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Aug 31, 2011

Life Is Short....Celebrate Each Minute and, Go Ahead, Wear Some Bling!!

Silk Jacket: Chico's
Calvin Klein Shirt with Bling: Marshall's
Capri Pants: Talbots
Steve Madden Purse: Marshall's
(Sorry about the capris AGAIN,
but Monday it was 110,
and yesterday 107)  I long to
wear my long pants comfortably!

Twice in the last two months, life has demanded my attention.  I already shared with you my allergic reaction which found me later that night in the emergency room with little ability to breathe.  But, then came this past Monday morning.  Every morning for me is clockwork….I rise at the same time…leave at the same time…turn contemporary Christian music on my radio…and begin to pray in between home and school.  I stop at the same lights…see the same runners…grimace at the same road construction…same old…same old.  Monday I was first at the light of an access road to one of our major freeways, praying and thinking of my freshman in college.  I really became involved in specific prayers for his first day…so much so that I hesitated when the light turned green and I did not go right away.  Just as I caught the green glow in my eye and moved my foot toward the accelerator, a speeding blur of a pickup truck appeared before me running the red light at a high rate.  If I had reacted and moved forward one second earlier, I would not be here to write this post.  It was chilling.
$4 Scarf at Walmart
Guess Flats with Bling: Marshall's
Ring & Earrings: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Garment Exchange

Both of these instances have reminded me that life is a gift each and every day.   A gift to be enjoyed…not wasted…used to its fullest…with no time for whining….no time for worrying…no time for putting off. 
Today is the day to
wear clothes that
make you

It’s a time to eat on the fine china….use the expensive perfume….carry the designer handbag…plant the flowers you have always wanted…pursue the dreams you have previously believed impossible…change the furniture in your house…paint the walls new colors…go on the trip you’ve been waiting for the right time to take…learn to experience massage…maybe even, dare I say it, get a small tattoo in a place only you and your significant other knows of….and, yes, as I have done today, have the courage to wear some BLING!!   Because, each day is a gift….we choose to keep it wrapped on a shelf or we choose to open it and ENJOY!

Do you have a bucket list you would care to share with the rest of us??

Aug 30, 2011

Tweet This: Baby Boomers Not Afraid of Life Online

Same skirt, different top!  I wore
this skirt last week and am still
picking skirts to stay cool!
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Cardigan: Kohl's (3 yrs. ago)
Headband: Simply Vera @ Kohl's

Something that is so great about my generation is that we are really not afraid to do anything.  Baby Boomers are out in the world doing so much…just look at the rock bands which are still on tour to this day!!  (I smile every time Gene Simmons takes the stage!)
Over the weekend, the Pew Internet & American Life Research Project reported American adults, 50 – 64, are online…really online!!  In this study, thirty two percent said they use social networking on a typical day.  The Associated Press reports that figure is up from 20 percent just one year ago.

Shoes: Antonio Melani from Dillard's

To take it one step further, other than young adults, the most popular social networking is done by women….we are the power users of the Web.  “The report found no significant differences in use of social networks based on race, ethnicity, household income, education level, or whether people live in an urban, rural, or suburban area.”  The majority of participants also said that their experiences with social networking are good.  I know for me, it has been good, but taken time to learn it all...and I am no where close to learning it ALL!  I participate every day....but it has been time consuming to venture too far into new territory...so I applaud those who do it ALL and hope there is an easier way out there in cyberspace to figure out the best paths to take.  For now, it has been fun!

Bracelets...a combo mix from more
than one store

So, how many of you go beyond blogging and either Twitter, Face Book, Tumblr, Linkedin, or all???

Yes...over 50...after a long work week...in 105 degree heat...with
no child of my own on the field...I went to a football game on
Friday night! 

Aug 29, 2011

My Very Visible Team!

Ralph Lauren Jacket: Macy's
Gaby T Eden Blouse: Stein Mart

I wanted to lead off today paying tribute to the inventor of air conditioning!   In my town on Saturday, we broke a record with 106….on Sunday with 113…and Monday is predicted to be pretty much the same.  To say I am tired of this is a big understatement….I have never been so ready for a change of seasons.   But, I discovered that there was a team of individuals from ancient Romans to Benjamin Franklin to Stuart W. Cramer who made significant discoveries which eventually resulted in the wonderful air conditioning that Texans rely on the majority of the days of our lives.

