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Dec 17, 2010

Top 10 for 2010....Well, sort of.......


I ran into my friend, Eleanor, today…one of the classiest, most joyful, off the charts creative interior designers you will ever meet. She was thrilled about her “new favorite”…her recently purchased Steve Madden Boots. In fact, she said, “Tell the bloggers that everything at the Steve Madden store is 40% off.”

Steve Madden Boots

She loves the boots because they are short and she feels flatter a petite, shorter leg better than the traditional, higher boot. 

I walked away thinking about the word FAVORITE, and decided to try and pick my top ten favorite purchases from 2010. This took awhile,because I really like what I bought this year and it was tough to narrow it down to 10!  (And maybe I fudged the count just a little bit)   After you look over my favorites, tell me about what you bought last year that you love!!

My Steve Madden Shoes  (Ross)

Long, spotted jacket  (Stein Mart)

Purple Silk long jacket from Chico's

Other Long Jacket from Chico's

Belts: Chico's & Steve Madden  (Ross)

Favorite earrings from the year: Both are from
Garment Exchange Resale in San Antonio

Two Favorite 2010 Bracelets

Jones of New York Coat (Ross)

Uh Oh ...is that more than ten yet??

Top three of many scarves I love!!

Finally,shhhhh, just bought this one today:

Stein Mart (60% off!!! with early bird coupon)

My Brown Boots!  (Ross)

My Simply Vera Bag...I can carry
quite fashionably a camera,
notebook, phone, coupons, and the
kitchen sink!  (Kohl's)


  1. OOhh, I love the coat! and all the goodies, especially the scarves!!!
    My e-mail is in change over-mode so here is the old one:
    the new is smarvel@zoomtown.com
    let's all shoot for tuesday?

  2. Hi Pam and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)

    That is quite a good list! I'm always a fan of scarves and fun jewelry... I love my Steve Madden boots too :)

  3. Ooh, I LOVE your boots! In fact, I love it all! :D

  4. You pulled in quite a haul this year!
    My most "favoritist" thing this year was my pink BR coat from ebay!!!

  5. The top ten idea is so fun!
    I adore the spotted coat, and the bracelets, just because they are such fun statement pieces!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I love the spotted coat and the Vera bag - the color is gorgeous!

  7. I love how you display your clothes hangging from the branches of the tree, so poetic...I love your last buy the best...
    I will wear my shopping eventually hehehhe.
    Un abrazo my dear friend.

  8. that dotted jacket is so lovely!

  9. Love that Jones NY windowpain plaid cape/jacket. It looks warm and stylish!

  10. I think the "top ten" is an excellent idea because it forces one to consider -- what about all that other stuff?

    Why's it in my closet and on my Mastercard bill.


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