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May 26, 2015

Fashion Lessons from Grace and Frankie on Netflix

What can we learn about fashion from these two ladies?  Join me today on THE MIDLIFE BOULEVARD and find out!  

I will see you in the 

Keep Smiling!

and a big 

Thank you!  For all of the kind, encouraging comments yesterday!

May 24, 2015

Change,, Chico's, and Curtains!

Everything changed last week...I mean everything...and I will be blogging about this change more than once this week.  On January 23, my friend Catherine Robinson wrote these words on her blog (CASHMERE LOVER)...
"Don't you just love it when plans start to come together...plans that have been years in the making, of course, long hours, hard work, the inevitable emotional roller coaster...but you can finally see that little glimmer of where you want to be...just waiting for you.  Never give up,maybe tweak things here and there but believe in yourself and remember to enjoy yourself along the way...hard work is always rewarded...just sometimes...it takes a little longer than we had hoped for...or maybe it waits until we're ready...until we're honest with ourselves...until we love what we do and then we see our perspective on life change."
Her words really struck me, so I taped them inside of my new yearly planner...not really sure what they meant in my own life.  I always planned to teach journalism until another job or opportunity opened and I knew in my heart I was to follow it.  For most of this year, I thought I would teach at least one more season.

But, suddenly I left teaching last week.  I will write more specifics later.  The big change at this moment is that after sixteen years, I must find new employment and seek another way to generate income.

And I hope to share the entire journey with you here.  Maybe someone else needs to know...we can begin again!

I am not a teacher by profession...I am a writer, a communicator, a publicist, an editor, a marketer, and a businesswoman.  So, why not be looking for a job now?  I have drawn the curtains on one career...

But, I seem to remember another way to look at curtains....
Wasn't it Vivian Leigh in Gone With the Wind who fashioned curtains into a fabulous gown in order to find a man??  Oh, yes, and Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music took her bedroom curtains and fashioned them into children's play clothes in order to capture the hearts of the Von Trapp children!
Curtains may have closed on one ACT of my life...but I fully intend to make something new and enjoy each and every moment going forward.  I am tired and riding the emotional roller coaster, but really at the core, I am excited to see what is out there.  As Catherine said, hard work is always rewarded and I have worked hard for many years.  Let's see where it takes me!

I recently purchased THIS WAVY JACKET FROM CHICO'S on sale.  Remember Passport membership gives you extra savings and free shipping.  I really like the seams and pockets in this jacket and know I will wear it often! It will work across any season! There are still sales happening right now with great savings.  You might be amazed at some of the prices you find.

Have a fabulous week, everyone.  Keep smiling....I know I will!

Time for....
This week hosted by Barbara Hannah Gufferman of FASHION FLASH AT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50


May 23, 2015

Southerleigh at the Pearl: Summer 2015 Begins!

Happy Saturday, all!  For the start of Summer 2015, we headed down to SOUTHERLEIGH, FINE FOODS AND BREWERY in the restored PEARL BREWERY area on the THE SAN ANTONIO RIVERWALK
This was the perfect place for our celebration of new beginnings (more on that later) and to celebrate family, friends, and summer!
Of course, Southerleigh's has cool architecture and interior design...

But this place is also known for excellent foods created by Chef Jeff Balfour...and their own brews of beer...the finest of quality local food producers...and beer...grass fed beef...and beer...combinations of unique flavors...and, you got it, beer!  MENU

Our party enjoyed
Conjunction Curry Porter
Seawall Belgian Wheat
Big Shell Coconut Porter
(I just sipped what other's ordered, but the coconut was the best for me)

The food was amazing.  I realized I did not take a lot of pictures of all entrees, because I was too busy eating!!
Of course, after amazing cuisine, we walked it off along the beautiful Riverwalk!

This was the perfect way to end a stressful time of my life and celebrate what lies ahead!

I highly recommend a therapeutic visit to San Antonio, Southerleigh, and the Pearl to celebrate Summer!