, Deborah Long-Shirley
Bracelet: Kohls

The panel I moderated was so much fun and the ladies on the panel were amazing...I will tell you later how it led to an invitation for me to moderate panels for SXSW!!  Rock ON!

Sam Edleman Ballet Flats: DSW
Now, don’t miss the great styling from the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE! See you Tuesday!!


See you, Tuesday!!  What did the rest of you do this weekend???


  1. What a great look, Pam! Simple and stylish. Looking forward to hearing more about the conference, glad you had a great day!

  2. Great outfit inspired by Ines, Pam - chic and elegant. The conference sounds very exhilarating -- I'd love to attend one, too. And thanks for taking to time to link up with Visible Monday, despite all your connection issues! : >

  3. Sounds like a fun and exciting weekend Pam! Cant wait to hear more about the conference....and see the shoes!

    Happy Monday!

  4. What a great outfit! You've kinda inspired me to try a similar one, though I'm not sure I have all the necessary pieces. Shopping! (here I come)

    Followed you here from Monday Mingle!


  5. sounds like you are having a blast and getting to meet many other bloggers
    so fun
    cute outfit and your hair is looking so chic!

  6. what a fabulous outfit! And it sounds like a fabulous conference. so much fun.

  7. Your Ines look is stunning Pam. My daughter was heading to Austin for the weekend with her boyfriend (she's not a blogger) for a little r 'n r. You never know, you may have passed each other somewhere in the city .. that's a comforting thought for me in a strange way.

    Hope the conference is fabulous and love the photos you've shared.

  8. Great work! Very impressed with your outgoing attitude and successful moderating. :)


  9. What a great story. I'm so glad you went. You look so pretty in that outfit.


  10. Welcome back Pam! I have a feeling that you sartorially held you own amongst ALL the bloggers!!! No one's got a thing on you! You look FABULOUS!!! Love your outfit! Hugs! ~Serene

  11. Love this look! Those shoes are SO CUTE! Can't wait to hear more about your time at the conference!

  12. You've done Ines proud! Eager to here more about the conference. It appears the weather cleared up once you were there.

  13. Great outfit. I can hardly wait to hear more about the conference. I would love to be able to attend something like that.

  14. Pam, you look super! Elegant! Bring it! And thanks for sharing some of the conference highlights with us.

  15. You looked fabulous, and I can't wait to read more of your updates on the conference!

  16. Love the draped jacket and congrats on moderating a panel!

  17. Your outfit is fabulous and you look so chic! I hope you had fun at the conference and can't wait to hear all about it!

  18. You look fantastic Pam!
    I love this outfit so much! I can't wait to hear about the conference!


  19. Elegant outfit Pam! Your conference schedule sounds full and rich.

  20. Wow--sounds like an amazing conference. Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle.

  21. My dear Pam, I am most impress, and speachless.

  22. Pam--you look stunning and I am looking forward to everthing you'll be sharing!!!

  23. Hi Pam!

    Hope your internet problems are resolved soon
    This is fabulous this conference!
    No chance it would happen in Montreal
    There is a community of bloggers here but it seems very closed, everybody in their own little world-

    I love your Ines look

    Take care great Lady!

    Ariane xxxx

  24. Pam, I think you're having too much fun (just kidding)

    thanks for stopping by. can't wait to read more about the council

  25. You are on fire and you look fantastic!

  26. What fun! Love your waterfall cardi! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle last week...I hope you'll join us again this week!


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