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Dec 11, 2010

Are You On The List?

A new favorite pastime?…looking for confident, joyful women 50+.

This one was in line behind me yesterday at the craft store. Isn’t she great? This time of year lines move at a snail’s pace so you can make new friends while patiently waiting to close out a big sale.

Her necklace was evoking comments from others and she had recently picked it up at a Christmas craft sale. While for some, she might be over the top, for me she was just right for her personal style. Courageous and fun!

She had placed herself on Santa’s list and I want to encourage readers to do the same thing. Right now, January, and July are the prime times to save money on your own wardrobe! I take advantage of every coupon or perk available at retailers I frequent the most. It’s worth it to sign up for emails, frequent shopper cards, and in some cases (as long as you have self- control) their credit programs. Often in the email programs, you will receive coupons not circulated through the general public. For example, last week I bought a current best seller at 40% off! This coupon only went to the Barnes & Noble email list. I have three emails and one is for these retail purposes. For being a frequent shopper, Lane Bryant sent out a $25 check…no strings attached. Look over the purchase for a little over $2.00 I made!! When you combine sale prices, with the coupons, you can walk away with wonderful incredible pieces for almost nothing!

Less than $3.00 for both

Pretty Cool!!

Saving the money is worth the mail!!!

Make Sure YOU are on the list...at these prices
no one will have to know!!


  1. That lady is awesome! I love her zebra print and her Christmas necklace!!

  2. Her necklace is awesome! I love people who find ways to celebrate the holidays with accessories or clothing and do it in a non-tacky way! This is so big and bold that it's fun and festive and not tacky at all!


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