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Feb 12, 2012

Joanna Coles: New Visible Icon

Lately, every time I see Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, I am drawn to what she is wearing. Coles portrays a strong, minimal, creative, chic look which I have been aspiring to for the past eighteen months. Most recently, she has been the “Tim-Gunn-figure” for Project Runway All Stars, and she always enters the work room communicating “I am in charge.”  She is visible...but not screaming out "look at me."

Joanna Coles
What does it mean to have style icons? For me, it means that there are some women who consistently communicate the messages I desire to also communicate with my style. They are reliable and not all over the place. My FOUNDATIONAL FIVE GUIDELINES were developed for myself after studying other women whose choices I respect. If you compare my looks in the beginning of this blog up until now, you will see that I have toned the accessories way down. This is the influence of women like Ines de la Fressange and Coles.

Skirt and Saffron Cardigan: Jana Kos
Yet, since I love creativity, I try to keep a touch of it around….like Diane Keaton. Minimalism is so new to me, but I really think it fits where I am in life right now. The past, over-the-top-me was trying just a little too hard!!  Right now, it means toning down the accessories just a bit and being happy when I wear mostly neutrals (sometimes there is no reason to add on extras).  It also means careful attention to prints and color.

Sam Edelman Flats from DSW and maroon tights from Lane Bryant

The blouse is Foxcroft and look later this week for my next giveaway....
from the fabulous Foxcroft Collection!!

Joanna Coles....obviously, I need to add a great leather jacket to my wardrobe!!
Setting foundational guidelines and studying a few professional women I respect, has helped so much!! Now, head on over to see some other incredible women at Patti's Visible Monday  and Glamamom's Monday Mingle!!!



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  1. I love Joanna Coles' style - you made a great pick, Pam. And your outfit with the bright sweater is so chic and simple. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. Pam, I'm right there with you! Over the life of my blog I've really gone off the deep end with accessories and prints. I've come to the conclusion that it's just not me. I think you look FABULOUS and I love how your look has evolved! Hugs! Serene

  3. Love her style! And I'm in the same place style-wise, wanting to keep my look clean and simple, fewer pieces with higher impact. That yellow sweater looks fantastic on you, and great job translating style inspiration to real life!

  4. She is stunning. I have never heard of her before. Thank you for introducing us to her.

    I have yet to try colored tights and now that I see them on you, I think I need to give them a try. That purple color is lovely - just enough to add interest but not over the top.

    Have a great Monday! xo, Adrienne

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  7. I hear you Pam...its not always about what you wear, its how you carry yourself and the confidence you show....I love her as well....simple and classy!

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  8. The yellow is so sunshiney-just like you!!
    The funny thing is I USED to be more minimalist.
    Since I started blogging I'm adding more prints and color and being more "bold"--which is more a reflection of my personality. I am no shrinking violet...lol

  9. I love the yellow sweater, violet tights and print shoes. I have to get more creative!

  10. I am watching little bits of Project Runway season 7 On digital tv, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    It is soooooooooo good: i wonder why it doesn´t get in Spain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You look magnificent, and I love, love the way you play with yellow and purple, my dear Pam.

  11. You look lovely, but I have to say, I love your accessories! I do think your outfit today is lovely and does look very 'Joanna Coles.' that Jana Kos sweater is so beautiful.
    I love that leather jacket she has on. I think I may have to figure out how to take one of my existing jackets and cut off the sleeves to make it short sleeved like hers. Very cool!

  12. I love Joanna Coles! She always looks amazing, and similarly to her, I like neutrals. I rarely see this woman in brights, just sleek clean lines in her attire with a statement jewelry.

  13. Fashion is all about wearing what you feel great in...and it is ever evolving..at least for me:) Sometimes I feel bohemian, sometimes preppy, sometimes glam...all depending on my mood.

    Love you in this mustard sweater...just that great ONE piece that stands out..also love Joanna Coles:)

  14. Love the bright cardi, and the purple tights! I got the purple tights memo, too! :D

  15. I love your color combo today too Pam!!! and I like the bold look myself.. strong and bold.. no nonsense :) and lately I'm experimenting with different looks to shake things up a bit.. not sure if I am doing all that well at it but hey, its fun!! LOL xoxo J

  16. This outfit is simple and classy! I love your accessories tho...
    Happy Valentine's Day Pam!

  17. Wow, I really love your use of colors. The tights are amazing! Glad you have found a style personality you can relate to.

  18. Such a lovely post...enjoyed being educated and then shown how you have integrated the ideas into your personal style...thank you for sharing!

  19. Very sophisticated use of color with a touch of animal print. You are radiant in these photos!

  20. She's new to me. Thanks for the tip! I had fun checking out all the Monday Mingle looks today!

  21. Joanna Coles totally rocks! When I interview the Project Runway All Stars designers each week, they typically rave about her!

  22. Does anyone know who designed Joanna Coles' beautiful bright(chartreuse?)long cardigan sweater? By the way, I love your blog!!!

  23. Awsome blog! I will for sure drop by it more often!

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  25. I like this post a lot and it contains a lot of great points and obsessions!

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