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Nov 22, 2010

Don't Worry About the Green Guys

Sometimes treasures are not buried at all but right in front of our faces.

She stands alone in the crowd!

For instance, take this tree…I feel like I just saw it for the first time today. But, I have decided that this one little tree symbolizes the style I desire…bold, dignified, bright, youthful and standing out from the rest of the green crowd!

I am at home all week and cleaning out. First I discovered, this incredible pin underneath a storage bin, pounded into the carpet. It is in perfect shape, and now I just need to come up with something to wear it with.

I  set it on leaves from the stand alone tree since it is a stand alone
piece of jewelry!

Next, I went through some bags of discarded items that my daughter asked me to take to resale. Among them, I found these four pair of shoes and this purple plaid scarf. I immediately thought….I WANT THESE! I do not feel bad about helping myself to the items because I paid for most of what she owns and wears!! I was still able to take almost 100 items to resale after that, so she will reap the rewards.

The scarf looks good with this jersey jacket
I already have!

These purple flats are my favorite pair

But, what a great day! I will end it with new clothing items that are appropriate for any age and a portrait for my laptop of a tree which says to me…be bold, stand out, have fun, and don’t worry about the green guys!


  1. Ha, I do this too! My daughters will ask me to take things to the thrift and I do through it first. This habit accounts for the "young" push-the-margins items I have in my wardrobe!

  2. SCORE! What great finds right in your own home! LOL I'm with you on your daughter's things....if you can use them, why get rid of them yet? Can't wait to see how you wear them! ~Serene

  3. Ahhh, love to stand out from the crowd--great goal to shoot for!
    Those shoes are so cute! I don't blame you for hawking them...

  4. I do this to my mom! (I'm always "borrowing" and she always ends up "giving" it to me!)


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