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Jan 15, 2012

W by Worth: A Visible Spring Collection

Oh yeah, this is it!  Said Sandy Hornberger of this amazing skirt and top!
Sandy is a former professional dancer and has legs to die for!!

Ta Da!! For the first time, I have fabulous models for VISIBLE MONDAY to show you the very visible spring collection from the W line by Worth.  Please welcome the incredible (40+) Cathy Case; and (50+) Alison Boone and Sandy Hornberger. Alison is a regular reader of this blog, so I am so glad to introduce you to one of our own!!

Alison fell in love with this flattering blue dress and belt!  This is one of her
colors for warmer weather!!  The dress also comes in coral.

No matter their age, if you put a group of girls in a warm setting with beautiful clothes and exquisite jewelry, they are going to have a great time! That’s exactly what the W line by Worth is banking on as they currently present their line in private homes around the country. It is such a perfect way to shop. As I watched this group of women help and encourage one another, they reminded me of high school days with friends in a closet sharing clothes and ideas. The sentiments are still the same.

Cathy models a smart "mom-on-the-go" look, which can
easily take you into DATE NIGHT!
 Women of a certain age should be excited about this spring line. The designers selected rich, saturated colors over the traditional seasonal pastels; the seaming and structures are flattering to any figure; and the designs are appropriately youthful and trendy! There are pieces with the fit and feel of St. John’s, but not the price. Nor can they be found in the mall or a boutique…but, rather, in a living room! This personal, direct selling approach provides shoppers with a fun, easy, relaxed shopping experience plus unique styles not found on other women in town, because the availability is smaller with a shorter selling time.

Style Consultant, Kerry Rutledge, assists Alison with trying different belts with
different dresses.

These ladies were not afraid to be visible in these clothes that fit their figures perfectly!! That’s how we all should be…confident…and fun…not afraid to be sexy…or trendy…or appropriately youthful! If you like what you see, contact W by Worth by clicking their website and see who is hosting a trunk show in your area!

Sexy necklines are a huge part of these looks

Sandy said that several of the looks have the same feel and quality
of St. Johns.

You want colored denim....you got it here!!!

Light's out....FUN!
  Aren't these women gorgeous?? And the clothes....amazing!  Now, go see the other fabulous fashionistas of Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday!!


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  1. How FUN! I want to do that with some of my friends!

    All of them are beautiful and the clothes are so stylish. I love that chain link neckline and the orange and leopard dress...so chic!

    What a great post, Pam. I miss seeing you, though.

  2. These are beautiful clothes on beautiful women, Pam. I checked the W site, and their pieces are gorgeous - I love the sequined skirt. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

  3. Thanks so much, Pam! You made us look great! Alison

  4. Looks like you all had great fun doing this. Great outfits!

  5. The clothes look amazing on all of these women, but I especially like the white and black and blue skirt.

  6. I've kind of done a Visible Monday post today too (as my attempts to join in with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style) have been unsuccessful so far! Like that orange top - and the metallic button skirt.

  7. I really love that first skirt! The clothes look like very good quality. will check it out!

  8. No one here has this collection. I have looked at it on line and do love it. Also, I wish they had plus sizes. I am still drooling over one of the vests they had in their winter collection. If only it were larger. The colored denim jeans are just the best. I would love them in both the blues.

  9. Beautiful clothing on gorgeous models. And having fun at the same time!

  10. The gals all look so great! especially the friend in the teal dress! That is just adorable!

  11. Oh, the collection looks great. I love shopping in the home. In Ohio, we had CAbi and I loved it but unfortunately the woman stopped selling and I never found another CAbi lady. Maybe, I will look for the W by Worth here in Arizona and see if someone is doing it in Sedona.

  12. That orange wrap top is totally fab!

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