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Feb 16, 2011

Unexpected Blessings!

Black & Blue: It Works!
Necklace & Jacket: Chicos
Blue Tank: $5 @ WalMart
Pinstripe Toursers: Lane Bryant
Ann Taylor, LOFT Scarf
Miss Bison Shoes: Re-Sale Shop
Ring: Avenue

Yesterday, I mentioned finding a great bargain at AVENUE. It was about this time of year I discovered the $5 trousers, so after work, I thought “WHY NOT?”…and stopped by Avenue once again. Two wonderful things happened there…first, they had a bowl of costume jewelry rings for $4.99. Recently, all of my fun costume rings were stolen in a burglary at my home, so yesterday I purchased the first two rings toward replacing the fun ones which are gone. While waiting in line, a woman in front of me turned to apologize for how long her transaction was taking. I replied, “Don’t worry about it. I teach high school and standing in total peace for a moment is wonderful.”

Here's my ring close up!!

That is when another woman came from behind me and said, “You know I like it when people walk up to soldiers and thank them for their service, but I also think we should walk up to teachers and thank them for their service as well. So, honey, thank you for your service.” WOW! How great this unexpected blessing made me feel! She was a true sweet heart!

Two other things I observed about this woman:

1. I am going to guess that she wears around a size 22. She was dressed in great colors, trendy clothes, and fun accessories. She communicated joy, confidence, and comfort in her own skin! Yes, I could tell all that just being around her a short time.

2. She was shopping with her mother. I would guess she was in her 30s and her mom maybe in her mid to late 50s. They were having so much fun shopping together and had been out all afternoon, and, I actually inwardly wished I could join them!!

Unexpected blessings sometimes come in the form of a bargain ring….or cute shoes at a resale shop….or a kind word from a stranger! So many of the readers of this blog have been blessings to me…so thank you…and MAY IT BE CONTAGIOUS and carry forward to others.


  1. You got some really cute stuff. But more importantly you received validation as a teacher. We don't get that enough (if at all)

  2. It sounds like a truly beneficial day. I love it when unexpected things like that happen.

  3. How incredibly sweet is that of her to say that. I can imagine how great that made you feel and you know what? You deserve to be thanked over and over again!

  4. Sounds like a nice experience..so nice to hear happy shopping tales:) Love the ring!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  5. What a great story. And thanks for being a teacher. She's right that you guys deserve our thanks and gratitude.

    Cute ring. I love finding bargains like that. I found a shirt for $4 at the flea market this weekend. Wearing it today.


  6. What a touching comment to make, that's so thoughtful. You look gorgeous, your jewellery is just perfect. xxx

  7. thanks for sharing your story, and we should all "pay it forward"...sometimes we need to feel appreciated!!


  8. Oh Pam! What a great story!! I love it when women don't let their weight stop them from being who they are.....we are NOT defined by a number on a scale or on a tag on the back of our pants. I am loving all over your necklace! ~Serene

  9. And so many times its shopping that bonds us together or at least prompt conversation! Thanks from me to for being a teacher--especially those younger years; i was grateful for the school bus! Paula

  10. How thoughtful of that woman
    Glad your day turned into such a positive one
    The pendant on your necklace is fab!

  11. Those shoes are perfect. I need a pair like that!
    I love the story you shared. Little thanks like that go a long way.

    The Auspicious Life

  12. What a great day! Even after your house was burgled, I love that you can keep your spirits up!


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