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Jun 21, 2017

Linen: The Most Controversial Fabric

Linen is by far the most controversial fabric around, but is one of the ways I manage summer heat.  I have learned for linen garments it is worth spending a little more...because then they wrinkle a lot less!  This is an Eileen Fisher kimono and I love it!

It is very cool in summer heat...and the olive green is one of my favorite colors, I can wear all year long.

This look with my ballet flats, and IC Collection pants is one I will wear often over the next few months.  I like the "oriental" style. 

The necklace is one I found years ago at Chicos and is a perfect completer piece.

But, back to the original comment...I have so many friends who will not wear linen at all.  I struggled with it for years, until I finally decided to buy one garment which cost more than the others.  I actually sat, up and down, and scrunched it up to see how bad the wrinkling was.   It worked, because this garment is "Pam-style" and ultimately my cost per wear will be very low!

So, how do you feel about linen??  

I have some selections for you to consider below including this jacket. 

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

Jun 19, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Time to Lighten Up!

It is time to lighten up...my style and my attitude toward summer! I am born and raised Texan and still not a fan of the heat.  However, I know many people who love it...moved here for it...and prefer the heat to anything else.  I thought about them last Saturday as I sat at a backyard picnic with sweat running down my back...and I even dressed with light fabrics because the forecast was for a heat index of 105.

Readers know I traditionally dress in saturated colors like this and that I love to wear black!

Just to be different...I am attempting this summer to lighten up more.

Today, I selected my light gray Eileen Fisher pants, a white tunic, and added some "summer" colors in accessories.  I liked it and this is something I can do often.  I am not a fan of pastels (for me), but lighter neutrals with purposeful accessories is something I can do.

I actually grabbed this scarf recently while walking through Chicos...everything is 40% off  at the moment.


Two of my goals right now are to lighten up a bit more this year and to make friends with summer.  I am a July lady, after all, so I should find a way to like it,  

How do you lighten up your style in the summertime....

Here are some similar selections for your consideration...

Despite the sweat...Keep Smiling!


Jun 18, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Shorts

Welcome to our second Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot (wow, that is a lot of the letter s!)  I want to thank everyone for the feedback and encouragement to continue this feature!  It is a way to say here is a great outfit and look of the week for summer...which officially begins late Tuesday!
Meet my sorority sister, Kathleen.  We re-connected recently at our reunion.  She is showing us a great way to wear shorts over 50.  This weekend we already hit a heat index well over 100 degrees...so it looks like it is going to be one of those long, hard, oppressive summers.  A walking short is the perfect way to do a confident, stylish, figure flattering short.  She chose a floral top to compliment and black leather sandals to accessorize.

I often see professional women pulling off walking shorts with suit jackets over the summer...this garment works for many occasions.

I asked Kathleen where she found these beautiful blue shorts and she said Stein Mart.

Since I need to shop for a pair of walking shorts myself, I put together these selections for you below!  There are lots of different designs and we all need to find what is best for our own body types, but they look great just about everyone!  I am glad to be inspired by Kathleen and know she is hitting the summer style sweet spot right here!  She looks cool, calm and confident.

How do you feel about wearing shorts in the summer?  Are you in or out?

Keep Smiling, Everyone!