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Dec 20, 2011

King William: The Dollhouse District

The happiest time around our house, growing up, was Christmas. My parents would set aside the boxing gloves and agree to make this time special. Santa was always generous. Yet, I never received the one thing many little girls longed for…a beautiful, two story Victorian doll house. I can remember decorating it in my mind…dreaming of the doll family who would live there....Antique furniture and tiny Christmas trees with sugarplums.

Last Saturday, I discovered the next best thing…a neighborhood overflowing with real life doll houses. We arose in our vintage hotel room, The Fairmount, and set out on a walk down through the beautiful King William district of San Antonio. Our destination was The Guenther House, for if you come to our city, you must have at least one meal at The Guenther House, owned by the family of Pioneer Flour Mills. It is true that a breakfast starring hand made biscuits or pancakes made from fresh milled flour tastes so much better than anything at your local grocery.

 We headed there along the Riverwalk joining the early risers walking their dogs and the joggers beginning their day right. Once at the restaurant, we learned there was an hour wait; yet, it came with beautiful grounds to walk and complimentary coffee and hot chocolate outside. They also have a wonderful gift shop to peruse and historic sites within the house. The meal did not disappoint and one thing I loved about the outside eating area were the beautiful blankets on the backs of each chair for keeping diners warm and toasty. The house coffee is seasoned with a hint of cinnamon, the mile-high biscuits with homemade preserves, and the pancakes drip with real maple syrup. 

Then it was time to walk it off down through the world of doll houses....some with Southern charm and others with European flair. The majority of these homes are rennovated Texas Landmarks.  I will let you see just a taste of what I am talking about, but I did not share every picture…it would have gone on and on. I hope someday you can travel to our city and see them for yourself…fall and spring are the best times to enjoy.

Scarf: Marshalls
Cynthia Rowley Sweater Coat:  Marshalls
Gray Simply Vera T: Kohls
Lee Jeans:  Kohls

Sometimes, Christmas brings more than you ever dreamed possible...here's to a day full of doll houses!

(Tomorrow, we will visit La Villita and beyond!)


  1. Oh, how I love those old victorian homes! Wish I lived in one, don't you? Anyway, looks like you are having a great time! Merry Christmas!

  2. Pam, I had no idea there was such a quaint section of San Antonio! Those houses are beautiful! I also, just adore what you did with your scarf....beautiful fabric easily draped for such an elegant easy look! Happy Christmas! ~Serene

  3. Your scarf made your outfit perfect! Do tell though...how did you keep it on your shoulder like that? Did you pin it?

  4. I LOVED this post and all your beautiful photographs. The houses are gorgeous. I might add you look marvelous in purple. Your scarf is LOVELY.

  5. Okay. Yup. It's official. I have to visit this amazing city. That first photo, of you and that adorable, amazing, beautiful home, made me sigh and say 'oooh'!

  6. What a gorgeous city! I want to come for a visit.

    That first house is SO beautiful. I think the way they decorated is perfect.

    You are looking so vibrant in purple. What a terrific color on you.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of San Antonio with us.
    xoxo, Adrienne

  7. Those houses are stunning! I love the styles with the big, wide front porches. Your weekend sounds fantastic!

  8. Gorgeous photos, especially of you. Looks like you were surrounded by beauty every moment of the day!

  9. Be still my heart. I would travel to San Antonio for the biscuits and gravy! Loved all the pictures............

  10. okay i need to come to SA for Christmas, only ever been there in the summertime
    how fab is that scarf with the coat you are wearing!!!!

  11. Gorgeous architecture. A lot of those homes reminded me of Uptown New Orleans (where I used to live).

    I bought my nieces (my San Antonio nieces) a HUGE doll house for Christmas last year. They were over the moon. My mother inlaw just made them an oriental rug for the doll house. It's needle point. So cute.


  12. I LOVE all the home photos Pam!! What a great city indeed!

  13. What a beautiful city! How lovely the fall and Christmas brings all the yellow leaves!
    Enjoy your Trip
    Happy Christmas!



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