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May 21, 2017

Fashion Over 50: My Biggest Body Shape Struggle

It is hard to admit, but for the past 20 years, I have struggled with my body shape.  I seem to be a pear….at times, an apple….and other times I feel more like an eggplant!  There are many days when dressing my body in a flattering style is a challenge for me.  However, before I go further, I want you to know, it does make a huge difference in my attitude, my confidence, and joy when I am able to hit that sweet spot, and dress in the most flattering way possible.

Dresses have been my biggest issue.  I would love to wear more of them.  However, I have spent hours in dressing rooms, trying on a multitude of shapes, sizes, and fabrics and rarely find one I like. I live in a very warm climate and to purchase dresses which only work with shapewear defeats the purpose of wearing them to begin with.  I want to wear them to be cooler…but shapewear is hot!

The best way for me has been to have a wardrobe of predominantly separates.  I mostly wear pencil skirts, because I find them perfect to flatter a curvy figure.  I recently found this blouse at Marshall’s and I really like it.  I can take this simple look (with my JJill pencil skirt) and dress it more casual with sandals like I have done here.  Or I could add my pearls and pointed toe shoes for a dressier style.

Most of us are not skinny, slim, model-type women.  I love it when a brand says they are featuring a curvy woman and it turns out she is a size 10 or 12.  I doubt in my life I will ever be a 10.  So, I will continue on my search for dresses which flatter my figure and help me to feel confident.  But, for now, it is separates which are the foundation of my personal style.  Honestly, I prefer pants!

Does anyone else struggle with finding dresses?  Please share...

I love the JJill Pencil Skirts and they are on sale right now...look 

below.  Also, my necklace is from Soft Surroundings...they have

awesome accessories...I selected some below...

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Keep Smiling!

May 19, 2017

Join In As We Discuss FRUMPY!

Blab is a medium long gone, but while it was here, we had some fun with it.  Here are three bloggers discussing a word we all try to avoid...FRUMPY!
Since this talk first aired on Blab, we have ceased to call ourselves the frump-busters as a group (though we all do it individually) and Susan has a new blog location, Susan After 60.

Happy Saturday!

May 18, 2017

Fashion Over 50: What to Wear Work Day to Casual Evening Out

Last week I faced one of those over 50 what-to-wear-dilemmas when I had to go from my professional setting to a casual evening night out.  We were honored to be asked to an intimate gathering to hear an on the rise to big fame, Nashville singer, JENNA PAULETTE. (who is super talented, by the way).

I chose to go with this Asian-inspired, peplum jacket from Chico's.  It had a style I liked which worked well for work and for evening.  I could easily wear it with denim, but for the work day wore my So Slimming Chico's pants.  
I did not wear a necklace underneath because the jacket had so much going on in the front.  So my bracelet from Soft Surroundings was my jewelry of choice.
I chose these Halogen flats I purchased a couple of years ago during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  The brown in these shoes matched the color of the Chicos tank I wore underneath the jacket.  

Usually I would wear jeans or black denim to such an event, but this worked well for both.  I have the jacket, pants and similar styles below...

And Jenna is amazing...I know we will see a lot more of her in the future.

Happy Weekend!