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Dec 12, 2011

No Place But Texas...Big Sparkle, Big Furs, Big Bling!

I really just wore this coat for the fun of it! This is my mother’s coat and it is well over thirty years old. I would not wear it in public, unless, of course, I was contracted as a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys! But, it helps me illustrate the point women in Texas are known for being over the top.  When Everybody, Everywear announced a sparkle event, I knew I had to discuss Texas women and their sparkles!!

Vintage Clutch was my mother-in-law's
Bracelet: Kohls

For years, I had the big Texas hair…long, thick, blonde puffy hair. Yes, you read it right…I was a typical Texas blonde. I also was “out there” with bling and colors and everything that sparkles. My walk through fashion over 50 has been one all about toning things down…which I have discovered is more me anyway. I bleached and tanned for years, but this current hair style is really who I am…it fits me and I am not attempting to be someone else. Unfortunately, I hold my breath with every mole that appears that it is not skin cancer…the price I pay once again for trying to be someone else.

Calvin Klein Sequined Tank: Marshalls
Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant
Brown tights: Lane Bryant
Leopard Flats:  Goodwill, $2

I would probably throw a brown, tailored jacket over this sequined Calvin Klein tank and go out for a fun evening. That would be me! Sadly, it is more middle aged women in Texas who go for BIG everything. The younger ones seem to be getting away from the look more and more. Sequins and Sparkles are fabulous for our age, but for me, I need to tone it down and use them discreetly.

 But, what am I going to do with this coat??




Yesterday, I introduced you to www.eshakti.com with a special offer for my readers…..The offer is here: http://over50feeling40.blogspot.com/2011/12/visible-monday-if-shirt-fits.html


I love fellow Texan Marie Bruns jewelry! She is one of those women who do everything…she works for a major corporation, designs and runs a jewelry line on the side, and is a mom! I am not sure when she sleeps! Marie has been designing jewelry most of her life and previously sold to large retailers. Now, her success is with a website directed straight to the customer. She has some fabulous pieces and I love how she offers several different price points on her website. If you order anything from her, as a reader of this blog, you can receive a 20% discount until January 13. Just enter this code at checkout: x-mas2011.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her site...both of these are under $50!

Leather Pearl Lariat

Simple Torquoise Pendant

Look at the amazing cuff bracelet in the sidebar to the right!


I usually agree that women of a certain age should be careful about following trends specifically meant for younger girls, but I had to try this one….feathers in my hair!! I think the only time I would do this is for a fun, casual outing. They matched my coat so beautifully that I just could not resist. But, if not for you…this is a great gift for many of the younger fashionistas on your list. So, check out Feather Fashion Clips. These are some of the prettiest feathers I have seen so far (and teaching high school, I have seen a lot) and the clips make it very easy to keep them in.

The feathers really have the same touch that a simple headband does.  I like them!

They are a small company located in Northern Utah where they manufacture and market hair care products such as brushes, flat and curling irons and hair dryers, and are just now getting into the fashion accessory market with feathers. This is a fun stocking stuffer and at the moment if you buy three, you get one free on the website.

Can you believe it …. In one post I went from the BIG TEXAS LOOK to POCOHONTAS!!


Now just head over to Everybody, Everywear and see how all the sparkly holiday bloggers!

Sequins + Sparkles </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywhere


  1. OH, I would fit in in Texas just fine! Love this post. Love the fur... you look gorgeous! xo

  2. Keep the coat Pam! i like it! those pics of you and i am saying it again, are wonderful you are gorgeous- I can not imagine you with puffy blond hair, just can't -


  3. I remember when I was in high school, a friend of my mother's moved from California to Texas for a few months for her job, and used to regale us with stories of the big hair, big bling, and lots of makeup. If you really love the fur jacket, what about wearing with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual, toned-down look?

