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Mar 20, 2011

Spring Break Comes to a Close...so sad!

My favorite window tells me that it is officially spring!  Leaves have gone from vibrant to green and white!!

Feeling Great....22 lbs down!! Look at those

One of the best reasons to be a teacher: SPRING BREAK…(and summer…and two weeks at Christmas…and Thanksgiving…)

Otra Vez Couture

And,  there is no better way to spend a Spring Break day, than by hitting the thrift shops with one of your best friends! Gigi and I set out to see how much we could do with determination, creativity, and a tiny budget. We began in the Olmos Park area of San Antonio…a beautiful, old, upper income neighborhood full of vintage boutiques and European bistros. The first shop,Otra Vez Couture, was featured recently in the local newspaper. I loved the look and set up of the shop. However, we found the prices to be a little high for second hand…Gigi even found a couple of designers she could purchase at the Rim, brand new for less than the second hand price at this location.  I walked out with a fun, little summer jacket by Buffalo Traders, a trademark associated with one of our favorite local retailers, Stein Mart... for just $19.  I will say they had some great selections for our upcoming Fiesta celebration in SA which is over the top COLOR!!

Otra Vez

Across the street though.....Buffalo Exchange!! What a fun shop…just as one of my students and blogger Erin ..had told me. Erin is a new employee at the Austin location. Gigi scored big here…three cute, youthful, dresses…great selection…good prices…much more reasonable and affordable. I found a fun, scarf bag to match the little jacket I got across the street and both of us walked out with a little jewelry!

Gigi with the stash!!

Our next stop was a Goodwill located near one of the higher income neighborhoods in San Antonio. We went crazy!! I could barely carry everything into the dressing room! By the time we checked out, we had skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, shoes, dresses for our daughters, and fun jewelry!! My daughter was so excited when I handed her a J Crew sundress, barely worn.

J Crew at Goodwill

After a Starbuck’s stop, we took our coupons to the Spring sale at Stein Mart. Gigi found a gold jacket she needed to complete a dress outfit for two special occasions coming up and I walked out with a fun, lace, long cardigan at only $22.

Whew! Great day…good company…scores of success…money saving….and FUN!!

Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Exchange
I found these great Michael Kors
Platforms at The Garment Exchange in
San Antonio just prior to the
big day with G!

Buffalo Exchange

Tomorrow...back to work!


  1. What a lovely J Crew dress! I'll have to head out there next weekend! What Goodwill did you go to?

  2. Wow, I'm so envious of all the great resale shops! I definitely need to find more of those, closer to home. My Spring Break ends tomorrow, too, so I feel your pain. Hope the shopping buzz takes the edge off!

  3. Yes definitly spring is here. We are over 22ºC in the shade. Plesant!!
    No secondhand shops in Spain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Goodwill is the best in the world.

  4. That aqua ring is so gorgeous! Good finds :)

  5. What a blast! Love to find bargains like you did.

  6. Sounds like my kinda day!!!!

  7. What a great day and what great finds!!! LOVE those Michael Kors shoes!! And you are looking fabulous!!

  8. I love thrifting..looks like you found some pretty awesome pieces too!! Great pics Pam....have a nice week..hope its easy for yu:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Free People Giveaway!!♥

  9. lol, my sister's comment gave me the jump start i needed. but it's such a huge overwhelming task! look at you!!! you are seriously disappearing before our eyes~ you look fab in those jeggings! keep up the great work!


  10. Pam--I've been feeling glum today because my Spring Break ends as well tomorrow. There are so many goodies here--the dress you found for your daughter is gorgeous and your Michael Kors shoes look VERY comfortable. The weight loss is showing big time!

  11. We Must meet up !!!!!!!!!!!!
    And what a find on that white dress !!!!!
    Do you now consider how well and outfit will photograph before u buy it?
    It weird, but sometimes that's what i think,now,
    (but still get it anyway ;)

  12. Wow, you had a very successful thrifting trip. I am jealous.

    Congratulations on the 22 pounds. Keep up the good work… you’re looking good.

  13. Hi Pam, I especially love those Michael Kors shoes, they are so perfect for spring and are perfectly on trend too. Plus they look like you can be stylish and not need a box of Bandaids at the end of the day. Right?

  14. Great story of your shopping adventure. It's always fun to find recycled treasures!!

  15. oooo I want that ring!
    Too fabulous.


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