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Nov 14, 2010

Well, Hello Marylou!

Marylou wanted to break out of boredom!
The treasure I discovered yesterday while un-shopping was named Marylou. I noticed her in the Stein Mart Boutique moving from one extreme fashion item to the next. She looked like a woman with great flair, creativity, and fun. So, I simply asked, “May I take your picture?” Oh yes, of course!

After I complimented her look, she proudly showed me her rings and watch…and it was quite a watch.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Watch!  I love it!

Look at her nails!

I told her that she seemed like a lady who enjoyed life, to which, she replied, “I sky dive! I try to sky dive four times a year, and I’m 66!” She said, “I was an accountant for 44 years and it was the most boring thing ever, so when I retired I was determined to enjoy my life!”

Now, Mary Lou….. she has style! Part of her style is her joy for living. That is something I have desired that this blog do…communicate a joy for life after 50.

Also recently I discovered this quote from New York fashion icon Lynn Dell:

Fashion says "Me Too." Style says "Only Me!"

That’s Marylou....with her unique, joyful style!



  1. Ok, I love her and want to meet her! I bet she has some stories to tell and many more to make!


  2. I get the giggles when I see that watch~and giggles are good.

  3. Did you tell her about this blog? I love the idea of bumping into people you admire and doing on the spot interviews. I give compliments to strangers all the time, but I haven't done this yet.

    I like her spirit.

  4. I LOVE her! Yes! Why does it take us so long sometime to pick up that joy of life and let go of our angst over what people may think? ~Serene


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