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Jan 17, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Jacket Magic

I love jackets.  Even over age 50, you will find me wearing a jacket during and off work...I love them with denim and skirts.  The real reason I love jackets is because they are a great way to take off 10 pounds...a well made and fit jacket is pure magic to your figure.

I have learned by experience the perfect jacket for me has seaming and is not boxy; it has length (I tend to wear more of the boyfriend style jacket); it fits on the shoulders; and can be worn often.  Despite the warm climate I am in, I wear jackets all year round and when I need a boost of confidence, I always put on a jacket.

I selected some at different price points for your consideration.
How do you feel about jackets?

Keep Smiling!

Jan 16, 2017

Metrostyle for the Sixty, Sassy, and Sensible!

Meet my friend and co-worker, Cindy.  She is sixty, sassy, and stylish. She represents women over 60 who love life and are still in the game.

Cindy loves fashion and is very creative with her style.  As a former high school art teacher, she knows putting together a great look is like painting a masterpiece on canvas.

She loves accessorizing a great classic look, like the one with THIS DUSTER. from Metrostyle.  Cindy is a professional woman who is active on boards, As a member of several professional organizations,her style is very important to her confidence, career, and lifestyle.

But, like so many of us, this feisty redhead is on a budget and needs clothing collections which offer fun style at affordable prices...which fits METROSTYLE perfectly. A brand for the sensible shopper. This beautiful knit cardigan is presently on clearance...quality at a great price.  There is only one week left for these clearance prices, so jump on them now!

I am honored to have Cindy join me here to bring you styles which will build a woman over 60's confidence and fun.  


Stay Warm, Everyone!
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Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own....and the styling, Cindy's!

Jan 15, 2017

Hit Your Style Sweet Spot Over 50: 2017 Fashion Trends & Tips

Welcome to a fun collaboration with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and Pam of over50feeling40.  We desire for all of us… the fabulous women over 50 …to look and feel our best each and every day.  After years of blogging for this audience, we have heard from so many of you about your discouragement and despondency when you look in the mirror every morning.  But, we both know just how transformative style can be, and hope to encourage you right here each week.  We want to see all of us empowered with strength, joy, and confidence.

Jennifer and I have decided to dive into one of those controversial topics with women over 50...fashion trends.  Some women love them and see a trend as a way to remain current and have fun with fashion.  Other women hate them and think the word should be totally tossed out the door.  If you are in the first group, and desire to know what the 2017 fashion trends are and how they can work for you, then for the next four weeks, you might want to catch what we are covering on Hit Your Style Sweet Spot.
I like to concentrate on the messages my fashion choices say about me....and one of those messages is creativity.  I want the world to know I am creative and in a creative industry.  So, the trend I have decided to begin with is ARTISAN, ARTISTICALLY INSPIRED.

One website I discovered wrote how this trend is beyond fashion and covers several areas, "Growing consumer demand for upscale, authentic goods means more retail companies will offer artisan and culinary products in 2017. These premium, high-quality products are produced by experts who are passionate about their craft. To satisfy consumers who are ravenous for refined culinary experiences, coffee giant Starbucks recently launched the premium Starbucks Reserve store format. These stores offer exclusive micro-lot coffees paired with artisanal food offerings from Princi, a chain of Italian artisan bakeries, which earned Starbucks’ investment. 1 2 In addition, hand-crafted breads, pastries, chocolate, cheese and other foods made with fine, fresh ingredients will sell well this year. 3 Beyond foods, big retailers like Nordstrom have 
approached small artisans to entice new shoppers with locally 
made, handcrafted items. "  (FIND MORE HERE)

This is not new in my world.  I discovered high quality, artisan fashion on a boutique site, ARTFUL HOME, last year.  The styles are amazing and fit my life perfectly right now.

This JACKET is from Artful Home. I am thrilled to see this type of fashion receiving more attention in 2017.

My only tip is to not get carried away with all of the fabulous artistic garments now available.  I like to have one garment do all the talking and not compete with another.  The artisan accessories are also true statement pieces and can make a neutral look unique and special.

Many readers have seen this jacket on me before, but today I styled it with a blue knit top and not the usual black, and I selected a different necklace previously purchased at a consignment shop.

Artisan is a fashion trend I will enjoy following and watching across several retailers. It takes investment dressing to a new level and helps us to support a different group of fashion designers.  It is a trend which gives the more creative and artsy woman a way to put her personal stamp on her style.

Now, let's go see which 2017 trend JENNIFER OF A WELL STYLED LIFE is telling us about today!

Have a Colorful Week!