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Mar 22, 2012

Macy's Sales...A Day With Gigi...Fun Combo!

Blouse, Pants: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Marshalls
Ballet Flats: Target
Gigi and I headed out for a day of fun during spring break. She was ready to hit the sale (Yes, JCP we love a SALE) at Macys and I have to say…we did well! Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend money that day….but I certainly had fun styling Gigi…she is a gorgeous over 50 model! In fact, when we were outside of the dressing rooms, shooting pictures…some of the ladies saw her looks, asked where they were and ran to find them!! I think if I were a store manager, I would have models constantly circulating and actually wearing the off the rack clothes ….sometimes women just need to see how garments can be styled before they want to purchase. I think we helped Macys bottom line that day! Here were the looks in the final running for purchase…look below to see what she actually bought!

She had to drag me away from these color block shoes!  Gorgeous!

OK...that was exhausting!  What did you like best??  Gigi bought numbers 2,3,6, and 9 all for under $80!  I loved the graphic T and it was under $8... it will look great with a fitted jacket and jeans!  I'll show you tomorrow how she styled the trench!
Until then, enjoy your Thursday and Katie's Blog Hop!

I wanted these too!!  Alright, Pam, walk away from the NINE WEST  shoes.......


  1. So fun shopping with a girlfriend. I love the red sweater and floral skirt! xo

  2. Those orange shoes in the end are amazing.

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  3. Ah, those color blocked shoes would have had me at "hello"! Looks like a great time, wonderful clothing choices too. Give Penney's a look. I did, after Terri's video tour, and they have racks of "Best Price" items -- essentially deep sale prices. I bought a very pretty cotton cardi for $4. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Great choices, Gigi! Really like the colorful skirt in #7 too. Once upon a time, higher end clothiers DID have live models on staff, but seeing how the clothes move and look on real bodies is so helpful.

  5. #6 is my favorite.

  6. Thanks for visiting Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! I'm so excited to be co-hosting this week! Love those color block shoes. What a fun day you had!

  7. Patti, it's interesting...JCP commercials and new marketing strategy just put me off...but what you just wrote about your $4 cardi and Terri's report at ragsagainsthemachine...do make me want to go there...I think they need a new strategy or to hire you and Terri!!

  8. I seriously NEED those camel and red flats and the orange shoes!!!

  9. I so wish we had a Macy's here. We used to, but then Dillards came in and bought out the Macy's stores. My picks for Gigi's outfits were almost the same except for 9, I picked 7 instead. Gigi looks fab in everything.
    I love those orange shoes and the ones you have in your "Loving the look of" feature. I really love those.

  10. No Macy´s in Spain. Gorgeous modeling and lovely shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Pam , She looks GTEAT in all of them #7 was my fave . wow! That is alot of closthes for that money!
    Please run back and get me the hot pink and white shoes in the top photo - size 9 asap!!!!
    I got a little dizzy when I saw them!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  12. all that for under 80?! she scored! she looks amazing in the #6 printed dress!


  13. Oooh those Mary Janes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you look so beautiful!

  14. what a fun time ya'll must have had
    dressing up is fun enough, but posing pictures too

  15. Love that floral print dress on her!

  16. #2 and #6 were my favorites of what Gigi tried on. I really like your idea about real women trying on clothes and walking about! That would be an excellent marketing tool.

  17. They are all lovely outfits. I really like the top in #5 Thank you so much for sharing on the Thursday hop. Sorry it's taken me a little while to get over here. Big Hugs!

  18. Those orange shoes in the end are amazing.


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