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Nov 21, 2011

Handbag Heaven


I’ve spent an evening salivating over a pair of boots I saw at the mall…or pouting over an outfit I could not walk away with…but never have I given a second thought to a purse. Until now. Last week I discovered a purse that I just cannot stop thinking about….in fact, the whole line I saw was breathtaking by designer Betty Audish.  She has been creating handbags for ten years from exquisite Spanish-textured leathers.

My favorite!

 Betty holds a fashion design degree from CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico and developed the leather handbag collection in honor of her mother, Ofelia. She says her mother was a timeless, classic lady who was a huge supporter of Betty’s career which actually began in 1988 with clothing design.

Betty's sister helps her dispaly these popular bow clutches.

She does have advice for women entrepreneurs:

1. Do What You Love

2. Make sure from day one you hire bookkeeping services

3. Hire a good service for website design. She likes www.photobiz.com

4. Start small and focus on doing one thing really well

Currently, her favorite design is a crocodile bag she calls “Dulce” inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In her upcoming spring collection, her favorite is a python bag of matte mint called “Gloria.” In San Antonio, her collections can be found at Julian Gold, 4109 McCullough Ave. 78212.

Betty's Favorites:

Judy - Python



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  1. Betty seems pretty fantastic Pam, as are her purses...the colors are sooo pretty!! Thanks for introducing us to her:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. What a creative and talented woman! I really love the Dulce style.

  3. Hi Pam, welcome to my world! I love handbags and think about them WAY too often. I really like this yellow bag you've shown here and I'm not usually a fan of yellow. But it's just gorgeous, I'm drooling! I started a new holiday job at Bloomingdale's and am so behind on everything but had to come say hello to you here. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! XO, Jill

  4. Please can I have them all???

  5. Pam, these are GORGEOUS! The southwestern vibe of them is wonderful! I'll have to check out her site! Did you walk away with one of these beauties? Hugs! ~Serene

  6. GORGEOUS bags! I am loving the last one in particular! Great business advice too. Hope your week is going well, Pam.

  7. I would have been drooling over the croco bag too.


  8. ooooh, I love that orange "Dulce." And the bags in the first two photos at the top of this post. And.... and..... and.... Oh no: it's contagious!

  9. Ah the Dulce for me too. These are all so beautiful and special, I can see why you fell in love.

  10. Hi Pam, spectacular bags i can see why you are drooling over them!

    Ariane xxxx

  11. One thing I would love to have is a croc or alligator bag. It is one of my dreams, but I will probably never have one. Betty's bags look gorgeous. I have alist of about 5 things that I would love to have if I ever win the lottery and the bag is on the list.

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH for featuring my blog on your sidebar Pam, how fitting that you chose a picture of my blue sparkly bag to feature! I'm a total bag nut and I love these that you've posted - especially the yellow one *sigh*

    Am finally following you now, you've posted some lovely comments on my blog :))) I've had a flush of new followers recently and have taken a while to return the favour and read their blogs back! I'll come back again soon, I love the whole Feeling 40 thing you have going on!

    Catherine x

  13. Oh, my gosh these bags are amazing, my husband will not be happy that I starred this post because that means I will be searching a way to purchase a bag, I am thinking Christmas is right around the corner!!!

  14. Great tips for your own biz..definatley #2 is key!
    Happy Thanksgiving Pam!

  15. I agree with you! Those purses are great! Love the colors!

  16. i am in love with that dolce handbag
    the shape,color and texture are fabulous

    elegantees giveaway

  17. I agree - handbag heaven! Beautiful pieces of art.

  18. I love my Betty Audish exotic bags, classic and timeless....and Betty is a class act too!

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  21. Fabulous bags...I love the 2nd bag too...my favourite!
    Thanks for popping by Pam, lovely to hear from you.
    Cashmere wishes,


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