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Sep 1, 2015

Wardrobe Transition Time

Happy September!  Even my backyard is showing signs of transitions...in the middle of fall these berries will be bright red.  They have begun the move in that direction.  So, join me today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD as we begin to move our wardrobes toward fall.

We will be talking in 
Hope you can stop by!

Enjoy Your Tuesday!

Aug 30, 2015

Date Night! Where We Went and What I Wore

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Friday night was date night for me and Mr. B...we wanted to celebrate end of summer and our transition back into a full house.  My daughter and grandsons are coming for a couple of months since they need to evacuate their home in Saipan...which was hit by a Category 3 Typhoon about a month ago. They have been in Guam for three weeks, but now must move on to us!
We headed downtown to the renovated and popular PEARL BREWERY development.  I chose to wear this BRYN WALKER JAIDA TUNIC at Dillards. Last year, I really fell in love with two brands I discovered at Dillards...BRYN WALKER and IC COLLECTION.  Every time I wear these garments I receive compliments.  This  tunic is such a great print and I know I will wear it often this fall with scarves, cardigans, and my long Eileen Fisher sweater jacket.

This is my beautiful new handbag from ANT HILL, a local boutique run by Project Runway All-Star Season 2 winner, Anthony Ryan Auld.  I love this bag so much and it is the professional, chic style I have been looking for to wear with my new job.

We started with dinner at CURED, currently one of San Antonio's go-to restaurants.   The atmosphere was vibrant, intimate, and so friendly....mostly because of the employees...over-the-top nice.  The food was absolutely unique, tasty, and just the right size...paired with excellent wine.

We had an opportunity to have a long conversation...which with such busy schedules, we have to make a priority.

Dinner was quiet and conversational...the rest of the evening was loud and rocking!
We changed locations to SAM'S BURGER JOINT for the music.  Mr. B plays guitar and follows every great guitar musician whenever he can.  The atmosphere completely changed because in this place, you stand for the shows...no sitting!!

He likes to be really close up where he can see every chord and fret!  I was exhausted after two shows...but the good news is, my outfit worked for both places...though I was one of the best dressed at Sam's!! 

Remember...the week is about transitions!  And our crazy home life transitions again this week!  It was a great evening.

What did you do this weekend?


Have a refreshing Monday, all!

Career Reinvention: Transitions

Join me on the patio this morning as I think about transitions.  This is an amazing morning with low humidity....cool breezes...transitions are in the air.
My new career has been years in the making.  Years of change... from a budding young marketing career after college to 16 years as an educator and now returning to marketing.  I do miss my friends from school, but the freedom to be out and performing something different (which I love) is amazing. To be my own boss, and challenged by learning how to run a small business is incredible.  And who would have thought it was possible after being away for so long, and, yes, at the ripe age of sixty.

As I slowly transition to this new phase, I am enjoying the freedom more and more every day.  I can breathe deep these cool breezes and smile.

Transitions are ribbons running through our lives and tying each moment together.  How we handle transitions is so important.  We can go forward with hopeful expectation or sit shut down.

There was a little anxiety at first, but now just determination to do well and keep this going!  Don't let age keep you from transitioning to something you may not see as possible.   You just might be surprised like I have been...it's in the wind...anything is possible.

This week my blog is dedicated to transitions as we go forward together.

Have a joyful Sunday!