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Nov 8, 2010

This is the look....NO, this one!

Still Not Shopping; Just Creating

Refreshed from the “fall back” time change, I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to wear today. Previously,  I lay in bed and mentally walked through my closet before the alarm sounded. It was a great plan until my hand hit a sleeveless green sweater I had not thought about since last year.
The complete look

I really love green and have to be careful not to wear it too much. But, I decided I really wanted to wear it. The weather here is heating back up and a sleeveless shirt with a jacket is often just perfect. This jacket is five years old and was purchased at Target. It fits me better than most of my other jackets. The seaming is very flattering and it has a touch of stretch in the fabric. Of course, my scene-stealer is the Simply Vera scarf from Kohl’s (purchased on sale for $11). This is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf so I did a picture segment,below, to help those of you who do not know this particular tie. This tie elongates the body and helps me feel slimmer. Also, the scarf keeps my co-workers from seeing that this is the same old jacket, with the same old pants, and the same old Payless Shoes. The shoes, along with the scarf, again take me into “mixed pattern” territory, but I really liked the way they looked together.

Mix It Up Again!

I would love to go shoe shopping. Two years ago, I had bunion surgery (which was a good decision for me) and many of my shoes are toooo big. I had gone for years buying one size larger to accommodate the bunion and now I walk out of some of my favorite shoes…like the ones I wore today. Alas, it will have to wait!

I know I remain Skirtless in San Antonio….I just favor pants. My blog friends look so great in skirts…it is a little intimidating! But I will try to put something together soon!


Scarf Tying 101!

Make sure both sides are

Tie a loose knot on
the right hand side

Just stick the left hand side through
and adjust

Just pull it through and adjust

The neckline is beautiful!


  1. Cute tie lesson!
    I bet you have great legs..c'mon, let's see um!

  2. LOVE the color of the scarf with the green shirt.

    And I'm more pants than skirts, too. Embrace it, but break out once in a while. I'm trying to.

  3. So, that's how it's done. I'll have to try this on my super long scarf!

    I'm curious about the bunion surgery...what did it entail?

  4. Terri, I had a significant one on my left foot and it was very painful. So I actually put myself up to be a "lab rat." I signed up for a special study of a pain medication that is sewn in after surgery. I guess they use bunion patients because it is suppose to be a painful surgery. But, while it wasn't pain free by any means it didn't hurt long at all. But I do have a pin in my foot holding up the big toe bone, and I was in a walking cast for six weeks. After that, I have had no problems...just big shoes!

  5. I have one on my left foot, wrapped around the bone of my next to little toe. I doctor it a bit myself monthly...but I have to do it repeatedly, so I wondered if a surgery could correct it once and for all. Was it an outpatient procedure?

  6. I am enjoying this blog. I am 60 feeling 50 but now I may even be felling 40!!


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