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Dec 7, 2010

Reflections on Plaid

Plaid Suit Jacket: Marshall's; Cable Knit Top: Ross
Trousers: Lane Bryant
Still needing the power suit look!

I often wonder if our response to particular styles, fabrics, and colors has anything to do with our heritage.  For example, I love Glen Plaid.  I have loved plaids since I was young and still find myself attracted to them.

Wikipedia says this about Glen Plaid:  Glen plaid (short for Glen Urquhart plaid) or Glenurquhart check is a woollen fabric with a woven twill design of small and large checks. The name is taken from the valley of Glenurquhart in Inverness-shire, Scotland, where the checked wool was first used in the 1800s by the New Zealand-born countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers, though the name glen plaid does not appear before 1926. Glen plaid is sometimes nicknamed the Prince of Wales check, as it was popularized by the Duke of Windsor when Prince of Wales.
Pee-wee Herman is famous for his light grey Glen plaid suit, and US President Ronald Reagan was considered "un-Presidential" in a gray-and-blue glen plaid suit on a European trip in 1982.

Glen plaid as a woven pattern may be extended to cotton shirting and other non-woollen fabrics.

So, are you suprised that I am Scotch-Irish?  I do not know if there is a connection but I do know that I love to wear it!  I have always thought of myself as a countess!

A word about my trench coat:  I bought it about four years ago for $11 at Target on a clearance rack. Since I bought it, I have lost weight and looking at this picture, I feel like the oversize coat makes me look bigger now.  Maybe I will try to tailor it to fit, because as I said, I love the plaid.

Necklaces from resale shop;
brooch...I just don't remember but it is another
way to soften the suit look
The knit top is one of my favorites because of the
way it fits my body...only $7


  1. My blood sings when I see a tartan of any color! Must be my Scottish ancestors!

  2. The trench is great - you should definitely get it altered - especially since you love it and will continue to get a lot of use out of it.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I really like the trench coat and think it looks great on you! :)

  4. Love your trench and adore your brooch.

  5. You may be onto something. I, too, am of Scottish descent, and I'm lovin' that jacket on you. Interesting!

    Love your blog; thanks for visiting mine!

  6. You look gorgeous in all of your plaid....I adore it as well:)

    Im TOTALLY into brooches this season...I bought a new one in NYC to put on my knit hat:)
    Thank you so much for your always kind words....I read them, every one:)


    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Style Sample Magazine NEWS EDITOR♥

  7. I am a plaid girl myself. Don't have a lot in my wardrobe any more because of a smart remark my kids said once. Och!
    Now that they are almost grown, I might creep that plaid back into the wardrobe.

  8. Love the brooch with the plaid.


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