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Apr 19, 2011

My On Again Off Again Love Affair with Stripes

Jacket: Marshall's
Blouse, Pants, Shoes: Stein Mart
Earrings: Lane Bryant

Today, at Pretty Shiny Sparkly bloggers are bringing their bold stripes and color blocking looks.  I went for the bold stripes!!

Garments with Chevron Stripes are magic since they are made of one of those amazing prints which do something that blesses me no end…they are slimming!! The zig zag of the print just focuses the eye to the tiny points of a woman’s body, so typically the style will take pounds away.

However, horizontal stripes can be the opposite …if not worn carefully, they will put the pounds on! Since I am in weight-loss-mode, I am just now returning to some horizontal stripes….as long as the garment fits well and follows my curves…which I have many!!

Peck & Peck Collections: Kohls
Pants: Talbot's
Cole Hahn Flats: Marshalls

Stripes have always said one word to me: FUN!! I guess because I can remember back in the dark ages, when I was a child, wearing them while playing in the neighborhood….I know, I know that is before many of the girls reading this blog on  were born. But, we can always have fun, ladies, and stripes are one way to say IT!!

Now, here's some fun: Stripes, polka dots
and flowers...all on one cake!!

And for more fun with stripes and color blocking, just hop over to Pretty Shiny Sparkly - Bloggers Do It Better


  1. My dear pam, we are colour blocking togethe. I see we are both game for anything, hehehehheh.

  2. Love the first outfit and the colors. Very sharp. Hope your week is going well. co

  3. Wonderful! I really love the top photo. So many things mixed together but I really like the look! Also, so great to meet another fashion blogger over 45!

    Please visit me here and see how a 49 year old does Color Blocking! http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2011/04/color-blocking-two-ways-outfits-modeled-by-women-over-45/
    The Chief Blonde!

  4. Pam, FABULOUS!! I'm really not a stripe kind of girl; but I DO love seeing them on others. You look great in yours and I'm loving how you're incorporating so much color into your outfits. I don't even recognize the woman from the driver's license!!! Big hug! ~Serene

  5. I love a good Breton stripe
    Stripes on top aren't as tricky as stripes on the bottom though
    You look great in both looks
    The red really brightens your face

  6. Hello Pam, Looking good as always. Love your celebration of stripes. You do have a unique way of using fashion to lift the spirit.

    Thanks for coming over and commenting on ACWYS. It's always a nice surprise when I see that you have chimed in. Keep um coming, Keri

  7. I like chevron stripes too, and that cake is really fun.

  8. Love your blog. I just turned 40 and feel 27 :)

  9. i am really loving that cute striped sweater!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. I really like what you have done with the stripes. Especially like the first picture! The cake looks too good to eat! :)

  11. I love that black and white blouse!! but then again, I love black and white everything :)

    wish I could wear stripes..they just dont work on me.. tried it.. I look really wide in them.. oh well.. I will live vicariously through you for stripes!!

    have a super day!! xoxo J

  12. STRIPES!! My favorite. I love that sweater and the shirt is gorgeous.

    But can we please talk about this cake? Can I have some? It looks delicious.


  13. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  14. I love the stripes, especially the red sweater. You're looking good girl!

  15. Red looks so beautiful on you! I hope you have more red in the closet! ;-)

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

  16. Love the chevron stripe blouse! Very flattering. Cake looks so good...
    And I remember when you wore stripes out to play; I think that was the only pattern in Tee shirts back then!

  17. I love the bold stripes with the bright red! Such a great look, and that cake is too cute, was it as good as it looks?

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I could eat that entire cake right now!!!!
    Looks so sugary and yummy!
    Plus, you look great as well ;)

  19. That first look is marvelous and I too am in the weight-loss mode finally :) so am starting to once again wear some stripes...Thank you so much for your comment on my fashion blog, I also have a travel blog hope you could find time to visit! I am one of your newest followers via GFC also if I can find you in Twitter I will also follow @wegottogoback glad you found me and thanks again! I am Over 50 feeling 40 :)
    ♥ Noemi
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
    Travel: Across The Sea

  20. love your stripes and your color combo!! Great blog!

  21. I love that you combined stripes and bright colors! You look great! :)

    star-crossed smile

  22. Oh, I love the ruffles with the stripes. the diagonal stripe and the ruffles together are a beautiful combination.

  23. Synchronicity. I too am wearing stripes today. A short sleeved blue and White short sleeved tee. I find width of stripe important depending on figure type.

  24. Just found your site and being a lot older than 50, I too still feel young. Love that you are celebrating being a women over 50.

    That cake is incredible and one that I actually wouldn't eat as it is more delicious to look at.



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