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Nov 9, 2011

Goodwill Treasure Hunting!

Coldwater Creek Sweater Vest: Goodwill
Dana Buchman Top: Kohls
Brown Knit Pants: http://www.janakos.com/
Nine West Boots: Marshalls

Wouldn’t you know it! The minute I tell another blogger that I do not care for vests…I go out and purchase one!

I discovered this long, Coldwater Creek sweater vest at Goodwill last Saturday and immediately concocted this look in my mind! Normally, I am not really a vest person, but I could see how this would work together with the other pieces to actually elongate my body. This just might become one of my favorite looks! Maybe, I am a vest person, PAULA!

Necklace: Stein Mart

A friend recently told me that she never tries on the clothes at Goodwill, but I honestly do not think that is a good idea. I took so many clothes into the dressing room and only purchased two pieces. But, my friend would rather NOT try on the clothes…take them home…wash them…and if they do not work... donate them back to Goodwill. I just cannot afford to do that during this particular stage in my life, so I try them on.

Scarf: Chicos
Bracelet: Kohls

 Going to Goodwill is always a good time. I must have on comfortable shoes, patience, and a desire to treasure hunt. I must be focused, so no phone calls during the visit, please!! I approach these visits as if a golden egg has been hidden somewhere in the store and with determination I will find it. Of course, the golden egg might be a Diane Von Furstenberg dress or Chanel blouse or Michael Kors jacket!

Rack of brand new Southwestern Coats
at Goodwill! 

What has been your latest Golden Egg discovery from a thrift treasure hunt?

Yes, I try them on and leave much behind!!


I just have to add that if you
have a Jana Kos representative
in your area, it is worth it to
see and touch her clothing.
These pants are an incredible fit and I wish
you could just feel this knit...it is amazing!
I highly recommend them.


  1. I adore and WANT your necklace, ahhhhhhhhhh what a piece!!!
    No thrift shops in Spain, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Mil besos, dear friend.

  2. Oh my you look gorgeous! And speaking about treasure hunt I go to either GW or SA and I found pants, dresses, tops that if I go to the mall and buy those clothing I go broke, lol!! Just like you no phone calls, and I have to try it on before I buy it. Great find on that vest. Happy Wednesday!

  3. How cool..I love he vest...and wore one similar today over and black and gray striped long tee, you look great in yours....(and Im drooling over the necklace!!!)

    Enter my Icelandic Design Knit Hat Giveaway!!

  4. You look so great in this, Pam! Your students are so lucky to have such a cool teacher... they must love you! xo

  5. What a great find, Pam. You are an accomplished thrift shopper,and you've got your skills honed, I see! I also try on most things, and leave plenty behind.

  6. It's cute I like it! I used to have several . Hugs!

  7. Love the vest and the whole outfit. I will have a Goodwill story post later today. I love Goodwill. Their prices are so much more reasonable that the Salvation Army.

  8. The vest looks beautiful on you! Always fun to experiment. I love to treasure hunt too, and use the same strategies that you describe at estate sales. The hunt is as much fun as the outcome!

  9. Great vest. I try on tons of things and leave most behind too. It's the only way to find that one special piece.


  10. I have always wanted to browse goodwill, but I have to have some time and no child in tow! You've inspired me, however!

  11. I love Goodwill but like you, I try on everything. I usually take a handfull to the dressing room but only purchase a few items! Your vest looks great- really flattering on you.

  12. Hi Pam! The vest is beautiful and I've never gone thrifting but consignment shopping yes! I did a post just last week I bought a current season, brand new with tags, silk cocktail dress from J.Crew for $87. The dress is currently $200 :)

  13. I've GOT to get me one of those southwestern coats! How fun!

    And that necklace is so great. What a wonderful find!

  14. I love thrifting. I found a Cole Haan leather purse for $4 (originally $325 when it first came out). Also found a Coldwater Creek top, current season, for $3. I could go on and on about some of the great finds, some still with tags on.


  15. I didn't like vest too, but after I bought the first one it was unstoppable...they're my favorite garment right now.

  16. You look so gorgeous in that necklace and bracelet.

  17. beautifull necklace! ;-)
    Nice blog!
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  18. That sweater vest is quite a find. It looks great on you!


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