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Nov 15, 2010

Take Two Long Coats & Call Me In the Morning!

Entering the Country Club

It may be the late Friday night football games…it may be listening to my mother all day long in my own house (I still don’t do anything right)…it may be deadlines on publications, but something caused me to be a bit touchy over the weekend.

My remedy? Two of my favorite long jackets, and I felt much better! Last night, Mr. Bear (my husband) and I went to a banquet at the elegant Dominion Country Club. We do not run with the Country Club crowd so any opportunity to go is always a treat. I selected this gold and black coat…which, well, just speaks for itself. I really like it. You may be able to see that, as usual, it is highly accessorized. You cannot be sheepish and wear a coat like this, because it brings attention…hopefully, good attention.

The coat is by anthracite!

My friends say that each piece of my wardrobe has a story behind it, so here goes on the plaid coat: two years ago, this coat was on the clearance rack at Lane Bryant marked considerably down. The reason was that the belt had been lost. I bought it…took it home…broke out a razor blade…removed the belt loops and I have loved it ever since. You cannot tell that the loops were even there.

New today is also the Mr. Wilson-neighbor-look from Home Improvement. This is a way to shield my identity and not be headless!

It’s kind of fun! I started the whole mask thing in July because I was a little nervous of judgment from friends about the blog….but I have received great feedback and now feel comfortable that if someone doesn’t like it, then that is OK. But, I also want to do a proper reveal with some photography assistance, so….I will look over the fence, or book, or hand until then.

Believe me, Heidi Klum is not behind those hands! This is just for fun.


  1. We want to see your face, though! I started posting without my head at first, but in order to judge whether or not an outfit was "age appropriate" or not, you really need to see the face. There can be too much of a disconnect thing....
    Both great jackets!

  2. There is a lot to be said for long coat/jacket/sweaters. They can be very easy to wear which is useful on mornings when it's hard to get out the door.

    I like them both.

  3. I really like both those coats, but I LOVE the first one! And I wants to see your face!!! SHOW US!! Hey, I've gone makeupless on our blog, so you can show your made up face! LOL


  4. The first coat is wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! (uh,oh, starting to sound like Lawrence Welk!)

    There are creative ways to hide one's head. You'll get there.

  5. Love. I mean LOVE your polka dot jacket! Amazing!


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