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Jun 4, 2011

Smiling or Settling?

Jacket: Old Navy
Top: Stein Mart
Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Chico's
Bracelets: Various
Purse: Marshall's

I smiled. That’s what I did when I looked at this outfit in the mirror…smiled. It’s my goal with every outfit. To smile. To feel good in what I am wearing whether it is for work, church, an occasion, or just errands. I confess there are far too many days that I just shake my head and go, and I have a personal goal to stop.  More smiling…less settling.

There are many things which make me smile. Of course, my family and faith would be at the top of such a list, but the list would also include:

Early Beatles music

Dialogue from all Gilmore Girls episodes

Meeting a deadline

Book stores and coffee shops

Holding a newspaper in my hands

Phantom of the Opera (really any Broadway musical)

Being Texan

Visiting New York

When one of my students, “gets it”

Houses with lights inside at night


And outfits like this one!! Are you willing to share? What makes you smile?

Blog friends also make me smile!!

Italian leather handbag


  1. I really love that top. I love the vibrant colors. I'm smiling.

  2. You look fabulous :)

    swirly skirts, bright colors, finding the bargain, and roller derby all make me smile!

  3. Love your outfit! Things that make me smile include: reading my favorite blogs, in bed, on my iPad, while in New York City (like right now)! isn't life grand?

    I agree with lots on your list, too!

  4. You look beautiful in that outfit and it makes ME smile.

    I love your commitment to not just settling. I am attempting that exact same thing. You are truly inspiring.

    What makes me smile? Children giggling, serving a good meal, flowers, dancing, painting, telephoning my mother, meeting someone for the first time.

  5. i'd certainly be smiling, too! you look very nice! i love the top...from what i can tell it's kind of tribal, which i'm loving right now!

    the things my kids say makes me smile, my dogs, a great cup of coffee!


  6. It's a fabulous outfit, yes, but it's your fabulous smile that truly dazzles!

  7. The outfit is great...love the purse! I rarely smile when I look in the mirror since I gained weight. So, what makes me smile? My husband and son, my friends, a warm sunny day!

  8. I love the shirt, blazer, denim, great necklace- the whole outfit! And I love the part about not settling, but truly loving something. Markdowns make me smile!

  9. wow! You look stunning at your age!
    Thanks for visiting and following me:) I'm returning the love here! Have a great day!

    Mimi @ DeyiMizu Beauty Blog

  10. I love how you conceptualize this. I think I am settling far too often, so I'm going to ask myself this question when I get dressed! Often, a fun, funky accessory is all it would take to tip things over into the "smile" category.

    To answer the other question: fabulous women over 45 make me smile! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I am your newest follower. Great outfits make me smile, too. :) (you look great, by the way!)

  12. Book stores are AWESOME!!! Except I usually spend way too much money, because I find all sorts of books that I want!

  13. I love anything with turquiose and your bag, very pretty. Thanks for the post on my blog. I am now thinking about the things that make me smile so far I have my faith, my kids, my chihuahuas, Barnes and Noble, Christmas Eve...I'm going to think of more, what a nice thing to get people to think of!

  14. Thank you for joining in the Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop! I'm a loyal follower of yours!

    Your posts make me smile!

  15. Those colors on you make me smile and YOUR smile makes me smile! Love, Paula

  16. Having a student "get it" makes me smile as well. Bright colors always help and the great bag is something to smile about as well.

  17. Pam, that's a great outfit! Hi, I'm Barb, and I'm not over 50 yet (just turned 49 last month)! I've stopped by via the Sunday Stalker Hop, from Kortney's Krazy Life. New rss feed and GFC follower!
    Looking forward to reading more!!


  18. You look lovely, Pam...smile and the world smiles with you...have a great week...keep happy and smiling...

  19. Great outfit - like the patterend top with the blazer and jeans. Visting coffee shops, New York (my brother lives there) and reading the newspaper are all things that make me smile too (actually I don't always smile when I'm reading the paper, it depends on the news!) Plus, riding my bike, going to the cinema or visiting a gallery/museum

  20. How fun - the outfit and the post. It just so happens that I made a list yesterday of what make me sing inside. Summer strawberries, cotton floating through the air, sprinklers with kids.... and I won't bore you with more - but smiling - the inner and outer smile makes everything lovelier.

  21. gilmore girls make me do more than smile!!
    i wish i could come up with witty banter like that on my own.
    other things that make me smile:
    son1 talking about his summer job
    husband trying to find the remote after i hid it AGAIN
    today being the last day of school for son2

  22. Love this outfit, Pam. You look great in bright colors.
    My kids make me smile, my family, my friends...


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