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Jan 17, 2012

Enthusiasm, Inspiration, and Creativity

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”

-Bo Bennett quote

How’s your enthusiasm today?? Does your outfit of choice reflect that you are excited to be here or does is say sad and depressed? Sometimes our clothes will be a window into our spirits…I know, because for most of my 30s and 40s I communicated depressed, sad, stressed out, frumpy...I Don’t Care!

Now, my goal each day is to communicate enthusiasm and joy. I do love to look with excitement around me for inspiration with style; and I really never know where it will come from. Today, it came from my hat rack, which is home for all of my scarves. I can see it while I am in the shower and there are times that just one scarf will grab my attention and beckon me to style around it….exactly what happened with this look.

Blue Cardigan: Stein Mart
White Lane Bryant Blouse: Goodwill
Ann Taylor Scarf: A gift
Lee Slimming Jeans:  Kohls
Ballet Flats:  Target


Remember, Deborah Long Shirley  from my recent post about statement necklaces? She is the one who gains inspiration from the stones and pendants she finds for her one-of-a-kind necklaces. She was present at the trunk showing for the W line by Worth Spring Collection, because she designs necklaces to go with the styles in the line…isn’t that fun? I saw a purchase made with a dress and necklace to match while I was there...it just makes sense to show them together! Here are some of the beautiful looks she brought to the show…including a special selection for San Antonio’s upcoming Fiesta celebration!! Debby lives life with enthusiasm and crates of creativity…not just a pinch!!

Deborah Long-Shirley


Is this not fabulous??
San Antonio, call Debby today at  210-867-0912, or email her at UT70Debby@msn.com and
order your own, unique Fiesta necklace.  Every necklace will be different!!

 Finally, a quick review!

Yesterday, I watched the premier of ABC TV's new show, The Revolution, and I have to say I will be setting the DVR to catch this one every day.  It is about a message that my blog revolves around: Reinvention....and that it is possible for all of us ready to make positive changes in our lives.  That is why I began writing here.  Perhaps, they need to tone down all of the audience clapping a little...but the information and testimonies were really encouraging and, yes, ENTHUSIASTIC!!  Also, kudos to Macy's for sponsoring the fashion segments!

Are you dressing with enthusiasm today??


  1. Oh my! Gorgeous necklaces!
    You know me always dressing with enthusiasm!

    Ariane xxxxx

  2. good post, but sadly i am not dressing with enthusiasm today.
    having a cold calls for sweats, kleenex and blankets!! lol
    set the dvr for The Revolution to record today...

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  4. Pam, getting inspired and being able to be creative is the spice of life, no? These necklaces are just GORGEOUS and I continue to be inspired by what you do with scarves! Big hugs to you and keep inspiring us to go forward and follow our dreams! ~Serene

  5. Pam, your blog is always an inspiration! I am guilty today of starting out with blah clothing (day off) but you've motivated me to add a colorful blouse over my tee. Love those statement necklaces!

  6. I'm in grey today but stuck on a scarf and a guady pin to brighten the look up! Why be boring?
    I can't make myself invisible so I might as well be memorable!

    The blue of your cardigan is a good color on you! Very vibrant!

  7. Wonderful photos, and colourful spirit in this post.
    I have the feeling we have both fallen in love with the same necklace: 1rst green one, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gorgeous!!!

  8. Those are some fabulous necklaces.

  9. the jewlery pieces are amazing. am liking the turquoise and the multi colored look

  10. Pam, I'm finding that a bit of color and structure (for me) conveys focus and enthusiasm. Love your scarf here!!

    Not all of those necklaces are to my taste, but I do really like the turquoise! What a smart business idea to design necklaces to coordinate with a specific clothing collection.

  11. I love your opening photo of the russets--a cheerful color to me. Also, Debbie's multi-colored necklace is just gorgeous.

  12. I was so full of enthusiasm today I couldn't even sleep last night. I've just been full of creativity all day. Can't say that my outfit reflected that exactly, since I wore grubbies for working with dye. But my apron got pretty colorful!
    That is a great sweater and scarf you have today. Love blue!

  13. gorgeous jewelry! i love the idea of dressing with enthusiasm. i have to admit that when i'm having a downer day i really feel better if i dress up!!!


  14. Awwwwww!! Beautiful necklace!
    Thank you for your kind comment, Ms. Pam. I love writing and won several writing competitions in high school, as well as joining school magazine and stuff like that, but never went pro! Purely just for fun.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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