  4. And you look cute in the feathers!

  5. You do look so cute with the feathers! Your Mom's coat is gorgeous, but I agree, it is not the "you" I've become accustomed to seeing (not that you can't change your "you" whenever you feel like it : >) Your hair is so great now, and I can't picture it "big and blonde". You're always Pam though, a beautiful woman inside and out.

  6. Pam! I had no idea you ever had big Texas hair! LOL I like the look you have now....it suits you and is very elegant! I first saw the feathers in Second Skin Style, Christina's blog. This was last year sometime and I LOVED them and thought I wanted them. But when it became accessible to me, I balked! Kind of like a tattoo, I like the IDEA, but it just doesn't feel like me. Your's looks so cute in your hair! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  7. I'm glad you stopped trying to be trendy and over the top and decided to be true to yourself - and I do love your sparkly top!
    As for the coat... I don't know what you are going to do with it!

  8. Fab coat! Isn't it a bit warm for TX?

  9. Oh I love a bit of sparkle! But I usually tone it down by wearing with jeans or a t-shirt. My those shoulder pad are big - but the feathers look cute.

  10. You should wear that gorgeous coat whenever you get a chance. Forget trying to tone it down:)

  11. I think you can get away with a bit of sparkle! And you actually wear the coat very well. I love the big cushy poofy faux furs that are so trendy right now, but I simply cannot wear them. I must've tried on dozens, and I look like a fur blob in all of them.

  12. shoot! Saw your post and realized I missed the sparkle challenge! Ah well, I'm just trying to keep my head above water over here before the holiday chaos gets even crazier! I love the sparkle, the Texas fashion history lesson and your animal print shoes.

  13. first i cannot even imagine you as a blond! We need some pictures.
    lol @ the line backer line referencing the coat. You should have a vest made out of it.
    love that you tried the feathers, i have been toying with the sparkle threads ala Adrienne Maloof

  14. You just described all the women in my Texas family. I think my sister and I are the only ones that escaped the big Texas sparkle and hair.

    You look elegant, my dear.


  15. Gorgeous fur! It's never that cold enough in SoCal but I always shop for vintage pieces like this...a collector's item for sure!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


    p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

  16. I'd hang onto that gorgeous fur--maybe it'll get colder in Tx? LOL You look sparkly yourself, GF!

  17. You look stunning! I love all the fur and bling.
    I've always thought I'd do well in Texas since I grew up in flashy Las Vegas...you can take the girl out of Vegas, but you can't take the Vegas out of the girl.

    Your feathers are so cute on you....love it!

  18. Pam, I think you did a fantastic job with the challenge. Have you considered restyling Mom's fur jacket and turning it into a vest? I don't know how you'd feel about eliminating the sleeves but the structure of the jacket is sound and with such defined shoulders, it'd make a beautiful vest.

  19. I really like your outfit today. The coat is lovely. Fur is really warm on very cold days. I am not sure if you get those in TX, but we sure do here in KS.
    FYI, having coats restyled is more expensive than I expected. I checked on it this fall and it was several hundred dollars to have one made into a vest. I would say, just keep it and wear it when the occasion arises.
    I did the hair feather trend back in the summer. It was fun, mine weren't easily removed. I wish I had gotten one that was.

  20. Pam!! love the shoes!! GiGi

  21. In my book there is no age for anything. Who can write the rules but yourself. You absolutely rock in everything you wear, dear Pam.

  22. I love the sparkle and fur, and you're rockin' that feather! I'd love to see a photo of you as a blond!

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  24. that coat is pretty fabulous, actually! my good friend moved to texas last year...she used to drive a little mercedes, but got a ford expedition up there. i teased her by saying they really do go BIGGER in texas, lol!


  25. That feather trend is catchy! You look great. I love you in your mama's fur coat- nothing matches vintage that is home grown. Happy Holidays, dear Pam!

  26. I think your blog is cute and your definitely not to old to wear feathers, they look good :)

  27. love it when you wear tights babe xxxxxxx

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