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Jan 1, 2011

Priority Number Three for 2011: Experience Life & Have Fun!

It is interesting as you
turn 50 (for me, closer to 60, ugggg) to look back over
the different stages of your life.  For example,my mid-life crisis time mentioned in the JOY POST caused me to literally shut down. Also, as a teacher who deals with students and parents all day, most days shutting down is the preferred option. Between stress and fatigue, I found myself for several years just desiring to come home every day and stay at home…..I had to force myself to go anywhere!

It is only is the last couple of years that I have begun to arise from this slump and now want to get out and experience life again….as I did in my 20s. At that time, I was the ultimate reporter desiring to go anywhere the job sent me. Now mind you, my family is going to have to see more of this to believe it…they are so used to me just wanting to be at home.

Therefore I pledge to everyone,in 2011, I will be out and about experiencing life!! I hope to share with you some great stories as I do this.

My outfit representing this priority just says fun to me!

I recently purchased the cream tiered tank at Avenue for $15! It is covered in metallic gold polka dots and I paired it with one of my Chico’s cardigans! I recently found the fun watch at a resale shop and the clutch at a garage sale for just $1!!

My jeans were half price at Coldwater Creek and I really needed new jeans. These are the Shape Me, Classic Fit jeans in the dark wash.

So, join me….find a fun outfit…and let’s get out of the house and enjoy life!!

Experiencing Life Tastes Great!  Dinner at Stone Werks
Big Rock Grill, 1201 North Loop 1604 W in San Antonio

Beautiful Atmosphere!

And the Boys Don't Miss a Game!!


  1. Firstly, thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    Secondly, thank you for blogging. YOU are one of the GREAT reminders that style doesn't stop in your 20's, or 30's or 40's. That style is self-expression and continues onto beyond the "golden years." That being comfortable in your own skin is a hallmark of a grown woman, and that 50 is the new 30.

    Here's to fun, and frocks and follies. Happy 2011 to you!

  2. can't wait to hear about your new experiences! that little clutch was a great find!

    and, thanks so much for the blog roll add!


  3. You are just too cute!!! I will be tuning my mom in to your blog pronto. I hope you have a wonderfully happy year with your family. Cheers to 2011!

  4. you look just stunnig!!!
    Happy New Year!!! :D

    xoxo from rome

  5. So glad you have come out of your dark and twisty place!
    Cheers to your new endeavor to be out and about
    There is so much to do and see, we just have to be intentional about it and go for it!

  6. Been to that dark place too....am hoping I don't have to fight my way out again!
    Love the blouse! Need a close-up of the jeans?
    Best wishes for 2011!

  7. What a great resolution, to get out and about more! I think I have that slump you describe too, a side-effect of dealing with the public in our work lives. I'm okay with laying low. :)

  8. I love the layered tank - so pretty!
    Sorry to hear about your uncle, at least there is the silver lining of getting to spend time with family, often who you might not otherwise see.

  9. I love love love garage sale finds!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle. He will be in my thoughts.

    Just Better Together


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