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Feb 10, 2012

Friday Fashion Headlines

Thank goodness it is Friday…even though our weekend is forecast to be rainy and cold! We are actually beginning to see the end of our drought and that is very exciting. Current predictions have the amazing Texas wildflowers returning in a big way this spring…I can’t wait!

My happy piece of clothing is this scarf
from Chico's

Here are a few bits and pieces I thought you might enjoy:

First off, Joy Sewing wrote an article for the San Antonio Express News about happy, confident dressing…something I try to discuss almost every day here. You can click on this link for the entire article which mentions these five points to challenge yourself:

"1. Wear Things that make you happy.

2. Add color, it’s a mood booster

3. Let go of negatives. Forget your stomach or man boobs. Focus on fit.

4. Dress like you’re happy even when you are not…it helps.

5. Be neat – always".

I would agree with all of these…however I am not always neat…but number four works! Choose to dress happy and act happy even if you do not feel it and things will feel better!! Sewing also interviewed Jennifer Baumgartner, author of You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You (Da Capo Lifelong Books, $16).
 Also, check out fashion editor, Michael Quintanilla’s article about a designer from San Antonio appearing at Fashion Week for the first time, Mandi Gallegos.

   Finally, I really enjoyed the video from Duchesse's Post called Health: 231/2 hours.

Finally, finally:  A Must Read is Jill's post today, http://everythingjustso.blogspot.com/2012/02/impact-50-years-of-cfda.html  from the front lines with designers and their style!!
Original Design by Mandi from the Express News

Have a great weekend, and make sure your put your name in for my fabulous giveaway...just click on the necklace in the sidebar...Valentine's is just days away and one reader will win both prizes!!!
Gigi discovered these happy Anne Klein shoes in a Dallas Marshalls last weekend!!


  1. I like bright colors like red or coral. These shoes by Anne Klein are simply gorgeous!!!

  2. I love that: Dress like you're happy! (what are man boobs on a woman?, just wondering). Gigi's new shoes are gorgeous, and so are you. Happy Friday, my friend!

  3. Pam, what great advice!! I know that when I dress up, I just FEEL better! And how great are GiGi's shoes? I love Anne Klein but for some reason don't see much of her fashions any more. Hugs to you Pam and have a FABULOUS weekend!! ~Serene

  4. Love those pumps and great tips!

  5. Thanks Pam for all of the awesome tips and reading links!!
    Tell Gigi if she gets tired of those shoes just send them east to Maryland!!!

  6. I agree that Jill's post is an important one. I would never have guessed that you aren't always neat. Perhaps "messy" is a future post idea.

  7. Hi Pam!

    I follow those guidelines at all time!
    I love Gigi's shoes,what a find!

    Have a good weekend



  8. Great advise! I'm loving #1!
    I love how you incorporate scarves and bold jewelry in your daily outfit!
    Have a great weekend Pam!


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