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Feb 6, 2011

Fun Event....Accessory Swap!

Here is the evidence...we are having winter here!!

On Friday, many of us discussed which blogging events we choose to participate in and the criteria we use to select those events. Well, I have to say that when Teaching in Heels  http://teachinginheels.blogspot.com/ posted an ACCESSORY SWAP, it was the word ACCESSORY which caught my eye!!

Marie partnered anyone interested with a swap buddy and I was blessed to be given Nicole at  http://flipflopcombatboots.blogspot.com/ as my swappee…or is that swappette....Well, she is cute as can be! The minute you pull up her site you see a creative, beautiful, vivacious young lady. So, I knew that Forever 21 was the place to find selections she might like. You can check out her look on the front page of her site today.

 Anticipation was a big part of the fun here….I stopped by the post box every day wondering what treasures I would find waiting for me. How would someone who does not know me select accessories for me? What about the age differences…would it affect the selections? Finally, the box arrived and a little bit of the Christmas-anxiety returned as I opened something that would be a complete surprise.

It was!! You see here an item I actually did not own up until now….an Infinity Scarf... and I really like the fun stripes and youthful feel to the scarf. Currently, San Antonio has weather to match the winter knit! She also sent a matching necklace, bracelet and earrings that I have not styled yet….but will! You see it here in the Big Snow of 2011 (sarcasm!).

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Grey blouse & jeans: Coldwater Creek
Earrings:  Stein Mart
Scarf:  NICOLE!!!

Thanks Nicole and Marie! This was fun and I enjoyed being a part of the event!!

There was alot in the little box
she sent...it was stuffed!!


  1. How fantastic. What I always say. Ages is just a number...
    Nearly spring here. We must be well ove 25ºc in the sun.

  2. lookin' good!! thanks so much for all my goodies! :)

  3. Pam! LOVE the scarf and can't wait to see what you do with the jewelry! ~Serene

  4. How fun! Great idea. Your scarf looks great!

  5. Sounds like so much fun...LOVE the yellow scarf...its my fav color!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  6. This is such a cool idea. I'll bet you find that you find many ways to style that scarf.

  7. What a fun idea! I love the infinity scarf and know you will love wearing it lots of fun ways.
    I can't believe how many things you got in one little box! FUN!!


  8. Love the scarf!! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for listing me on your blog! Looks like you are off to a great start with everything! Hope you can come 'see' me often!
    Stay Fabulous

  9. how fun is this??!!


  10. I love stripes to infinity. Therefore a striped infinity scarf makes perfect sense.

  11. Love the infinity scarf!! Thanks for swapping!! :)


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