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Feb 9, 2011

Feeling Very Vogue!

I’ve been reading about Anna Wintour, the Editor In Chief of Vogue, in a Jerry Oppenheimer biography titled Front Row. To say that she is a complex personality is an understatement. While I cringe over the way she treated people and changed men like  clothing, there are some parts of Ms. Wintour’s makeup which I respect.

In order to be the leader in the multi-million dollar fashion industry, Ms. Wintour displayed a tough, disciplined work ethic and much original creativity. It is still amazing that she made it to where she is today when she treated so many people like bugs to be squashed. This tells me that obviously the diligence, creativity, connections, and impeccable taste trumps the way you treat your team….or does it in the long run! Will she one day be the very lonely, former EIC of Vogue? Time will tell.

I went to my closet seeking a Vogue look and found this jacket I have not worn for two years! I think the collar has a fashion forward Vogue touch to it!! I would have paired it with a pencil skirt and dark hose if I had not faced a very long day yesterday, so I went for the pinstriped trouser instead with a comfortable boot! The sunglasses, of course, are very Anna Wintour (Oppenheimer reports that she has horrible eyesight and the sunglasses are special prescription so that she can see; however, many people believe it is completely an intimidation factor)!

Lane Bryant, Head to Toe

For some of my favorite quotes from the book, just go to the new page called NOTES ABOUT ANNA!

My Anna Look...Intimidating?
The Pam-Look!!!  Smiling, but unfortunately
NOT EIC of Vogue!


  1. Pam, this is GORGEOUS on you! I LOVE fuschia; it just seems to brighten up everyone! And the BIG sunglasses; I'm all over that! I'm going to have to check out Ms. Wintour.....she's always seemed interesting but overrated in her style to me...I mean REALLY! Take off the GLASSES already and just giggle or something! LOL ~Serene

  2. You look fantastic in pink, Pam.

  3. You know, Pam, Anna ain't got nothing on you. You are still a great stylist in my opinion. I think the thing is, Anna's clothes and hair, etc was right for her just as yours is right for you.

  4. You look very Vogue indeed..love the jacket colors and sunnies....I agree...great and not so great parts to Anna:)

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  5. Loved reading your post and you look smashing in fuschia. Your hair is always beautiful and resplendent. About Anna, sounds like she's a complicated and powerful force. However, abuse in the workplace should be "named" as it doesn't allow people to display their full creativity. Without feeling safe we can't develop our full potential. When I was working full time I was part of a movement in my organization to bring forth a program, "Creating an Abuse Free Medical Workplace." We began making a 'dent' in unhealthy behaviors and it was an enlightening experience! Thank you for bringing this issue forward!

  6. Wow, that jacket is amazing on you! I love the bright color!

    Your Anna look IS very intimidating and your Pam look is beautiful - I love your smile!

  7. YOu are smashing in Fushia!! You are totally rockin' Anna Wintour!

  8. That fuscha is definatly your color, Pam! Laughed at your Anna Wintour. I saw the documentary Sept Issue, and Anna tried very hard to show the other side of her...a complicated women without a doubt.

  9. You look great! Love that color, but I am glad to see the smiling you at the bottom! I have also heard that Anna (Yikes! My daughter's name) could be a huge bitch. The book sounds interesting.

  10. You look so pretty in pink! :)

    That's a great Anna look - you are totally working it!

  11. I watched the documentary about her and it was very interesting
    I would not want to come up against Ana any day!
    Love your fuchsia jacket and with your sunnies on you got the look just right!
    Like the smiling picture better

  12. What a beautiful jacket! And you should do more with sunglasses. If you were Anna, I wouldn't dare to leave a comment!

  13. I am hoping the bigger glass come back in style. My tiny bifocals sometimes slide down my nose when I am driving and I have to look over them...what is the point in wearing them then???
    BTW you do look fabulous!

  14. I love the jacket with those pants, all business- but great color!


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