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Dec 26, 2011

Mighty Monday My Way!

Angelita's Boutique at La Villita
Yes, believe it or not, the retailers have another name for holiday sales…Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, and now…drum roll, please…today is Mighty Monday….it comes complete with 5AM Store openings, return-the-merchandise-chaos, huge discount prices, and all the crowds and personal bonding you could ever desire.

I was blessed to receive a little cash to spend after Christmas, so I have decided to set goals for that cash, instead of just reacting to great prices at the malls.

1. I recently discovered a Goodwill location that I was not aware existed and I plan to hit it later in the week. Of course, I will report back. So, goal number one is to see what I can do in the way of “thrift shopping.”

2. Skirts and dresses are at the top of the list….thanks for all the encouragement Paula and Sacramento!!

3. Maybe, see if I can find one or two statement pieces…unique and fun!

4. If I do shop stores, I will probably stop by Marshalls, Kohls, Macys, and Ross.  I plan to explain later why I put Macys on the list!

There is not a lot of money, so I really want to see how far I can go with it!! Now, for those of you in San Antonio, looking for a way to avoid mall crowds and find beautiful items not found in other places, you just might want to check out Angelita’s Boutique at La Villita. Gorgeous fabrics and fabulous jewelry…some very classy ways to say Texas! (all of the pictures from
the post were taken by me in her boutique.)

Does anyone else have goals for after Christmas shopping??


  1. In case you didn't know -- your photojournalist skills are superb! : > You always make me want to visit the shop you've featured, and Angelita's looks fabulous. Have fun with your shopping and please report back on the outcomes. xoxoxoxo -Patti

  2. She really has some beautiful pieces. Right now I feel more like shedding than acquiring, and am planning to do more clearing out and donating.

  3. Whoo, that looks like my kind of shop. Ornate, embellished, ethnic - all my favorite things!
    I did receive a bit of cash this holiday, but I'm afraid I need to allocate it to paying down some balances. All those splurges from the past year really added up. However, I still can't pass up a Goodwill store!

  4. Is that a necklace in the second picture? I LOVE THAT! Hugs! ~Serene

  5. My goal was to start early avoid lines and only get things on my list
    Mission accomplished

  6. Pam, I know why I would have put Macy's on that list. I can buy things on clearance at Macy's for cheaper than I can buy some things at Target and Wal-Mart! I've scored really cute tops and even dresses there for less than 10 bucks, sometimes even less than 5!

    Speaking of Macy's...my son gave me a 100 dollar gift card to Macy's. I would really like to find a terrific black blazer and/or a black pencil skirt. If I can't find what I want there, I'll just hit the clearance racks and shore up areas of my wardrobe that are lacking.

    Thanks for commenting often on my blog...comments are such an encouragement!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  7. I am in love with that red and white vest with the fur trim? So gorgeous!

  8. I'm still in the eating phase of the holiday. By next weekend I'll have the gift wrap picked up and the guests gone home. Maybe the Christmas returns will all be re-stocked for my post-Christmas shopping.

  9. What a pretty blue dress! It looks like it's comfortable, and formal enough at the same time. Lovely! (and happy shopping!)


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