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Feb 14, 2011


Cable & Gauge Cardigan, Marshall's: $19
WalMart V Neck T: $5
Heart Necklace & Pearls: Gifts
Coldwater Creek Brown Trousers: $32 (50% off)
Rhinestone Studs, Walmart: $3.99

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! What a great day to pull out your red, white, pink, and, of course, the New Color of the Year ….honeysuckle (pink).

My day began with reaching deep into the prize jar and selecting a lucky winner for my Vintage Inspired Contest and I had to laugh….it was Lise Marie @http://southerncomfortga.blogspot.com/.  There must be something in the water over there, because her blog partner, Joy, just won a cool bracelet from Brett @ http://silverpooloflightgirl.blogspot.com/.

Congratulations, Lise. I hope you enjoy your new accessories and, for everyone else, I will do this again soon!! Because I love to shop and want to do more than a gift card, I purchase my own prizes!! Look for something related to warmer weather!!

Yesterday, I shared wedding preparations with you and on this day dedicated to romance, here is a bit about the engagement. My daughter’s finance, who I will call R, is a hopeless romantic…lucky for her!! They met working in state government offices….she a legislative aide….he a clerk to a State Supreme Court Justice. They have many friends in government/political work. So, it was fitting that R planned to pop the question when they went to a conference in Washington D.C. He worked his resources to get out on the top rim of the U.S. Capital…the friend who led them to the top had a camera and two flutes of champagne under his coat…so, with the country’s power city in the background, R asked a powerful question and J said YES!

AHHHHHH, Here’s to love!

She said YES!


  1. They are beautiful, and so are you. Happy Valentines day, and everyday...

  2. romantic indeed- what a darling couple!

  3. She is stunning! I am so happy for you. But seriously...YAY for ME! I am so excited!! When I popped on to read your blog for today and there I was!!! I screamed. The boss what like what?? I won my first contest!!! And on valentines day and everything! I can't wait to wear them and blog about it. I have got to go call Joy now....and my mom...and sisters...and spouse....and....yeah, I am pretty happy about this. LOL And thanks. I'm going now. YAY!!!

  4. Oooh, I love your pretty ruffled cardigan!

    That picture of them is so beautiful, I hope they frame it and hang it!

  5. Your daughter looks just like you! What a gorgeous picture! Happy Valentine's Day!!! ~Serene

  6. Your daughter is gorgeous. You can see the resemblance. Two pretty girls! xo,Tracy

  7. Love the pink ruffled cardigan--Your daughter is gorgeous and Happy Valentines Day! Paula

  8. Congrats to Lise!

    And that is an AWESOME engagement story!!

  9. What a cool photograph--one to treasure for the rest of their lives. And congrats to LiseMarie.

  10. Gotta love the pink!
    I am jealous of you getting to plan a wedding
    Since I only have boys, I am gonna say my chances are pretty slim. LOL

  11. Your daughter is beautiful. They make a great couple.

  12. Aw, cute, cute couple. Wishing them much happiness.


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