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Jun 10, 2011

FBFF: Summer Trends

Flowers everywhere is a summer trend!

Katy, at Modly Chic, has returned from her travels and selected SUMMER TRENDS for the Friday discussion.

This will be a review for over50feeling40 readers, because all of the summer trends I selected to participate in this year have already been discussed on the blog. I would also like to refer you to Sal at Already Pretty. She wrote an excellent post this week about following trends. I personally like to participate in a trend because it keeps my wardrobe fresh, fun and creative, but I have to weigh each trend very carefully. I do not want to look like someone who is trying too hard to be younger and hip…and I do not have the money to buy trends for trends sake. It must be something that I believe has longevity. With those thoughts in mind….drumroll, please….the summer trends I have chosen include:

Rather than white on white, I prefer
khaki on white

1. The Cigarette pant: This slimmer, shorter version of the pant reincarnated from old Hollywood is not a Capri, but stops at the ankle and I was surprised to find it very flattering.

2. White on White: Wearing solid white or white with a khaki accent. I chose the latter. When I wear white on white, I kind of feel like a giant marshmallow!!

3. Floral: I love floral fashion!! I have two floral dresses…. Floral blouses…floral rings…floral shoes…and floral scarves!! I wore floral before flowers were cool…..

 4. Pretty, pastel nail polish: I am in love with the new colors by Essie. I wear the green (vernia)!!

5. Lace: What girl doesn’t love lace? On Tuesday of the coming week, Every Body Every Wear will feature all participating bloggers in lace. Make sure you plan to check it out or even participate!

This lace cardigan from Stein Mart
is one of my favorite spring

Those are my five favorite trends!! Today, for me is FACIAL FRIDAY! I am scheduled to receive an Anti-Aging Facial for next week’s wedding…tomorrow, hair day!! I will let you know details of the facial. Posting next week may be sporadic…I will have to see how it goes…wedding week is scheduled to be a little insane!  Now head over to Modly Chic and check out more summer trends.....

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

Hats are back...but I do not
have one yet!!


  1. White is a trend I really want to get into this summer but it scares me to sit down anywhere when I dare to wear white!! Great post :)

  2. What a fabulous post!!! I agree with your comments and wisdom girl! And you (as always) are perfectly put together.


  3. Great outfits and I love your flower ring. I've been seeing those everywhere!! And they're not that expensive which is definitely an added plus. : ) Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

    ~ Wendy

  4. I love the clothes. I have visited your blog many times and I enjoy seeing the clothes. The pictures give me a lot of ideas. I have noticed beautiful day dresses are back. I'm visiting Follow Friday over Forty. Come join in the fun.

  5. I bear with you and the batterflies in your stomach hehehhe.
    Remember to enjoy every single thing about the wedding, and never worry (easier said than done).
    Besos always.

  6. Hi Pam, Great blog! Found you via 40 and over blog hop. I love the fashion attitude you portray.

  7. I like cigarette pants. They always look super stylish.

  8. I love lace and Essie too. "Mademoiselle" is one of my favorite Essie colors of all time. I like how you paired the khaki over the white, it looks so fresh and chic. I hope all the wedding events go wonderfully. Will you post about it? Or maybe it's too personal, which I totally understand. Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance.

  9. I probably won't be buying any hats(they all look horrible on me), but that's probably the perfect thing to wear for fashionable sun protection!

  10. Your safari jacket looks great with the white. Best wishes for what I know will be a very busy week.

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  12. Hiya gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by and following -- I am already following ya but really need to make a point to stop by and say *hello* more!


  13. Oh everything sounds absolutely wonderful! You are such a fashionista! Thank you so much for your bloggy friendship and for always finding time to leave kind comments on my blog. I appreciate you! Hugs ♥

  14. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear the white-on-white trend myself. I love the way it looks on some people that i really want to give it a go. And I have to say that I agree trends need to be weighed carefully and it is better to have a closet full of classic pieces and use accessories to bring in the trend of the moment. Things don't last long enough to be constantly updating with the newest trend in everything. - Katy


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