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Aug 27, 2014

I MATTER...JUST SAY NO! Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

From an interview with Viola Davis in MORE Magazine, September 2014

I am not going to share my friend's picture.  However, she does represent huge numbers of mothers, grandmothers, and career women who are attempting to balance their lives every day.  At 58, she was not ready to simply, yet firmly, say NO!  So, what typically happens is the overloaded, stressed out, hit a wall somewhere along the way.   Often the wake-up-call moment is a health crisis screaming inside our heads, we have neglected ourselves in order to please others.

I have met so many amazing women in the past four years who are refusing to draw boundaries, and struggle with saying NO.  They attempt to be superstars at work…problem solvers at home…burden bearers for extended family…school volunteers…leaders at church…need I go on?  All of this leaves behind a bulging schedule, sleep deprivation, fast food  meals, grooming neglect, and joy zapped. Our present day society almost demands us to…Do More, Do More, and Do More!! 
All of these ladies have learned to say I MATTER!
 Nothing wrong with that… as long as we do more for ourselves as well.

In order to carry the I MATTER sign, we must all learn to say NO.  It often requires a tough skin and courage.   It also requires discernment as to what is truly a priority and what can wait.  I had to learn to understand and respect ME.  In order to serve my family and work with a smile, I needed to allow ME time for good health, exercise, quiet, and fun.  Before my friend above received her wake up call, she worked all day and was nanny to two grandchildren until late at night.  On top of that, there were work travels and family travels.  It just became too much.
Evaluate today:
1.       Are you caring for yourself every day?
2.       Look over your commitments.  Are there one or two areas which need tweaking?
3.       Set your own boundaries, have courage, and make the changes.

I have decided to live life with me on the priority list…life is short…do more for your family by taking care of YOU!

Do you struggle with setting boundaries?  or even with people pleasing?  Let's discuss!

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And have a wonderful Thursday!

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Aug 26, 2014

Younique 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara...Truly A Big Deal!

Have you heard the latest mascara?

Bloggers are going crazy for this new product...YOUNIQUE 3-D 

FIBER LASH MASCARA!  My daughter also says that all the

moms in her play date group are talking about it!

 It is the revolutionary product which goes on like 

regular mascara, but gives the appearance of false eyelashes.

I was excited to test it for myself, and was very impressed.  First of 

all the presentation is fabulous in this beautiful case... Chic!

Then I learned it involves a three step process...(worth each step):

First, apply your normal mascara (For me, that is BOBBI BROWN)

Second, apply the Younique Transplanting Gel

Third, apply the Younique Natural Fibers to create thickness and

volume.   VIOLA...beautiful lashes!

I am very picky about my eyelashes since I had NONE on my eyes 

from ages 5-18....(another story for another day if you do not 

already know it.)  I love Younique!  It is easy from application to

removal...though water resistant, the mascara comes off easily...no

rubbing or scrubbing!

I believe if you like your lashes long and sultry, you will love this....just give the product a try HERE and 
Kacie will take care of you!  Holiday parties will be on the horizon
soon...think fabulous lashes!

Enjoy and have a happy Wednesday!

I was compensated for this review, but the words and product test results are my own!

Fashion Trends: 4 Reasons to Care! Plus A Special Feature!

I know, I know...you either hate or love it when seasonal fashion trends are announced....

But, today, on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD, I will discuss four main reasons why I think you should care about the trends!

So, please join me in

Now, I am so excited to be featured on

Check it out! Imogen had me answer some fun questions!

And have a beautiful Tuesday!