over50feeling40: September 2010
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Sep 29, 2010

Lovin' The Secret Life

My secret life as a fashion guru has been such fun…as I pick up Whataburger wrappers…Sonic cups…and, of course, gum from the tables in my room, I only have to smile to myself as I plan the next fashion intervention.  Since I became a fashion blogger and Gigi’s official stylist, I receive great joy from occasionally leaving the hallways of academia to join the creative outlets I find in style.  Putting looks together has become as pleasing to me as a painter in front of a blank canvas.  I only lament that I do not have more time to put in on the blog or assisting other women around our school who have asked for my advice.  My new goal is to take more pictures of looks that work on over 50s around me.  I also want to remind those of you who are new to the blog that when I refer to S & C 101, I am referring to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear….will the new season ever start??  They taught me so much about how to look younger, slimmer, and classier.  I have shared many of these rules and success stories with you in the July entries.   Also, I am toying with the possibility of ripping off the mask and revealing my true identity.  Secrecy has its charm, but I am learning that identity has more opportunity!  Stay tuned…………
                                               GiGi Steps Into Autumn!      
                                                      Long, Lean, and Dignified!

Sep 26, 2010


Who would have thought that the galoshes from our past would now be a fashion statement, but in a never-miss-a-style- opportunity mode, designers have brought them back in a big way.  I just returned from four straight days of rain in the Texas Hill Country and my new rain boots were stylish, dry, and fun…fun in the sense that I could kick puddle water and not care. 

 All ages are sporting the stylish boots; and I found confirmation of the variety on the market when I snuggled up with InStyle Magazine, October Issue.  From Ralph Lauren to Chanel, the various styles can be worn all day and not ripped off once inside like the old galoshes were.   My husband picked out my plaid Sperry Top-siders which received big thumbs up from my teenage female students!  But, that’s not what made me feel young….it was actually jumping both feet hard into a big puddle!!

Sep 18, 2010

What Was I Thinking???

Clown Shoes: Never A Good Decision
We all have moments in our lives when a decision results in a sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs followed by the thought WHAT WAS I THINKING??  There were many of these moments in college that still make me shudder and glance toward heaven with a thankful prayer; but, even now, I experience these thoughts occasionally.  I had a big one today as I began to switch over my warm weather wardrobe for the fall and winter pieces.  I wish I lived in one of those mansions where the closet is so vast that all seasonal pieces hang together in wedded bliss….but, alas, no.   Some things I have to store and switch out.  One pile kept growing on the floor as I tossed piece after piece into…it became the WHAT WAS I THINKING PILE.  Also, fondly known as the, “BUT, IT IS A RALPH LAUREN SHIRT FOR $5!” pile. I wish I had all of that money that supposedly saved me money, back!!  A bargain is only a bargain, if it fits well; doesn’t look like a clown; doesn’t look cheap; doesn’t age you; and enhances your wardrobe.   I do not care who the designer is or what the great price is….try it on and make sure it follows the rules!!  I speak from experience and lost income.  Believe me, the designers do not want us destroying their reputations in clothes that do our bodies a disservice.   It has taken me to the ripe age of 57 to set a goal to only purchase something when I love it!  Walk away from anything else….even if it says Michael Kors and is $2.00.
I wish I had this money back!!  Sigh!!

Sep 11, 2010

HOT FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Texas hill country begins to call as we enter into autumn….quaint villages like Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Wimberley offer bundles of boutique shopping and Americana Bed & Breakfast stays. But ladies, remember the fashion rules I have given you so far. Avoid the shapeless, loose clothes and look for items with fit! Fashion wise? I have discovered the hill country boutiques to be best for accessories such as jewelry, scarves, bags and shoes. It is a lot harder to find affordable, quality, clothing with fit. While I prefer these shops for interior treasures, I have at times found some treasures for the exterior (I have some turquoise jewelry from Frederiksberg that I love). BUT, and this is a big BUT, avoid holiday sweaters and sweatshirts. Step away quickly…. There is no way that sporting a large pumpkin or Christmas tree on your torso is flattering.
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Bracken Village in San Antonio

Sep 6, 2010


     Fall fashion 2010 is by far my favorite season since I began my style journey! All my favorites are finally in…except, of course, the oversized- t shirt- with- pajama bottom- look!! For example, I love the pointy toed flat…it is comfortable and elongates the leg! Now, InStyle Magazine says they are in! I like them with denim as well as business slacks…it just adds a touch of class. You can literally find them anywhere right now. I am envious of all over 50s who can still wear heels. After a painful bunion surgery, I will not go that route again and this style of shoe helps me not to miss the stiletto days as much! Also, now is the time to hit early season sales and pick up a great slouchy, flat, pointy toed boot. My favorites in recent past have been found at ROSS, Dress for Less. Try this look: A form fitting black jacket; a V necked white T; a great pair of jeans; and black pointy toed flats or short black boot!! It’s a classic look and you’ll feel younger, stylish, and a little like Julia Roberts in the final scene of Pretty Woman!!

Pointy Toed Flats Are Classics!!
Gigi Keeps on Stylin'

Sep 2, 2010


Remember headbands, ladies??  For me it conjures up moments of wincing as boys grabbed those horrid plastic headbands, mostly Pepto-Bismal pink,  from my locks and broke them into thousands of pieces.  The 70s brought the head wraps which I confess I resort to on the days in between stylist appointments when the gray skunk is poking out on my head.  Any way, I digress.  Headbands are so much cuter today and teenagers are doing the bling big.  Give the teen girls on your list some fun gifts this fall.  Almost anything goes, so look at stores such as Forever 21, Anthrologie, or even hand craft them  This would be a cute stocking stuffer at Christmas...trust me, they love them!