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Sep 23, 2014

5 Ways to Dress with Flair!

When I wear this look, I feel like a woman with flair!!  Want to know how that is...and how to get that "special" feeling??

Join me today on the MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to see how we all can be women with flair!

See you in the

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

**In case you missed the outfit above in an earlier post, I am in Neiman Marcus modeling the fall collection from LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK!

Sep 21, 2014

Chico's Fall 2014 Trend: Vests! + Fashion Flash!!

As autumn officially begins on Monday, in South Texas we are still awaiting the cooler breezes to blow in and stay for awhile.  The popular vest trend is perfect for places which do not experience the cold like many in the North.  So, this year I am more than ready with fun, stylish vests!
As soon as this FAUX FUR went on sale at CHICO'S for Passport Members, I snatched it up.  My husband likes it as well and I am looking forward to wearing it often when the weather changes.  I have many ways to style it ready in my head!  Some how, I feel very Texan/Dallas in this vest! 

The other vests in my closet, I have modeled for you HERE IN CALVIN KLEIN and HERE IN LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK.

All three are neutral colors and will work for a variety of styles!

See the faux fur vest HERE.

Because I am a Passport member at Chico's, I received 40% off and free shipping when I purchased this vest!  It is a free sign up and worth it.  There are so many beautiful garments in the Fall 2014 collection.

I hope your start to fall is refreshing and joyful.  Please go join the wonderful bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  And linking up with SAN ANTONIO MOM BLOGS!  and MONDAY MINGLE!

What are you looking forward to wearing the most this fall?


 This week, Fashion Flash is found on the Prime Beauty Blog By Cindy!  Cindy brings wonderful beauty options for midlife and above every week.  Make sure she is on your radar!  And today go to FASHION FLASH POST to read a wonderful collaboration of the favorite posts from beauty and fashion bloggers!

Have a Fabulous Day!

What's On My Desk....and A Book Giveaway!

This September has been one of the busiest I have experienced in a long time.  This blog is quite active….and that is a good thing.  It keeps me running with fun opportunities I can bring before the audience and even with more audience interaction…I welcome all of the new readers and thank you for joining us.  Yet, all areas of my life are very busy…my day job as a high school teacher, parenting, grandparenting, writing, and relaxing…no wait, there hasn’t really been any relaxing!!

So, my desk is piling up and I decided to go ahead and share the books with you waiting to be read…because they each look very good and the author of the last one has sent an extra copy for one of you to enjoy!!

Let’s get started…..

I am really looking forward to reading, The Digital Mystique: How the Culture of Connectivity Can Empower Your Life - Online and Off.  Since this is the world I currently reside in the most, I look forward to the observations of author and digital media innovator, Sarah Granger. 
 "A digital native since 1982, Granger examines how digital media shapes our everyday lives in permanent and powerful ways—and then uses her expertise to help people of all experience levels learn, grown, and thrive by way of the internet, social media, and mobile devices. 
Granger focuses on helping people understand their digital lives and offers advice that is helpful for those who might be new to the space—as well as those who are already engaged online. With a section specifically for seniors, The Digital Mystique would be perfect for your readers. I’d love to hear if you might be interested in a review, excerpt, or author Q&A for September. Let me know if you’d like a review copy or PDF of the book. I’d be more than happy to send! 
As a widely published journalist and digital media innovator, Granger is the ideal expert to discuss how information technology impacts all of us. Her writing has appeared in ForbesHarvard Business ReviewSFGateThe Huffington Post, and BlogHer, and she’s been featured on CBS News, Good Morning America, and NPR."


 The No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide is a book I must read soon...especially since I have Osteoporosis and currently take a medication this author says could have many consequences associated with it.
I do believe it is important for us to be informed of all sides of these issues in order to make the best decisions with our medical professionals.
Lani Simpson has specialized in bone health for more than 25 years, and has written this book for bones of all ages.  She researches which foods and medicines might hurt, and which ones will help bone health.  I just might sit down with this one later today...I think it just might be a must read!


Last, but not least, in this busy, crazy, over-booked world, we can all use a little humor and entertainment.  Enter  Many Paws for women...believe it or not, this is a pop-up book for midlife!!
It's a rush to your senses with fun graphics and prose about wrinkles, sagging, hot flashes, and all the challenges of aging.  This is a fun gift book or bedside companion!  Author, Susan DeGarmo has found a way to help us begin or end the day with laugh.  Susan wants me to make sure one of you enjoys the read.  So, please follow the Rafflecopter below.  I will annouce the winner next Friday. 

If you just cannot wait...then find the order MANY PAWS ON AMAZON

I hope all of you are enjoying reading time more than me...these look like good ones.

I will see you later today with PATTI'S VISIBLE MONDAY!

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