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Mar 4, 2012

Green Legs and Pam

Hi, I’m Pam. Pam I am. And I love Green Legs On Pam!! Not in a box…not on a fox…with little costs…green legs on Pam!  (I hope you are familiar with Dr. Suess!!)

Enough silliness!! When WE LOVE COLORS contacted me and allowed me to pick out any color of tights to review, I had such a hard decision. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone with tights and you can literally spend all morning just enjoying all of the different looks they have on their website. But, age appropriateness was also on my radar screen.

Coral Jacket: Chicos
White Blouse, Skirt: Lane Bryant

Knowing green is one of the premiere colors for Spring 2012, I decided to Go Green! They are very visible and tons of fun! You do not have to worry about wasting gas (ridiculous the prices now!) looking for fun tights…they are just a click away!! This entire week on this blog will be about gently pushing us out of our comfort zones. I realize some of you have no problem with that, but I have email from others who are just now beginning to find their courage…so we will walk into understated fun together!!  How about starting with green legs!

Belt: Kohls
Ring: Stein Mart
Now, I am going to tease you just a bit! Later this week, I will introduce you to someone special and actually offer a great opportunity along with the introduction. But, until I tell you who it is….every day…I will end the post with a quote from this person.

Today’s quote is: “This is what makes people ageless. And get this: When you’re fabulous you will never have to worry about wrinkles. They’ll be irrelevant.”

 Also, tomorrow and the next day, I will show you what is in these beautiful boxes!!

Now, go enjoy the very visible ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY:


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Happy New Week, Everyone!


  1. Look at you! I thrifted a pair of green tights, but haven't worn them yet. Really love the 3 pair of We Love Colors I own.

  2. Wow, you are looking very cool! Love the combination of red jacket, tiered skirt and colorful tights. And thanks for bringing it to Visible Monday!

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  4. Cute outfit love your ring and your jacket.


  5. I see a snarky Anonymous made a commment. It is so funny to me that when someone is trying to be snarky they can't even use the right phrase. "makes the cake"? Dear Anon, I think the phrase is 'Takes the cake'. Also, if you can comment you ought to be brave enough to sign your name!!
    Pam, you look lovely and the green tights are very nice!
    I can hardly wait to see what is in the boxes!

  6. Oh Pam! Doesn't it feel great to wear some spring colors?!?! I LOVE that red jacket with the tiered skirt....so sweet! Enjoy the San Antonio spring girly! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. The minty tights are pretty. I think that is a great color for spring.

  8. I love your title! Ha, ha! The green legs are wonderful. I have green tights and when I wear them O calls me frog legs - yeah, like, that makes me feel soooo beautiful! Ha. The greenery (ahem) and your outfit are so springlike.

  9. Very interesting color of green. Looks great with the jacket and skirt. Must have been fun to choose the color and make us all think of spring.

  10. Go, Pam! Green sounds so scary but it really isn't, is it? I love my olive green tights, and I recently expanded into the realm of dark, foresty green.... so I'm getting there! You look marvelous and I can't wait to see all your surprises.

  11. I have never seen you more beautiful and colourful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are so right.

  12. Love the orange with the green!!

  13. Yes to green tights!! You are too funny Pam I am!
    I am one of those who's comfort zone is with the neutral colors, but I'll be trying for some brights come Spring! Have a great week Pam!

  14. Beautiful, smart, and funny, she's got it all!! Love the Seuss homage, and those green legs can't be beat. They look excellent on you and really make the flowers in the skirt pop out. I want everything you're wearing!

  15. You are so cute - Pam I Am...

    What a great minty green shade. I love it. And your fun ring is so great. Happy Monday! xo

  16. This is an awesome post, I loved dr. seuss as a kid! You look great in the green tights and I love the tiered skirt!

  17. HAHA. Green legs and Pam. That was inspired. You look gorgeous in coral.


  18. VERY cute tribute. Love that jacket.

  19. No way we can resist that title! You look so fresh and spring-y :) Love the ring - Steinmart has great cocktail rings.

  20. I am looking forward to seeing your inPink choices! And meeting you this weekend! Betsy

  21. Love that fun statement ring!


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