Just like it took a team for cooling success, it takes a team to bring ideas to this blog that women of a certain age can enjoy.  So, today, I am once again featuring the looks of Gigi and Mrs. Joy who also believe as I believe….you feel more joyful and hopeful if you look your best every day!!  Both of these beautiful ladies are empty nesters like myself and wear beautiful smiles as their best accessory!!   Fashion is teamwork every day….it takes a team of designers, retailers, marketers, communicators, photographers, and stylists….to help all of us be our VISIBLE best.
Mrs. Joy in Dress Barn.
I heard so many compliments to her
last week on this outfit!

I so hope all of you who had a difficult weekend with the hurricane are safe with little property damage.   There are crazy weather extremes happening everywhere and it takes a team for all of us to offer support to one another!  Here’s to teamwork!!

Teamwork: simply stated, it is less me and more we. – Unknown

Cigarette Pant: Stein Mart

Bracelets:  Kohl's
Ring:  Stein Mart
Hoop Earrings:  Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes:  Target (about three years ago)

Now, please go over to Patti’s site and enjoy the team of bloggers who bring you Visible Monday!

Aug 26, 2011

Watch Me On TV!!!

Just click on the link above and watch the interview from this morning's appearance on Great Day SA on KENS 5 in San Antonio!!  It was so much fun...anytime a teacher gets out during the day, it's fun!!
I want to thank everyone at KENS and Mission Park Funeral Home for the recognition of being 50 and Fascinating and for the free weekend at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel for my husband and me.  We can't wait to take advantage of this!  My name will also be put in a pot with other weekly winners and one person will win a trip to either Beverly Hills or Las Vegas.  For those who do not know what I am wearing, it is a suit by New York designer, Jana Kos that I purchased to wear at my daughter's wedding this past July!

Another guest was Cathy Kaye of Morris Kaye & Sons Furrier of San Antonio & Dallas, who
will host an annual  CURE FUR CANCER fashion show on September 17.  Last year they raised over
$100,000 for cancer research at MD Anderson Hospital.  Her models are all cancer patients.
She is a sweetheart and has a mother with cancer.  I will post more specifics for those in
town on my Express News site this weekend!!

Here I am with show host, Bridget Smith!  She does a
fabulous job...and loves the bling...like me!!  The other
show host is Eileen Teves, not pictured.

Aug 25, 2011

Skinny Jeans A Con? More Skirts & Contest Winner!! Yes, It Relates!

Andrea Woroch is a consumer savings expert…in fact her website claims this motto, “Helping Shoppers Break Bad Habits One Purchase at a Time."  I have seen her speak on several subjects and often have some very helpful advice.  But for the television interview I saw with her today, the jury is still out. 
She said that many of the pieces in fashion that we call trends are really cons!  She claims skinny jeans to be a complete con…sold to us by a greedy industry that wants to make more money using less fabric.  Other cons she named were:
1.       Ruching
2.       Garments with more zippers
3.       Thinner materials…such as the selection of rayon over cotton.
I honestly to do not whether the intention of designers is to con us into spending more for less or if these are just truly great decisions.  But what I do know is that some women look fabulous in skinny jeans; ruched blouses and dresses; and even rayon. 
So, I guess if the TREND helps the economy then that is a win/win situation. I just have trouble looking at skinny jeans as a con!!  What do you think??

Well, I do not know if I it was a con…but I willingly bought the skirt below from Lane Bryant and I love it!  It worked great to keep me cool yesterday…the heat topped off at 101!!
Cardigan: Chico's
Blouse: Marshall's
Skirt and Necklace: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Chico's
On Old Navy shelves now for $15
These slightly pointed toe, soft, comfortable flats!!
They had many colors...I needed brown!

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from our local CBS affiliate, KENS 5, and they have selected me to be their weekly award winner for a contest called 50 and Fascinating!!!  The producer said that they love the blog, and I am going to be the guest on their morning talk show tomorrow!  The show is called GREAT DAY SA!  I have my classroom substitute and the outfit picked out I will wear…so I am ready…I will bring to you a full report!!


