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Feb 15, 2012

Long Jacket Love and A New Contest!!

AHHH, Mr. B sent beautiful yellow roses for Valentine's!
Gigi and I both showed up on Valentine’s Day in our fun long jackets!! I have worn this Chico’s jacket several times on the blog…there is a bit of padding in the shoulder so it is a little more exaggerated than I like. But, my favorite way to wear it is with leggings....cannot wear those to work. I would love to have a couple of jackets like this that I can wear with leggings…but it will have to wait for a while.

Gigi's hot pink "hot" jacket is from Stein Mart!!

You may notice that Gigi has on sandals and I have on flats with bare feet…we went from freezing cold rain in 24 hours to 80 degree sunshine!! Such is the case around here…I think we are expecting cold rain again this weekend…it is challenging for the wardrobe.

Jacket and Red Traveler's Cami: Chicos
Pants: Foxworth Collection
Antonio Melanie Flats: Dillards

Necklace Red Dot Clearance Sale: Stein Mart

I have been so honored to be able to bring you some quality contests on this blog and I am really pleased to announce another one… The Marvelous March 1 Foxcroft Collection Giveaway!!!

Win this gorgeous blouse and select your own color!!

One of the followers of this blog will win an excellent Foxcroft Collection Blouse and you can choose the color from White, Citrus (Yellow), Aqua, Blue Wave and Black. I have this blouse in white and love it…a great fitting, white, collared, professional blouse is a staple for any woman’s closet!!

This line is quality enough to be sold at Nordstrom’s. The fit and feel of the materials are great…today I am wearing the Foxcroft pants and they have been an excellent addition to my wardrobe…my favorite part is the perfect length!!

So, all you have to do is tell me the following in one comment:

1. You are a follower of this blog.

2. You visited the Foxcroft Website and what item you like the most.

3. You liked Foxcroft on Face Book.

Of course, if you Tweet this contest…I will throw in an extra entry like I did with the last contest!! Winner will be announced on March 1!! Good luck everyone!!

What do you think of long jackets??  Do you like them or prefer the shorter version?


  1. Gorgeous! You can never go wrong with a classic white blouse. xo

  2. Wonderful roses, Pam! You and Gigi look fab as always. I "liked" Foxcroft on FB, and did go to their site - the Geo Print Blouse looks wonderful, and 100% wrinkle free, that's the best! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Love, love your necklace soooooooooo much, Pam

  4. I'm a big fan of longer jackets. Love yours and Gigi's!!

  5. Love long jackets you both look great! Love Gigi's shoes as well!

    I have accomplished all of the above! I adore the shirt in magenta!


    Art by Karena

  6. Hey, I love your new header! (Is it new? Or have I just been oblivious lately?) Great jackets, too. I don't wear button-downs so I'll sit this one out, but thanks for offering so many great contests!

  7. Anxious to try Foxcroft... would particularly like to try the blouses. I do follow your blog and "liked" Foxcroft on Facebook!

  8. I love Foxcroft! I have several of their blouses. I liked them on FB and of course, I
    follow you. I sure hope I win this contest!!! I think I would go with the aqua or blue wave. We have a store here in Wichita, Ann's Fashions, that sells a lot of Foxcroft blouses. Love that store.

    Love your outfit and especially the necklace. It is so something I would wear. I wish we still had a Stein Mart here. I used to not like longer length jackets, but now I realize they make me look thinner. A BIG bonus.

  9. I love that jacket on you! Sometimes longer jackets work, and other times shorter is better. I think it depends on the outfit as a whole and the person's body type. You look fabulous!

  10. Both jackets are great. Loving your necklace, Pam!


  11. Hi Pam! I've been reading your blog every since I found a link to it on Une Femme's. (And I'm just up the road in Austin!) Probably love that blouse the best; a good basic one for work is hard to find. I've liked Foxcroft on FB . . . but I don't like them as much as your fab necklace!

  12. Hi Pam! I am a follower too and i like the blouse in yellow size small!
    I did the like on Facebook as well
    I prefer short jacket but will wear long as well

    Thanks Pam

    Love you!


  13. I too am a lover of long jackets. And short jackets. And shrugs. You look beautiful in the black and white with red!

  14. I "liked" the Foxcroft FB and took a look at the collection. I like the classic blouse in the blue or deep purple (or is it called violet!!) Love the long jackets!!

  15. Foxcroft got my "like" though I actually love their collection. The geoprint blouse with the pop of purple on the inside collar stand is so fun.

  16. It's hard enough to be "over 50 feeling 40" without standing by the ironing board all the time. I like foxcroft blouses because they're wrinkle free so I can leave the laundryroom behind!

    My favorite is the aqua-blue. It's all ready for spring.

  17. I had never heard of this brand before so I had to check out the site.

  18. I am a new follower. Enjoying your fun attitude and cute outfits!

  19. I'm a new follower...can't believe I am just now finding you...and I love the cotton classic blouse in black! Very sporty! Thanks! ♥

  20. Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet is also a good choice.

  21. I am a new follower, really like the Foxcroft White Jacquard blouse. Would look great with jeans.


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