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Jul 21, 2017

New Aging Message, New Outlook, New Hashtag...When I'm 64!

Yes, I am over 60 and Feeling Fantastic!  Today I am 64!  Can you hear the Beatles swimming in my head?  Which lead me to look up the lyrics to the song.  Yes, they paint a picture of an elderly couple which is not really a modern day elderly couple…(I do not think you will ever see me knitting by the fire)…but I do love to hold my grandchildren on my knee!   It is not really a song about getting older as much as a song about unconditional love, “Will You Still Love Me, When I’m 64?”

This brings me to a perfect topic for my birthday post.  Do you love yourself unconditionally at the age you currently are?  This is the crux of the matter for those of us marching into our older years.  If we accept ourselves as older women, we will discover more joy, contentment, and confidence.  But, if we are always trying to be younger and go the other direction, then there is nothing but frustration and depression on the table.  I am very concerned about the number of young women I know in their 20s and 30s who have regular Botox appointments.  What caused them at such a young age to begin this process?  I submit it is an overall society message against aging.
Let’s face it….we age.  There is no way to stop the process, but I can do everything to look and feel my best at the age I currently am.    When I see hashtags like #ageless, #agelesstyle, #anti-aging, #agedistruption, I just have to laugh….nothing true about a single one.  In fact, sucking women into philosophies which can encourage them to be twenty again is harmful.  I have accepted the fact I will not ever wear a bikini...or have an completely smooth face…or rock short shorts…or many other things from my past.
However, with my acceptance comes a freedom to be me at my best right now.  True, I do color my hair, but not to look younger, to look my best with my complexion and style messaging.   I have many friends who look fabulous with their gray, because of skin tones and most of them use a colorist to get the perfect shade of gray. It is more about what is right for me at this time....and about you doing what is right for you.   But, doing this for the purposes of looking younger would just lead to depression for me…I am not going to go backwards ever again.   This is why comparisons can be deadly to our state-of-mind.

Most of you know, I make style decisions based on the messages I send with my look from head to toe…savvy, creative, approachable, strong, current.    All of the adjectives must work together.  There are many current styles which do not say strong and intelligent to me.  I am happy at 64 to have a career and wisdom from experiences in my past.

I named this blog Over 50 Feeling 40 because I believe it made a statement of hope and encouragement.  I did not name it Over 50 Looking 40 on purpose.   Traditional fashion media often focuses more on the outside and not on the overall message of confidence, wellness, and acceptance.  I hope you will always find that here.

My new hashtag?  #ageacceptance  I do this in an effort to encourage you to love yourself today at the age you are.  Hopefully, by beginning there, you will see that age acceptance also means self- care at its best….inside and out!  It will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!  (Rather than trying to be something we will never be again)  Life is too short to not live it to it's fullest...confident with a smile on our faces. 

64...and Smiling!

Jul 18, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Pamela's Picks 2

These are my favorite purchases from the last two years during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I always find something I will wear again and again.  Here is my second group for your consideration of what I have my eye on at this year's sale!  Enjoy shopping!!

Jul 17, 2017

Loma de Vida Spa: Worth the Destination

RELAX…this is a word which has not been in my personal vocabulary.  More than one massage therapist and doctor has said these words, “You don’t know how to relax, do you?”  Perhaps it is because I was raised in a home full of tension…not sure…but, nevertheless, the word has haunted me, more than blessed me.
Until last week.  I am so thankful to the therapists at The LOMA de VIDA SPA at the LA CANTERA RESORT.  This is a true destination spa in every sense of the word.  For one whole day, I learned what the word RELAX really means.
Loma de Vida was constructed with beautiful views of our hill country location in San Antonio.  Lovely vegetation and big Texas sky follow every visitor throughout the experience.  As I waited for my first treatment, I sat in the cool breeze (which I did not know existed in San Antonio in July) and listened to the birds and soothing music…real birds, not pre-recorded. The quiet and peace is incredible for one who rarely slows down.

After a time of breathing deep and letting go of all going on around me, I was met by my first technician, a lovely woman originally from Turkey.  She took me to a small studio, again with a view, and over the next two hours, I received these treatments:

“UBER DETOX:  For anyone in need of experiencing a sense of deep renewal and purification. A muscle-warming, remineralizing and purifying body treatment with the therapeutic aspects of the Tuscan thermal waters to stimulate energy flow, help to relieve aches and pains associated with joint problems as well as muscular tension.
Reflexology deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to the glands, organs and systems of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way. Reflexology provides a beneficial effect on the organs and a person’s general health.”

I do not believe I have ever felt myself completely relax until this moment….and it was amazing.  The entire two hours complete with lavender oils and treatment for sore muscles and joints was beyond description…and I really am not being overboard.  Remember, I didn’t know how to relax.  For two hours, I was completely chill.
This beautiful room also has a balcony.  That is where my lunch was served.  I selected a Grilled Shrimp Salad with an Island Cooler made of pineapple, apple, beets, watermelon, oranges, and turmeric.
After lunch, I spent some time in the herbal steam room and made my sinus passages very happy.  Also it opens pores prior to a facial …. Which was next.  The facial I experienced…like none other…was 90 minutes!

“Ultimate Radiance Lift:  Achieve instant results that noticeably lift, tone and firm the skin, leaving you with a flawless, healthy and younger looking complexion. The ground-breaking Rose Infinity Collection uses Nobel Prize winning research that works at a cellular level to repair aging DNA, radically increase moisture levels and stimulate collagen production. Wrinkles and lines are plumped up for visibly smoother, younger looking skin. The power of this collection of products is accelerated by gentle micro-currents to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin, while also giving a non-surgical face lift that will tighten and focus on your key areas of concern to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The result is younger looking skin and a radiant complexion.”
I have written about micro-currents before and am a complete fan of the process, so I was excited to remind my face of its youth!  The procedure also included more head, neck and shoulder massage…just adding to the relaxed state-of-mind.   The perfect way to face my next birthday on the horizon!
I cannot recommend LOMA de VIDA enough and for those outside of the city…I say a resounding YES this is worth a destination and LA CANTERA RESORT is a beautiful place to stay.  You will be glad you made the choice to visit San Antonio this way. 
I need to thank all of them for teaching me that I can RELAX, and it is important for my wellness to do this often.  We must take care of ourselves, ladies.

Keep Smiling and Relaxing!

Disclaimer:  I was gifted part of my experience from my family for Mother's Day, and the rest from the Spa...the words and sentiments are all my own.