Aug 24, 2011

Give Me A Coupon and a Summer Sale and I will GIVE YOU FUN!

Jacket: Stein Mart
Ann Klien Blouse: Stein Mart
Blue Pants: Coldwater Creek

I really love the summer sales more than any other time of year…because I not only find great prices on summer clothes, but often find little treasures of fall/winter left over from the previous year.  Also, since my birthday is in the summer, I can go shopping armed with the birthday coupons from various retailers.
In July, I took my birthday coupon to Coldwater Creek in need of pants.  They had advertised LOWEST PRICES OF THE SEASON…which, honestly, I do not trust any longer…because so many retailers advertise lowest prices of the season every other week.   But, Coldwater Creek was true to their words.  I did not have a pair of navy pants and really wanted one, so I bought the one pictured here.  With my coupon, I purchased a dress pant, a pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of heavier leggings for $60.  I was very happy with these purchases…though many of the experts are telling women over 50 to avoid leggings!!
The bracelet is from Avon, two years ago!

This colorful blouse is Ann Klein and with a coupon I purchased it at Stein Mart for $12!!  It’s a beautiful print of tan, red, pink, purple, navy and black!  I picked up the artsy blue earrings from my favorite re-sale shop, Garment Exchange for $3 a couple of months back.

I Love These!!!

For my favorite retailers, I have signed up for emails and make sure I get their coupons…I rarely shop without them.

By the way, Coldwater Creek presently have 80% off in their outlet, http://www.coldwatercreek.com/emails/emails.aspx?EmailZone=110824_2011OT090&offercode=WZH9209&fj=true&email=over50feeling40@gmail.com&oc=WZH9209&flood=&bar=&cm_mmc=outlet%20email-_-08-24-11%20summer%20clearance-_-all-_-message-%20site%20based
Does anyone else use coupons for clothes shopping?  Who are your favorite retailers to offer these?

These Seychelles shoes I found at Marshall's (also two years ago)
are comfortable and I really love them!!

Aug 23, 2011

From Dressing Room to The Closet: Still Using the Foundational Five

Jacket: Dress Barn
Tribal Cami: Chico's
Denim Skirt: Lane Bryant

When I shared my new shopping system with you in July,The Over50Feeling40 Foundational Five
 , it was received so well across the blogosphere.  Many bloggers mentioned the system and our local newspaper even surprised me by running the original post in the print edition of the paper!!
Purchased this bracelet last fall during San Antonio Fashion Week!

The intention is to help me create my own personal style and to help me make fewer mistakes on the purchasing end, and it appears to have helped others as well.  So, I wanted to let you know that I also ask myself the same questions when styling a look for work.  Please remember, each individual determines their personal, foundational five…some bloggers even came up with seven or a different system all together.  Mine just happen to be:
1.       Do I feel strong, empowered in the total look?
2.       Do I feel classic, sophisticated in the total look?
3.       Do I feel like it flatters my body and fits appropriately?
4.       Do I feel appropriately youthful in the look?
5.       Does the total look feature my creativity?

Headband: Simply Vera at Kohl's
Watch: Target
Turquoise Hoops: Lane Bryant
Vintage Shoes: Garment Exchange ($3!)
and a touch of creativity!!

If I can answer a resounding YES to all of these questions….then it is a keeper for me.   Right before I settled on this outfit….I put together three other styles, and they all three flunked the test.  This one was a keeper!!  My intention is to enjoy my days wearing styles I feel comfortable and confident in…so much better than regrets!!
Does anyone have personal guidelines for their work wear they would like to share????
YES!!! to all FIVE!!

Aug 22, 2011

Visibility Monday: To Show Leg or Not to Show Leg...That Is the Question??

Shirt Jacket: Chico's
Black Traveler's Cami: Chico's
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: My daughters!

Teachers love to pull out a new look on the first day of school…after all; it is not just the students who want to make a good impression.   Gigi has just returned from shopping in Florida where she found the cool maxi skirt pictured below.  Yes, it is linen…but I have to say it looked really good at the end of the day…not as wrinkled as linen pants would. 

