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Jan 12, 2011

Priority Number 8 for 2011: Location, Location, Location

Beautiful decor in the resturant!

I have a confession to make….I’m beginning to really hate those blue, blue walls in my classroom. The only time I have a photographer to assist me (I love you, Mrs. Joy) during working hours is when I have an off period. Thus, the majority of these pictures are taken in my classroom where creativity is a stretch.

So, my pledge in 2011 is to really try and find some creative locations when I am not at school and make some more interesting photos happen.

Last weekend, we headed off to an incredible restaurant to celebrate my son’s 22nd birthday and “VOILA”, an opportunity for a photo shoot just happened.

 Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steak House, 18318 Sonterra Place in north San Antonio, is a really unique experience.

The beauty of the Brazilian d├ęcor captures your attention immediately, but then the upstaging is done by waiters dressed as gauchos, Brazilian cowboys, running all over the place. Each gaucho will quickly (and flamboyantly) impart a tale of the Portuguese word for a flame, Chama. Their rich heritage covers centuries of tales as European immigrants migrated to Southern Brazil. In the region known as Pampas, the gauchos would heard cattle; gather at the end of a work day around the “churassco” to eat and fellowship.

Salad Bar is amazing!!

Gauchos serve steak!

Every guest goes to the immense salad bar where I fell in love with the sun-dried tomatoes and Portobello mushrooms…seasoning amazing! After the salad bar, guests flip a card at the table from red to green and then……here come the gauchos! Each one running with 14 different meats grilled in delicious Brazilian spices and you can eat until you roll home or flip the card back to red!! Personally, I loved the lamb, chicken, and filet mignon….and I am happy to say that after a healthy portion at the salad bar, I did not eat much of the meat…but it was delicious.

Gaucho serves lamb hot off the grill!

One of my favorite color combinations is black & brown...how nice of the
resturant to provide a backdrop for my black Espirit trench and my Stein Mart scarf!


  1. You are making me crave a Brazilian. Food that is. Sounds so tasty.

    You look so warm in your coat and scarf. Here's to warm woolies!

  2. Good for you for grabbing the opportunity on the spot and being prepared for it. We have a couple of restaurants like this in our area and have enjoyed a couple of Sunday brunches there (that way we have all day to recover). Had to smile at Jane Seymour; she's DH's favorite!

  3. Oh WOW! That place looks amazing! I sooooo want to be there! San Antonio is such a fabulous city. I would love to go the Fiestas there some time. It's just the most charming place. AND YOU GET TO LIVE THERE!!! Big ol' Texan hugs to you! ~Serene

  4. Ummm...now I'm hungry!!

    I really like that trench and I've love your scarves the last 3 days!

  5. Pam~Love that trench--is it suede? Looks like a great night--Paula

  6. You look so classy, stylish and put together! I love it!

  7. Ooh, your photos are amazing! (Just look at that delicious food!)

  8. That looks like so much fun! Everything looks delicious.

  9. Fantastic photo of you playing with black and brown.

  10. Super cute coat!
    I also promised myself that once it gets a bit warmer I will venture out of my backyard for some photos.
    It's just too cold... yeah I'm a whimp!

  11. Pam—I’m finally perusing your blog and lovin’ it! I love the layout, the content and the great photos. I’m a big fan of brown and black, too. Did I mention you look smashing? You do! And thanks for sharing the link to the Texas Style Council Conference. I won’t be able to get down there, but the conference’s speaker list introduced me to the Independent Fashion Bloggers organization. Thanks! Susan @ http://flattering50.blogspot.com/

  12. You looked amazing in the photos. San Antonio is a great place. I love it there. I enjoyed your blog while I am blog hopping around! I am now your newest follower.


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