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Nov 30, 2010

A Little Rebellion Never Hurts

Anne Klein Denim Jacket, Boots, Madden Belt:
Ross; Blouse: Chico's; Lane Bryant Pants
We decorated the classroom for Christmas!

Remember all the fashion rules we (meaning Baby Boomers) were asked to adhere to in our younger years.

 Rules like:

1. Don’t wear white after Labor Day or Before Easter (there were lots of things you don’t do after Labor Day: don’t go barefooted, don’t go out in shorts, etc.)

2. Always wear stockings with a dress

3. Always wear a dress and maybe even a hat to church

4. Never wear a scoop necked or V shaped blouse (too risque)

5. Don’t mix metallic’s…jewelry should be all silver, all gold, or all bronze…but not mixed up

6. Purses must match your shoes

7. Never mix patterns

8. Don’t break up suits

Thank goodness there is currently more freedom. While some common sense rules (spoken & unspoken) might well exist…for the most part anything goes if it suits your personal style.

Today, I broke a couple of those antiquated rules. FIRST RULE: Women over 50 should not wear sparkles on anything to their day job. I did this today, though it was subdued underneath my jacket and the sparkles just poked out every now and then. The sparkles were well received by co-workers. I purchased this blouse (Chico’s) four years ago to actually wear to an evening event, but I really liked wearing it today.

See the Sparkles!

SECOND RULE: Your watch is always worn on your left hand. I do not understand why …I like it better on the right arm. But, I probably would not have changed it if it had not been for the fact that this incredible bracelet does not go over my right hand…only the left one. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON noticed the change.

Flipped the Hands...Do You Care?

If what you are pondering works for you, don’t worry about the so-called rules. It’s a new day, ladies!

TAKE NOTE: Last year, I added to the makeup drawer a pair of needle nose pliers; primarily because of mornings like this one. I got up and coordinated my outfit…the necklace I selected went perfect with the bracelet, earrings, belt, and watch. But, the necklace was broken. I pulled out the needle nose helpers, found a connector ring on an old piece of jewelry and fixed the necklace so that I could still wear it. This took only a couple of minutes and was well worth it! Add one to your supplies and you will not regret it.


  1. Aren't those "lists" so silly now ;)
    If you dressed 'out-of-order' you were called ecentric , now we're just fashionable ;)
    Ah, the pliers!!!!
    I use them at least a couple times per week.
    I 'make' different looks with my jewelry with them, from long to short chains and so on....

  2. Had to laugh at all those rules too! And there were tons more...I'd be breaking them anyway...
    You look mahvelous by the way! Love the little glitter...
    I have my jewelry tools also--

  3. I'm pretty sure I've broken all those rules at one time or another! LOL

    And sparkly in the daytime is AWESOME! I wear sequins all the time!

  4. beautiful necklace!

  5. Oh my goodness....most of my rules are self imposed and silly. But you're so right, toss out the rules and wear what you feel great in! Thanks for the needlenose tip! ~Serene

  6. The rule I have the most trouble ditching is the one about stockings. Bare legs when it's not summer look un-finished to me.

    I'm the sort that keeps the L'Eggs Outlet store in business.

  7. I am so glad not to feel like I have to follow lists any more! The tip about the needlenose pliars is a great one and I have found myself in that situation before. Thanks!

  8. pretty necklace and bracelets. nice blog!


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