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Mar 25, 2012

Summer Nights - W by Worth Part 2

As I began to type this post, Olivia Newton John singing filled my head...so, oh,oh those summer nights!!  The summer collection from W by Worth is filled with perfect ensembles for those warm summer events from weddings to dates with your significant other!!

The LBD above can be as sexy as you want with a keyhole which opens or closes and is a fabulous fit in this black ponte knit...the seaming is perfect.

In my part of the country, the temperatures at night can easily stay in the 80s and 90s until morning, so comfort is a must. Wearing breathable fabrics helps immensely....it is never fun to be at a fancy party sweating profusely!

Keep accessories simple in the summer as well...a great statement necklace or lightweight scarf will do the trick.  Local jewelry designer Deborah Long-Shirley always brings the perfect toppers to the W previews!

Have a beautiful Sunday and I will see you late for Visible Monday, Monday Mingle, and a incredible giveaway collaboration with other bloggers!!


  1. Pam lovely dress and accessories. I also love a statement pair of earrings to set off a LBD!

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  2. Pam, I went to Deborah's website but I don't see any of the really colorful necklaces like are shown in your pictures. Do you know if they are something special done just for the W show?

  3. I love all the neutrals in this collection! The perfect backdrop for statement necklaces! Looks like it was so much fun! Hugs to you Pam! ~Serene

  4. What colorful necklaces and the keyhole dress is beautiful in an understated way. I like the neckline closed myself.


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