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Apr 17, 2014

Marlo Thomas, Diane Keaton...Inspirational Reads!

Need a little inspiration?  Something to get your heart pumping and creativity screaming?  Then get a copy of Marlo Thomas’s New York Times bestseller, It Ain’t Over…Til It’s Over (Reinventing your life and realizing your dreams – anytime, any age).

“There’s nothing I love – and need- more than the reassurance that we can all dream – and start over again.”  -Marlo Thomas

Thomas has compiled 60 inspiring stories of women who (for different reasons) literally took ideas and dreams and made them happen.  “They were stuck. Some were stuck in dead-end jobs that made them feel lifeless inside.  Others were new empty- nesters – confronted, practically overnight, with a big, quiet house and a bigger, quieter future.  Still others had experienced a life crisis – a divorce, a layoff, the death of a loved one – and had fallen into a stultifying funk.”

I have had a hard time putting this book down…the cat bit me for water, my son begged me for dinner, and I screened phone calls.

We all can be inspired to take steps of courage …to act on ideas swimming around in our heads…to take a leap of faith.
I will share one story with you... Layla Fanucci, 56, had never painted a picture in her life.  But, she wanted a painting for her house and could not find exactly what she was looking for, so she bought some paint and began a masterpiece.  Her amazing story takes her from friends noticing her painting to one day actually selling one piece of artwork for $100,000!  “You know how runners talk about that amazing euphoric feeling they get at the end of a marathon? When I paint, I have that wonderful feeling the entire time,” she said. Hundreds of paintings and gallery showings later, she is a bona fide painter.
“We all have hidden talents,” she continues.  “If we find them, we need to work on them every day and let them flourish.  I often think of what I would have missed if I had not given up a steady, reliable salary and followed my passion.”

Her story plus 59 others have my jets soaring.  These women show us all things are possible and it is never too late to have a little fun!  
MORE magazine also arrived this week and has a fun read about Diane Keaton's new book, "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty," and another encouraging article called, "What it Means to Live Fearlessly."  Pick up the May issue.

"I think I am like most women.  In the mirror, most of us find a few disappointments. We each deal with them the best we can. We slather, we dab, we rouge, we nip, we tuck, we ignore. I don't regret that the face I present to the world is the one I was born with."
-Diane Keaton discussing her decision not to have plastic surgery

Find both books in my sidebar, if you would like to order from Amazon....and be prepared to find some life on the joyful side!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

Apr 16, 2014

I Matter When I Pursue My Passions...plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Colleen.  She is a super successful Mommy Blogger at SAN ANTONIO MOM BLOGS and the co-founder and overseer of our local blogging group (last count over 300).  She has two children nine and under, and has been married for ten years.  But, Colleen understands that her active blogging career actually makes her a happier mom. “I love being a mom, but writing and consulting reminds me of who I was before I became a mom.  Working allows me to stay in touch with the woman I was, while also helping me discover the person I am now.”

“The most important thing I do for myself is make sure I get enough sleep.  It’s not always easy and I don’t always accomplish it, but my body, mind and soul all thrive when I get eight hours.  Getting good rest also gives me the energy I need to be at my best for my family and my work.”

Colleen’s quote about staying in touch with the woman she was in order to discover the woman she is now should be on a plaque.  As I have written, the majority of my mommy days were done with me on a shelf.  But, after my makeover and a new found confidence.  I was ready to get out and get going. 
Today’s lesson is simply this:  When you carry the I MATTER sign, you agree to take care of all of your needs again.  What is it that you love and have not done in a long time?  Start small and do it this week!
For me, that was writing.  Something I started in fifth grade…was a part of me… and I shelved it.  Once I left my house and began to cover stories for my blog again…I felt an amazing surge of joy.

It doesn’t have to be a job.  It could be a hobby.  It could be volunteer work.  But, I know there are some of you who have placed a passion out-of-reach.  Sit down and consider how you can re-enter and feed your soul again.  
As Colleen has discovered, this makes her a more joyful, well rounded mom….one that says, I MATTER! 

Thanks for stopping by, now please enjoy the Thursday Blog Hop and even hop on yourself.  Then tell us in the comments what you are doing that feeds your passions!

Happy Thursday, all!

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Apr 15, 2014

Enjoying the Lights... and Darks... of Spring!

After the time changes each year, I begin to notice different light patterns on the walls...they always inspire and captivate me.

Somehow, looking over these
patterns often give me ideas of how to style looks with neutrals and colors...light and dark.

Today's outfit was a combination of navy and metallic.  Contrasts I really like to see.
These materials are very light.  I picked up the Ralph Lauren cotton jacket in Chicago last summer at Macys.  The light cotton Nine West sleeveless blouse was from Stein Mart.

The necklace is from Lane Bryant and my Rampage silver flats are Ross...two years ago.

Does anyone else ever pay attention to the sunlight patterns on your walls...or your cat??
Happy Wednesday, everyone!