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Apr 28, 2011

What An Honor! I'm In Links a la mode!

I am so honored to be selected once again as one of the feature Links a la mode from the Independent Fashion Bloggers!!  The post was birthed from the connections we make online with other women and my broken heart over the loss of blogger Judith Boyd's husband, Nelson.  Their love story is one that will withstand time.  Here is the link to the post Pondering Much More Than OOTD and I would love to dedicate this honor to Judith Boyd, the amazing, fashionable Style Crone.

You really need to read the other selections in this weeks Links a la mode.  I had a little difficulty loading all of them here, but I have included the link so you can go right to IFB and check them out.  There are some amazing writers in the blogosphere.

IFB's selections begin with this paragraph:

"When you visit a fashion blog you often see a stylish blogger posing in a perfectly, put together outfit with gorgeous scenery. What you don’t see is the work that goes into curating and maintaining a fashion blog. This week the theme across IFB was outfit posts: what deems an outfit worthy, what goes into creating a stunning visual post and ultimately the comments (some not so nice) that we receive as style bloggers. Ultimately, blogging is a way to express our love for fashion and personal style but as this week’s links can attest to, there is much more to fashion blogging than meets the eye."


  1. Congratulations Pam!!! You absolutely deserve it! And it's so true....there's more than meets the eye to blogging. I'm so glad I've "met" you and my other blog friends. You guys mean alot to me! Love to you! ~Serene

  2. I agree with Serene! You absolutely deserve this! Yay

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I follow you back! Please come again!

  4. Stopping by from the FRIDAY hops to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  5. I am a new follower via GFC. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow back.

  6. Congratulations my dear pam. You deserve to be there everytime.
    Fantastic post.

  7. Congrats on making the roundup! Awesome!

  8. Congratulations on making the links again...you're making a regular habit of this. :)

  9. How wonderful! What a great way to kick off the weekend. xo

  10. Congratulations on your selection Pam! Way to go!

  11. Thanks for visiting our booth -Accessory Divas @ Fashion & Passion

  12. You really do deserve the honors Pam. So sorry to hear about Style Crones' loss. Very sad.



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