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Mar 6, 2012

Red, White, and Bling!

Navy Blue Tank with Bling: Kohls
Long sleeved shirt: Chicos
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Sunglasses: Carmen Marc Valvo

This week is designed to show some of you how to gently step out of your comfort zones. I recognize that fashion can be a little scary, but, really, there is no reason to fear style decisions. After all, you are not jumping out of an airplane or swimming with sharks….you are just testing the waters a bit with clothing…no one is going to die here! Today, I demonstrated how you can gently add a little bling to your look no matter what time of day it is or for any occasion. This is a casual look and I simply placed a sequined tank underneath a Chico's shirt. The shirt also has a silver, metallic thread throughout the print. I often use larger shirts for jackets and I have always liked this style. I know they are not as flattering as fitted jacket, but for a laid back, more casual event, sometimes this is a fun way to go.

Red Bangle:  http://www.inpink.com/
This weekend is the Blogger’s Conference hosted by the Texas Style Council!! I am so excited to join up with them on Sunday for workshops and learning…unfortunately, due to a wedding, I cannot shop with them on Friday and Saturday! InPink Jewelry sent us all a $50 gift certificate to select anything from their wonderful website, soooooo, that is what is in the cute little boxes. In fact, I would recommend their site to use for gift giving, because not only are the products excellent quality, but the boxes and ties are really, really cute!! Whenever I am given an opportunity like this, I try to go out of my own comfort zone and pick something memorable, stylish, and fabulous I normally would not own. The two bracelets I selected met all of my expectations for fabulous! I am wearing the red one today….and I am sure you will see it often in the future.

Sandals from Marshall's

As I said yesterday, I will introduce you to someone special later this week along with a special giveaway. Until then, I am going to feature one of their quotes every day.

Today’s quote is, “Flair is winking at the mirror….having fun as you redefine and maybe even reinvent yourself so that your look is a perfect reflection of your creative energies and imagination.”

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. You look so comfortable in that! I love the red accents!
    Deb W

  2. I LOVE that bracelet! Can't wait to see what you get with your gift certificate! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. A nice, casual outfit. I love the popof red, it makes the outfit. but what I love most is the green and sunshine in the background. :-)

  4. It is amazing how just even a small pop of red can change an entire outfit! Love it!! xo

  5. Very cute and a good approach to transition with the weather!

  6. You look great...stylish and relaxed!

  7. Hi Pam...you look wonderful as always...I know I should be commenting on your bangle...but your ring looks so pretty; lovely design.
    Thank you for popping by and leaving such a sweet message...I really appreciate it.
    Have a lovely day ;-)

  8. I'm having the hardest time finding denim that fits these days. Seems like ever since I tipped the 50 mark all the jeans I relied on before no longer fit. I tell myself it's because manufacturers have cheapened their product. ;-) I think I'll try the Chico's denim the next time I'm out searching. They look great on you and have a modern wash.

  9. Such a great casual-yet-chic outfit, Pam. And your red bracelet really makes it all so much more fun. Love it!

  10. I love those sandals! The whole outfit says comfortable, chic, and polished.

  11. Super-cute as always Pam--love the sandals!!

  12. Your quote is so right on! Expressing ourselves visually is something we can control and change, unlike many other things in life. So why not have fun with it. Your touches of red are the perfect example!

  13. Really cute look! I loved today's quote!

  14. What an excellent quote. The look is wonderfully relaxed...and I'm eying the rocker in the background.

  15. Loving this casual look, very cute :)


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