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Apr 13, 2011

Extra, Extra Read All About It - Special Guests and Blogger Recognition!

Isabella DeMarco Jacket:
Stein Mart
Travelers Blouse & Necklace:
Jones of NY Trousers:
Leopard Flats: Goodwill!

Some may recall that there are days in my teaching job that I want to look a bit more professional than usual. They might include a meeting with parents, students, or administrators or might be a special visitor in my class. Whatever the reason, on those days I want a “powerhouse look” communicating “I am in charge.”

Bracelet: Avenue

Monday was one of those days! My classes welcomed special speaker Colonel Ken Allard. Many of you would recognize his face from ten years served on NBC and MSNBC as the military analyst. His longest day on the air was September 11, 2001 after hearing an airplane “off the landing pattern” fly low over his home in Washington D.C. straight into the Pentagon. For hours, he told my students stories about Soledad O’Brien, David Bloom, Tom Brokaw, and Tim Russert.

Colonel Ken Allard

 He recounted moments in history from controversies over a story covered by The New York Times in 2008 alleging all network military analysts during the time of the Iraq War were compensated by the Pentagon. This story Colonel Allard calls an outright lie, later proven in court, but only after the Times reporter received a Pulitzer Prize. He told them how history is one of the most important classes to take in school …then gave examples as to why.

One note: This jacket is linen and I
and am not a big fan of linen unless it
is on top.  Pants, dresses, and skirts of
linen just wrinkle too much during
the day and kill a true professional
appearance. This jacket
held up very well, though it did wrinkle
at the elbow... 

It was a fascinating day full of interesting behind-the-scenes tales and it was worth bringing my “A” game for professional dress! I know it is devoid of color, but many times a neutral focus can lead to understated confidence!

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  1. Pam, I love this look!! That bracelet if FABULOUS!! Love to you! ~Serene

  2. You look very polished and "in charge" here, well done!

  3. Congratulations on your feature! I love your bracelet, it's gorgeous!!

  4. I believe this is my fave so far. The bracelet is great but your weight loss screams gorgeous woman. The outfit is perfect to show you off.

  5. You look wonderful and very professional, Pam! Love that cuff.

    What a great guest to have in your classroom!

  6. you do look really professional and you look marvelous.. boy that colonel looks pretty fit for his age.. those old guys were made of steel.. cant even imagine the kind of stories they must have (and the ones they cant really share...) he looks like a character!!

    you are looking awesome Pammy girl!! xoox J

  7. You look great.
    I think you're right about holding linen to items that don't get wrinkly when you sit down.

  8. wow,how neat to have him speak in your class! Fun!

  9. Love this "in charge" look. I do the same when I have a client/corporate meeting - a totally different look from my work at home on the computer days!

  10. You are everyone's Blogger Darling, darling!!!
    About the shop, I will be posting about it probably tomorrow and WOW it is tons of work !!!!!!
    thanks so much for being such a great friend.....
    I've been questioning my place in the Blog-O-sphere lately, and it's women like you that keep me going!

  11. Your page on Strength and diginty is awesome!
    Could you pop me an e-mail and tell me how to set up these seperate pages?
    I made a blog for my shop, but would like a menu ( (like the seperate page so many blogs have) but can't figure this one out.........
    I'd be very grateful for your help!
    My address:


  12. I heard somewhere that the french think that if the fabric isnt wrinkled, its not good quality. so the next time you see a wrinkle--lol. Love it anyway, and linen is one of my fave fabrics. I dont care if its wrinkled!

  13. Congrats on the feature...Ill check it out...you look very professional, and VERY thin....go you!!!

  14. What a beautiful jacket! And in the company of celebrities!

  15. Hi, I'm visiting from Follow Friday 40+. I've been following your blog for a while. These are beautiful garments. I bet the pictures don't do them justice!

  16. i love the cut of the jacket...very polished. i love linen suits, but hate the wrinkling as well. i'm usually wrinkled by the time i get to work from the 45 minute drive. anyhow...professional look successful!


  17. Your Newest follower from Over 40 Fridays Blog Hop, Look forward to checking your blog out, have an awesome weekend, April
    Aprils Lifestyle Show I will go check out your Blogger Darling Of The Day!!


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