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Jun 27, 2017

Over 50 Clothing Tells the Story: Victim or Victor?

I am always sad when I meet women who have given up over the age of 50.  Hard times or criticisms have shut them down.    In their minds, life is over…opportunities dried up…there is no more fun ahead…and mentally, they are done.   These are conversations I have had with women who dress frumpy and believe it does not matter how older women look.  Some offer excuses with tales of hard times which have resulted in a sad "I don't care" lifestyle. 

I respectively disagree. A change could mean life is just beginning and far from over. I went from giving up to diving in, so I know first hand the benefits of beginning to care for your appearance again. It can open opportunities you never dreamed of.   I write often about the messages we send with our choice of clothing and I firmly believe choosing to look put together and confident can open doors at any age…whether those doors are in the work world or nonprofit/volunteer world.
I became a magazine editor at age 63.  Our copy editor, Kathryn, is amazing.  She knows the AP Stylebook better than most; verifies EVERYTHING; hates overuse of exclamation marks; and questions every comma.  Kathryn recently turned 80.  She always looks stylish…even in a cool message T shirt and denim, or simple black pants, pearls, and ballet flats.  She communicates intelligence, strength, and life with her selection of clothing.  Of course, she has challenges of aging…but she never lets those challenges keep her down or from doing a top notch job.  I am proud and honored to work alongside her.  When Kathryn and I are introduced as editors of our magazines, we confidently communicate messages of strength with how we style our own personal looks.

I also think we often forget our roles as older women to inspire and instruct the younger generation.  We set the examples with what we wear and how we live our lives.    In order for me to speak with a younger employee about what she is communicating in the marketplace, I need to have earned that respect up front.
We can look confident at any age…any price point…any body size.  There are no excuses to putting our best foot forward.  Frumpy is a choice…not a consequence of hard times.  
Opportunities to live a productive and empowered life can open up when we choose to look our best.  If we look sad, then we feel sad…and so do people around us.

Every single woman reading this post has been through difficult times.  We choose if we are going to live as victims or victors. Your personal appearance will tell the world which choice you have made! (Sorry Kathryn, I love exclamation marks!)

I have selected some items below which are currently on sale and would help any of us dress with confidence...

Keep Smiling...and Living, Everyone!

Jun 26, 2017

Roasted Vegetables: Easy and Delicious

I have been studying to learn more about food...not dieting...healthy, clean as possible...food.  Which means we are eating more vegetables.  We have a pattern on Sundays of eating a meal with roasted veggies.  They are easy and soooo good.
I start by mixing whatever fresh veggies I have on hand.  It seems that this dish is different each week.  Yesterday, we combined broccoli, a red pepper, mushrooms, carrots, baby tomatoes, a little celery, and a little onion. 
I toss them with olive oil, a dash of sea salt, a dash of pepper, Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb flavoring, a pinch of chia seeds, and a pinch of flaxseeds.  Then I will pour them in a pan (this one has nonstick foil on it) and bake in the over at 357 degrees for 35 minutes.  If I include baby potatoes or brussel spouts then the time needs to be 45 minutes.
We ate these yesterday with some baked fish.  I will save the leftover to either take to work for lunch or even to toss with some veggie pasta for a meal early in the week.  This has become a favorite.
Learning to eat more fresh produce is something my whole family is striving for...and I am happy to say we are doing well so far!

What are your favorite ways to eat veggies??

Eat Healthy and Keep Smiling!

Jun 25, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Jumpsuits

Welcome back to my third Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot for women over 50... where we see how women are bringing their best looks in the summer heat!  Meet my sweet friend, Jeannie, who was rocking this jumpsuit at a recent backyard picnic...
She looks amazing and her confident smile says it all. Jeannie is a wife, mother, grandmother, and educator.  She always looks great.  I have also seen some ladies who are wearing jumpsuits with kimonos or wraps for special events.  Jeannie says she has had this one for awhile.

I have never tried a jumpsuit...really for comfort reasons...because at this stage of my life, I visit the ladies room...let's just say...often!

But, in looking at other ladies in them and seeing some very figure flattering styles, I might be convinced to at least try one on!  Look below to see some of the great options out there.

Jeannie also complimented her style with a beautiful necklace.  Since it was a warm day, and casual event, she looked perfect in her sandals with freshly painted toes.

So, what do you think about jumpsuits?  Are you in or out?  Have you actually tried one on to come to that decision.

No matter what the rest of us think...I know Jeannie has hit her style sweet spot with this one!

Keep Smiling, everyone!