Gigi's Florida-Style

I, on the other hand chose to show more leg just because of the heat….not because I think my legs are that great.  We have gone over 43 straight days of 0ver 100 degree heat and longer without rain.  Excessive heat zaps energy…creativity…and, yes, sometimes even joy.  I have decided that no matter what the temperature is on September 1, I am going to pull out the fall decorations for my house.  I usually wait until closer to October, but I need some hope…something else to concentrate on.
I love this skirt...it is so fun!

Not long ago, I bid A FOND FAREWELL TO LANE BRYANT , because after my diet, their clothes were a little loose on my body. I shopped most of the summer for skirts and had a really difficult time finding ones that I liked and that fit the body I have now.  Then I remembered What Not To Wear.  Stacy and Clinton are famous for saying, “You take control of your clothes; don’t allow the clothes to control you.”  So, back to Lane Bryant I went.   I found four skirts which could easily be tailored to fit….now I agree with S & C that a good tailor can serve you well. 
So, until we have some type of cool down….at least to the low 90s….I may be showing a little leg often!

Headband: Target
Earrings: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Kohls

Now, check out the other bloggers on Patti's Visibility Monday page!!!


Aug 19, 2011

FBFF: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

My high school newsroom is my home away from home!

This week’s FBFF questions intrigued me, so I decided to join in!!   The idea of WHAT’S YOUR DREAM JOB?could bring some interesting responses when answered by different age groups.   I often ask my high school students to answer the question IF YOU COULD DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I think it is very important to ponder that exact question when you are young and consider how early decisions will set you on a path to achieving your dreams. I decided in 8th grade (formerly called Junior High) that I would major in journalism and I NEVER changed or questioned that decision once.  I began writing on my own time in 5th grade really to escape a volatile household! After college, I worked in various communications fields…traveled constantly…and enjoyed every moment.  Because I was career focused, I married late at age 31, and I turned down some big opportunities in New York and Washington, D.C. to be a stay-at-home mom when my kids were younger…. and I do not have one moment of regret.   In order to provide private education for my kids, I became a teacher at their school.  This is actually my very first year to teach without one of my own kids in the building….and for the past 11 years, teaching has been exhilarating!  So, as I discuss a dream job…let me be clear that my current role as a teacher, wife, and mom are all jobs I cherish!
New paint job...no more pastel blue walls!!

Now, to Katy’s questions:
  1.       Fess up – if you could do anything professionally, what would it be?  At the ripe old age of 58, I really gave this some deep thought before I answered.  I have considered attempting the professional blogger route, but, really, would that be the DREAM JOB?  If I could do anything, I would be sitting as Editor-In-Chief of a small town daily newspaper…of course, with a style section.  I would be behind a fabulous, antique desk working at a window which looked over a charming town square.  I believe I offer the ability to train reporters and cover news with unique angles which would keep the local newspaper thriving and profitable.
2.       What draws you to this?  Where I am in my life… my love for newspapers; my love for keeping people informed; my love of the charm of small towns; my understanding of the news and marketing sides of the business; my love for developing a community and my love for true, hard-nosed diligent news reporting.  Actually, in a way, the Editor-In-Chief is still a teaching position.
Maybe New Braunfels...a charming
German community!!

3.       When did you first start dreaming of this idea?  As I said, I have dreamed since I was in middle school of working as an editor for a newspaper.   The opportunity came when I was not ready to leave my children.  So, as a new empty nester….I NOW HAVE THE TIME!!

Or Johnson City...just up the freeway a bit!
This is the childhood home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson

 4.       What’s holding you back from going all in?  I do love my current job and feel very attached to our school…it is like one big family or small town.  I also do not know anyone who would be open to hiring someone with a resume like mine....with that bigggg mommy gap in it!!  It would take a unique publisher with some courage and vision
5.       Sometimes the first step is the hardest, what is one step you could take right now on the way to realizing your dreams?  I think blogging is an important step just to keep me before the public and begin to build my life as a professional once again.  Maybe, I will check around the current situation at some of the small newspapers around San Antonio.  I will keep you up to date on the progress!!  I just do not sense that I desire to leave teaching at this time.  I love living vicariously through my students.  One of them is currently in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill interning for the Gannett Newspaper Group which includes USA TODAY!!  I so enjoy keeping up with all they are doing.  But who knows what tomorrow may bring!
Now, head on over to MODLY CHIC and check out other blogger's answers...it should be fun!!


