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Jan 13, 2011

Priority Number 9 for 2011: Sophistication

I love this Michael Kors Sweater! The sleeves are tight
and short on the arm and then wingspan!

Sophistication is one of “those” words… it’s meaning can go either way…negative or positive. I like to do word association and ask what pops into your mind when I say the word….. I have always seen it as a positive word…a sophisticated woman to me is educated, dignified, confident, classy.

But one of my friends views sophistication as snobby, pretentious, snooty….boring! Then there’s Dinah from New Orleans…she had much to say:

“I was raised in New Orleans, where the culture more closely resembled those in large cities like New York. People are more direct and non-pretentious. Upon moving to Texas, I encountered a culture more pretentious, often guised as “sophistication.” I prefer to think of sophistication as graciousness than anything else.

Gigi, the artist, looked at this completely different, “When I hear of sophistication, I think of clean, crisp, tailored wear. It would be color coordinated and balanced. It is like beautiful architecture…a building where everything works together as a whole, when the architecture and the interiors are done so well that your attention isn’t drawn to one thing….and you feel great walking in the building…like symmetry. It is the same with a person when everything coordinates…hair, makeup, clothing accessories and the attention does not just go to one place. Sometimes you are attracted to them without knowing why.”

There are days I like to strive for sophistication. I felt sophisticated in this outfit! You can decide if I was or not….but I am curious, what does sophistication mean to you!!


  1. It's curious, but I have only ever thought of sophistication as positive. I like Gigi's definition/connotation quite a lot. I think it describes what I have previously strived for in my presentation. A sort of invisibility or unpretentiousness. And now, I'm striving to undo a bit of that.

    Personally, I think you look sophisticated!

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  3. I think u r beautiful, classy and very sophisticated. Cant believe ur in ur 50's. Ur bright and inspiring!

  4. I love your entire wardrobe. I just love that sweeter. Hello, following from Follow Back Friday 40 and Over. Hope you can stop by my blog.

    Blessings, Mary O

  5. Of course you look sophisticated! I've always seen it as a positive thing - but I've also always seen being pretentious as a negative thing! So what does that mean? That I don't think they're the same!!

    Happy travels!

  6. 'sophistication'.....in my mind it is simple, understated elegance...no need for expensive things. I think it's a great term and look. You look great!! love the sweater.

  7. Soft elegance, makes a grand entrance without making a sound. You look great today!

  8. You're really onto something in this post. Yes, style words can have wide-reaching implications and connotations! I long for sophistication but find that I fear it, sometimes, worrying that I will be too stuffy, "done," untouchable, or perfect. (Of course, I'm in absolutely no danger of this!)

    I think "sophistication" is a positive word, but those of us with informal or "unassuming" personalities may feel that we have to temper it with funky or casual accents. Is this just our style? Or are we holding ourselves back with psychological hangups? Hmmm.... Thank you for a thought-provoking post!


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