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Feb 2, 2011

The Bronze Age

Great news…..Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow today…so for those who have suffered through this winter….get ready…SPRING is suppose to SPRING up early this year. Since 1887, Phil hasn’t seen his shadow only 16 times, so now we can really put the myth to the test!! Morning newscasters predicted early on today that he would come out, and quickly go back to his hole!! Some said he would not come out at all ….nor anyone else in their right minds with him, But he did, and the die has been cast.

So, please understand, if you wonder why I wore jeans back to back…when I NEVER do that….it is for leg warmth nothing more. We have been given permission to wear school spirit shirts the rest of the week….a big deal for the students who loathe the uniforms for the most part. But, I happen to loathe Spirit shirts….the basic over sized T or polo. So today, I pulled out black and bronze.

I love bronze and when I discovered this scarf on clearance at Target earlier in the week I just had to have it….the bronze snowflakes caught my attention. The bronze pin is also an After Christmas clearance item from Stein Mart…this is one of my many outfits that is more about the accessories than about the clothes.

I suppose I have respect for Bronze because historically, it has its own age…. The Stone Age….The Bronze Age…. the Iron Age…the Industrial Revolution…and now what many call the Digital Age. Bronze was respected because it is a strong metal which will endure time!

I respect it….how about you?? Stay warm everyone…..

Jacket: Lane Bryant
V Neck Pullover:  Dana Buchman, Kohls
Jeans: Coldwater Creek
Boots: Marshall's
Pin, Earrings: Stein Mart
Scarf & Watch: Target
Bracelet: Kohls


  1. You look wonderful in that blazer and scarf. I really like this!

  2. Gorgeous scarf...and Yayyyy for an early Spring...now I just hope it actually comes, lol

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  3. Because of that silly groundhog my kids think it's summer tomorrow. I wish.
    love your Target scarf!
    Just like you I find Stein Mart to be the best place for accessories.

  4. Beautiful detail on that scarf. What a find! I love me a good scarf! They're the most awesome accessory:)

  5. tres chic! sure hope spring is on the way...we are buried in ice right now...arghhh!

  6. My sister lives in San Antonio. I talk to her everyday. Yesterday, she was actually shivering during our conversation. She said it's bone-chilling cold right now. I hope it warms up this weekend for you guys!

    That scarf is rad!


  7. My son will be roping in San antonio. Not sure what performances though. he is a header he ropes with Corey Petska. My sons name is Colby Lovell so keep an eye out for him. He is really good. He went to the NFR in 2010 in team roping. Have a good week and stay warm. Still no school here.

  8. I love the scarf - what beautiful detailing!

  9. I've done it again...forgot to type in the word verification! Aaargh.

    Was wondering what your school's color might be.


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