Aug 17, 2011


Lee Jeans @ Kohls
V Neck T @ Lane Bryant
Infinity Scarf@ Old Navy

From products that firm my skin to a product which promises to slim!!  I have spent the last 10 years forced to shop in the full figured women’s clothing, so you might be able to imagine my excitement when I finally could once again shop in the Misses department.  I found these Lee Bootcut Slimming Jeans at Kohls a few weeks ago on sale…and I was so excited  they fit!
I do not know how slimming they actually are on me…or if there is a dramatic change like their tag suggests…but I do know they feel good and I feel good in them.

We are able to wear the Casual Friday-look until we get our students in the classroom on Friday.  This is also a look I might wear to run errands…catch dinner with Mr. B….or go shopping with Gigi!!

Ballet Flats I recently found at Garment Exchange Resale in town

Has anyone else tried one of the slimming jean or slimming pants products that they believe make a big difference?? 

Now, I need your help...please.  I am so sad that one reader wrote yesterday that she would never read my blog again, because I was boldfacing the font.  She said it was too difficult to read.  So, please tell me....do you like it boldface or just left alone.  I would like to do whatever the majority of those who comment prefer.  I was of the opinion that the BF helped it to stand out and actually be more readable.  Please help me make this decision with your comments!!  Of course, readability is important and I do not want anyone to leave because they cannot read it...but I need to know which is better.  THANKS SO MUCH!!

I love you all!!

My headband is from Target
The earrings were from Amazing Serene
during the accessory swap!!

Aug 16, 2011

Hide All Young Children....

There’s nothing more frightening than an old woman trying to save face!!  Literally!!  
I like to do a little extra pampering before school officially begins…..this might be a pedicure, a new haircut, a massage, or a facial.  This year I decided to test a new product Olay has on the market…because my sweaty, summer face was feeling a little saggy.  The OLAY Professional Firming Treatment includes five straight days of a 10 minute mask, and a bottle of skin tightening serum that you use under your daily moisturizer.  I purchased it at ULTA with a 20% off coupon.
Despite the fact that I terrorized my teenage son and he is now in counseling, I like the product.  It has tightened things up rather nicely.  I think my only criticism is that the mask section which fits under the chin and down on to the neck does not hold well on its own…I found myself holding it up most of the time. 

I recommend you give it a try (I will purchase it again) or... you could use it as a way to audition for the next horror movie on the horizon!

Does anyone else have a skin tightening secret??

When I recently posted my Kohls blouse from last year,
I thought, I NEED TO WEAR IT!  So, yesterday,
it was my casual in-service look for a day of
meetings.  My accessory? ONE TIGHT FACE!

Aug 15, 2011

Visibility Returns to the Hallways

Visible Monday is a great time to celebrate the real visible setting for my blog….my life as a school teacher.  The majority of the posts for over50feeling40 have been around photographs taken at school by the infamous Mrs. Joy and, of course, included the fashionable looks of my fabulous over 50 BFF, GIGI.   I’ll be honest….summer really stretched my creativity.  The heat…the lack of need to dress for work…and my missing girlfriends….Just took away a lot of the fun.

But, weeeeee’re back!!!  Some of you may notice next week that the color of my high school newsroom has changed.  After eleven years in the same space, we have a new, much more professional look….pre-school blue is out…slate grey is in!!  While many schools around the country are closing their journalism departments and taking the high school newspaper online, our school is dedicated to the training of a new generation of communicators and all that goes with it.

For those of you who are new readers, I have posted today some of my more VISIBLE moments from last school year and Gigi’s first look for Fall 2011.  One week from today…we will start it all again!  Now, make sure you visit Patti and the other ladies for some more Visible Statements!


Mrs. Joy returns for
photography and her
own great styling!!