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Dec 13, 2010

Tacky Christmas Hits the Runway!

Mrs. Joy leads off the show!

There’s nothing better than a day when you have permission to do Bad Fashion!

My son gave me these when he
was four years old...I still
love them!

Me!  Santa's Helper...

Well, that’s tacky Christmas-wear day in high school. It was fun…and I thought I would share some of my favorite looks with you…just to bring a smile!

Enjoy and if you need a stylist for your own tacky day…just give me a shout!

Santa is stuck in the chimney hat!

My favorite...sew a stocking on a shirt!


  1. LOL Those are so cute! There is definitely some tacky holiday themed clothing out there. Looks like everybody had a great time! ~Serene

  2. Oh, I like those earrings! Did your son make them? It brought to mind some dangling football helmets that I haven't worn in years...

  3. I taught Sunday school (for 17 years!) with a group of regular teachers.

    Every single one of them had a collection of themed sweaters. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wintery/snowflakes, Valentine's Day, Spring -- you name it and they had one.

    I broke down and bought a Christmas sweater just so I could be part of the crowd.

  4. Love this!

    I've decided that for the next week I'm gonna wear all my tacky Christmas sweaters!


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